Insights into SharePoint 2016


Insights into SharePoint 2016

Microsoft launched SharePoint as a collaborative platform with the aim of integration with Microsoft Office. It was designed as a highly configurable product so that the organizations can use it according to their convenience. The idea behind SharePoint is to reinvent productivity and build an intelligent cloud platform.

The SharePoint Server function and other server release function of the SharePoint are developed with cloud-inspired infrastructure that can handle more data, efficiently and at a lower cost. The flexible deployment ability of the platform maximizes the existing infrastructure. This gives users with a scalable collaboration platform with lower IT costs, flexible deployments, even in hybrid scenarios and zero downtime.

SharePoint 2016 offers improved experiences with the improved mobile access for touch-based experiences, document storage and collaboration for simplified and streamlined usage and Office 365 integration with hybrid implementation. Some of the new features of SharePoint 2016 includes:

1. Improved User Experience:

Many small things like the SharePoint ribbon have gotten themselves a UI change to match with the existing ribbon of Office 365. These moves are made to provide a consistent experience to the users, even if they have to switch between systems.

2. Improved Mobile UI:

Thanks to the heavy investment in HTML5, the SharePoint Server 2016 has now begun imparting professionals with capabilities for device specific targeting of content keeping in mind the growing need for targeting and personalization. The new touch-friendly user interface allows the users to access the information anywhere, anytime.

3. Hybrid Search:

A major discomfort till now was the separate lists of the results from SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online whenever a Hybrid search was set up. So, users were receiving the information, but in a widely complex manner. The SharePoint 2016 Hybrid search lets the user index all of the content and deliver the results in a single list with a combined search relevancy ranking.

4. Compliance:

The SharePoint 2016 also includes some features of the Compliance Center that is currently featured in Office 365. With this, the user gets the ability to create their own policies for applying them against individual environments. This feature is great for users who want to have a cloud environment and wish to have control over the flow of data.

5. Deployment Flexibility:

With the Hybrid deployment automation the SharePoint 2016 offers the flexibility to the user to deploy the site on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid scenario. This feature ensures that the utilization of cloud by the user does not get hampered by the roadblocks in technical implementation.

6. OneDrive for Business:

OneDrive for business allows the user to take baby steps towards cloud implementation. It has functionalities that allow the user to change their way of managing documents, moving them from desktop to cloud. It is also about 10 times easier to set up for the administrator. When the user clicks any OneDrive link, they will get redirected to OneDrive in Cloud and can easily move or sync files.

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