7 Things Every Cloud Developer Should Know About Azure


7 Things Every Cloud Developer Should Know About Azure

Technology experts assume the new era of computing will establish a connection between Microsoft Azure and cloud developers as Azure is turning out to be a great storage platform and reliable working support for various developer functions. Initially, Windows Azure started off as a Cloud Service that can deploy, manage and even create applications in the cloud irrespective of technology and platform barriers. The constant innovations in the services of Microsoft Azure have enhanced cloud development paradigms, making it essential for cloud developers who understand the value of preserving data.

There are mainly 7 things that have emerged as key essentials for cloud developers to derive the best benefit from Microsoft Azure for developing secure applications running in the cloud-only and hybrid IT configurations.

Familiarity of Windows and Security

As Microsoft Azure is a Windows based program, writing programs in familiar languages, tools and technologies is possible. This acquaintance makes it easy for developers to create new applications and a cloud version of an existing application. The .NET Access Control Service and Security Assertion Markup Language in Azure help to determine whether a user should be provided access to applications to strengthen its security prospects or not.

System Resilience Function

The System Resilience Function aids in decomposing applications into chunks of redundant micro-services where each service is responsible for delivering a simple function. Developers can further benefit from this function of Microsoft Azure by minimizing the effects of service outages. It also automates workarounds meant for unimportant and failed features of business processes.

Develop Optimal Coding Practices for Cloud-Based Apps

The cloud developers can benefit from Windows Azure Training Kit where you can open the hands-on labs' source code provided in the Visual Studio to organize the samples in reference with Windows Azure development functions. Cloud applications are run for evaluating these samples and assist the working of Cloud-Based Apps.      

App Availability and Data Durability Assurance

The IT world should be prepared for disasters related to data loss by Geo-replicating data sources across data centers and micro-services where Microsoft Azure can prove its reliability by efficiently replicating blob and table data between two data centers within the same region. Cloud developers can depend on this ability of Azure for safeguarding their data.

Create Applications with Scalability and Pricing Benefit

Microsoft Azure can prove to be of great use to cloud developers as it can efficiently create applications that scale from 10 to 10 thousand or even 10 million users. After creating a Web app, you can also specify the number of processors and you can rely on Azure storage for benefitting from the storage services in the cloud. The resources in the cloud can help to decrease your IT administration cost as the price of creating, debugging, testing, and distributing Web-based applications is reduced.

Safeguard Windows Azure Apps and Data

If Windows Azure abides by the industry standards like ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Audit and Certification, SOC 1 & SOC 2 SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 Attestations, Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix, the management can rely on it for data and app protection. Azure relieves the organization from the hassle of maintaining a separate data center as it works as a relational database model that preserves your data like an SQL Server.

64-bit Windows VMs

As applications running on Azure have their own VM on the 64-bit Windows Server 2008 operating system, the hypervisor supporting their work seems to be specifically designed for cloud computing. Cloud developers don’t need to supply their own VMs and the applications can interoperate with other Azure components by using a Windows Azure agent.

The cloud developers and other IT professionals can make use of these 7 benefits of Microsoft Azure and enhance their skills with the “Developing Windows Azure and Web Services” course to shape their career progressively. This course teaches you the technicalities and specific details of Windows Azure so that you can surpass your contemporaries working as cloud developers and give a new dimension to your career path.

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