Top 12 Data Analytics Bootcamps with Highest Pay Job Guarantee


Top 12 Data Analytics Bootcamps with Highest Pay Job Guarantee

All facets of our modern lives are touched by data. Every day, two and a half quintillion bytes of data are made, a number so large that in the last two years, 90% of the world's data has been generated. Each collected data point provides an opportunity for today's organizations to better understand customer behavior and draw on these insights to achieve their organizational objectives.

Consider these examples of how corporations use data to make their business easier:

  • Based on the songs you perform, Spotify curates new playlists.
  • Predictive analytics from Amazon show suggested items relevant to previous orders and even ship items in anticipation of your order.
  • By addressing inefficiencies including patient wait times, patient readmissions, and understaffed units, hospitals use analytics to save lives.

But it is not sufficient to simply collect this data. To bring this knowledge to use efficiently, organizations need analysts who can distill actionable insights and inform corporate strategy.

With this in mind, you might be wondering whether data analytics would have a part to play in your career or not. Also, what would be the best way to learn the abilities you need to excel in a world that with each passing day is growing increasingly data-driven? One of the educational opportunities that might help you jumpstart your career in analytics is attending a data analytics Bootcamp.

What Is a Bootcamp for Data Analytics?

Depending on the program's particulars, the exact configuration of a data analytics Bootcamp, the length, curriculum, etc. can vary. Bootcamps, however, are usually characterized as short, intensive academic programs designed to teach a specific subject to the student quickly.

Some boot camps for data analytics are designed to teach the fundamentals of working with data to participants. Others are structured to dig much deeper into a specific subject field, such as methods of data collection or particular models of study. For that reason, you must be confident that the Bootcamp will comply with your unique needs and priorities if you are considering attending a Bootcamp.

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Why Attend a Bootcamp for Data Analytics?

1. Work Outlook Optimistic

As stated earlier, companies of all kinds and from all sectors are now using knowledge to inform their corporate strategy. Without data analysts, all of this knowledge is hollow data-people who can analyze, organize, and interpret it. To help organizations make more informed decisions, these experts analyze broad data sets to identify patterns, build maps, and produce visual presentations.

Data analysts are in extremely high demand for such a critical skill set. IBM predicts that by 2020 there will be more than 2.7 million job openings related to info. Wages, even among entry-level employees with data capabilities, reflect this demand. An average salary greater than $80,000 per year is received by each of the 11 most successful data-focused occupations, and eight of those earn more than $100,000 on average. Professionals with analytical abilities often usually earn higher wages than their peers who are not analysts.

Four of the 10 most desired skills provide data for jobs that pay over $75,000: SQL, Excel, Python, and SQL Server. Besides, to manage teams that revolve around those talents, managers, executives, and C-level professionals are increasingly expected to understand analytics. One way to learn the expertise and skills required to work in one of these positions is to attend a data analytics Bootcamp.

You may opt to follow a data science track or branch out into one of several directions that require analytical expertise, such as financial analyst, consultant, chief operating officer, or supply chain manager, with a foundation in data analytics. Northeastern University-CEO Charlotte's and regional dean, Cheryl Richards, summed it up best when she said that most analyst positions do not even have the word "analyst" in the title.

2. Relatively low attention to cost and time

It is comparatively less costly to participate in a data analytics boot camp than other educational options, with the most common options costing anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. And because most can be completed in a matter of weeks or months, participants can normally expect to see an immediate return on their investment.

However, it is important to remember that boot camps do not offer the same quality of rigorous preparation that degree programs can and do because of their condensed existence. In certain cases, this can leave participants with superficial exposure, whether by additional boot camps, an advanced degree, or self-education, to subjects or topics that may need to be expanded on at a later date.

3. Ability to The Waters Test

Since boot camps are relatively low-cost and low-time investments, many participants see them as a perfect way to test the waters," before enrolling in a degree programmed, to experiment with a data analytics career. In this way, boot camps can be particularly helpful for people who are considering making a career transition from a non-analytical profession into analytics.

Also, when a Bootcamp is offered by an educational institution such as a university, it may be extended to an eventual degree sometimes (though not always). If you plan to first attend a Bootcamp and then use that experience to qualify as a credit to a full degree, before you sign up, you must understand the policy of the organization.

Data analysts can be trained in a Bootcamp-style programmed, like many careers in the tech industry. That's because hands-on coding is involved in many of the skills needed for the job. Bootcamps will provide students, all in about 6 months (and sometimes less), with the coding base they need to start a career. In the tech industry, expertise and skill matter, and college degrees (while helpful) are not universally needed.

As a data analyst, data developer, data architect, or data scientist, and education in data science will help you secure a job. The data science direction you eventually choose will depend on your abilities and interests, but some degree of programming, data visualization, statistics, and knowledge and skills in machine learning will be needed for each career path.

To help direct business decisions, data engineers and data architects spend more time working with code, databases, and complex queries, while data analysts and data scientists are generally more focused on analyzing, gathering, and interpreting large datasets. According to Glassdoor, it's a rapidly-growing and lucrative career path, with data scientists reporting an average salary of $117,345 per year.

Bootcamp Program for Data Analytics

Data analytics is a high-tech field, like data science and software engineering, which can require a fair amount of coding. Programming languages are typically a major part of the Bootcamp curriculum for data analytics. With little or no practical understanding of the area, students usually go through entry-level programs. As a result, during the curriculum, several boot camps often concentrate on principles and best practices, helping students appreciate what they are doing, not just how to do it. The most popular coding languages used by data analysts and data scientists are discussed here.

  • Scala
  • Giulia
  • Julia
  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • The Perl

Coding isn't the only skill involved in a career in data analytics. Students at boot camps, such as Tableau and NodeXL, also learn to use basic data analysis techniques. The curriculum of each Bootcamp varies, but most teach primary languages for data management, such as Python and SQL.

Bootcamp Courses for Popular Data Analytics

Bootcamps with data analytics coding come in several ways. Dozens of well-designed data analytics boot camps have emerged across the United States over the last decade or so. In or near) In almost every major U.S. metro region, not to mention many online programs, there is a data science or data analytics Bootcamp. Students around the nation have access to a curriculum that fits their requirements.

Bootcamps for data analytics are typically full-time programs, with classes 5 or 6 days a week. These programs of rigorous training are known as 'immersive' boot camps. Many in-person boot camps have part-time courses on nights and weekends for people who can't attend a full-time course. In addition to flexible and self-paced options, online boot camps come with full-time and part-time schedules. Live instructor-led lessons and remote peer projects also feature online data analytics boot camps.

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Bootcamp Structure for Data Analytics

Each Bootcamp for data analytics is distinct. However, the same basic program structure is shared by most complete career-training boot camps. Students start with data analytics basics, and maybe an introduction to coding. They transition into an intermediate process after they understand the fundamentals of the area.

During the intermediate stage of Bootcamp, students study a range of field-specific and general-purpose coding languages. In general, this section lasts the longest and comprises the 'core' of the program. Each week, students also study multiple languages and practice with peers regularly.

Students are working on capstone (or 'final') tasks to show their abilities during the final step of the Bootcamp. The projects also illustrate the tasks of real-world data analytics and lead to some very sophisticated finished goods. A dual-purpose is also fulfilled by the capstone project, which is the first big activity students use in their portfolios. Bootcamps also offer job opportunities.

Top Data Analytics Bootcamps with Highest Pay Job Guarantee

1. QuickStart Learning Inc.

QuickStart bootcamps will prepare you for high-paying data analytics jobs by offering a curriculum that covers all the in-demand techniques and tools to implement data analytics Bootcamp. QuickStart offers bootcamps in partnership with top-notch US universities such as Northeastern Illinois University, Florida Atlantic University, Texas A&M University, James Madison University, Hofstra University, Santa Clara University, Becker College, Colorado State University, and Wagner College. The data analytics bootcamp from QuickStart offers access to a handful of online tools. Students can learn the ins and outs of data analytics with mentors who are industry experts and have invested years in the field. QuickStart offers a 12-month job assistance after graduation, fully supporting the job hunt for graduating students.

Their Bootcamp programs allow students not only in the US but worldwide to land the highest-paying jobs. Based on your choice, the related cost is around 5k for a full-time course for a flexible span of 16-28 weeks. The ROI of investing in a 5K program is significantly ten times as the salary of data science experts varies from $65K to $100K or even more.

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2. NYC academy of data science

The NYC Academy of Data Science is targeted at more advanced data scientists who have earned a master's or Ph.D. degree. Courses may also include information visualization training, Tableau, Spark, R, Python, Hadoop, GitHub, and SQL with a real-world application focus. To present prospective employers, participants will walk away with a portfolio of five projects as well as a capstone project that covers the last two weeks of the course. The NYC Data Science Academy also enables students through collaborations with companies to gain attention from recruiters and hiring managers. 93 percent of students are recruited within six months of graduation, according to Switch up. Students will engage in mock interviews and job search training in the last week of the course; many will also have the opportunity to interview recruiting tech companies in the New York and Tri-State regions.

Rating of switch-up: 4.87 (out of 5)

Cost: 17,600 dollars

Locations: The City of New York and online

3. The Dataquest

To provide a more hands-on approach to teaching, Dataquest provides a 24-week project-based data science curriculum containing "interactive coding challenges." The course requires one-on-one instructors' instruction and provides step-by-step training on all the skills students need to be prepared for a data science career. Each program promises to prepare students for a career in data after graduation, and you can choose the Data Scientist, Data Engineer, or Data Analyst course.

Switch-up rating: 4.92

Cost: $29 for a monthly basic subscription; $49 for a monthly premium subscription

Positions: Online

4. RMOTR's

RMOTR includes a 4-month-long Bootcamp program with a set evening course schedule. Subjects such as Python, data science, web creation, programming, and common data tools such as Pandas, Numbly, SciPy, Matplotlib, and Bokeh are covered in the courses. With a portfolio of more than 10 "fun and practical" ventures, students can leave the program to help improve your GitHub profile and set you apart from other candidates in your industry. You will need to commit to course work approximately 20 hours a week and will be expected to attend two live teachers’ online classes per week. To help you make your next career step, the program offers you access to mentors and post-graduation support.

Switch-up rating: 4.91

Cost: $349 monthly; free one-week trial available

Places: Online

5. General assembly

Full-time and part-time classes, seminars, and activities are provided by the General Assembly in person and online. The full course collection is vast, and for every data science ability you can imagine, there is a curriculum. Courses range from accelerated one-week courses to immersive 10- to 13-month full-time programs, so it's easy to find something that fits your timetable and budget. The General Assembly will have a curriculum for you, whether you are a new graduate, looking to make a career transition or you are an accomplished data scientist seeking to improve your skillset.

Switch-up rating: 3.98

Cost: $3,950 for online part-time courses; $15,950 for the immersive in-person full-time bootcamp program

Locations: Austin, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Boston, Santa Monica, Dallas, Providence, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Washington (D.C.), and online

6. Metis

In New York and San Francisco, Metis has campuses where learners can attend intense in-person data science workshops. To help students, make the most of their newly developed talents, programs take 12 weeks to complete and provide on-site teaching, career counseling, and work placement assistance. Metis' programs, like other boot camps, are project-based and concentrate on real-world skills that graduates may take to a data science career with them. Those who complete the program should expect to walk away with in-depth knowledge of modern big data instruments, access to a comprehensive network of industry experts, and continuing post-graduation career support.

Switch-up rating: 4.91

Cost: 750 dollars per lesson.

Locations: Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Singapore, New York City, and online

7. Dojo data Science

The Data Science Dojo brings easy and affordable data science education to professionals around the world, with campuses in Seattle, Silicon Valley, Barcelona, Toronto, Washington, Paris, and more. It's one of the shortest programs on this list, but Data Science Dojo aims to train participants as a service on machine learning and predictive models in just five days, and each student can full a complete IoT project and have the opportunity to enter a Kaggle contest. It is geared to those already in the sector who want to learn more about data science or brush up on the latest skills because of the short length of the course. However, if you're ready to throw yourself into the trenches of data science, it's open to everyone at any skill level.

Switch-up rating: 4.91

Cost: With the option of flexible payment plans, packages range from $3,799 to $4,499.

Locations: Austin, Chicago, New York City, Toronto, Barcelona, Bucharest, Las Vegas, Singapore, Seattle, Washington (D.C.),

8. Thinkful

With a project-based program, career prep, and one-on-one mentorship with access to a full network of students, mentors, and alumni, Thinkful offers a self-paced online Bootcamp. The course takes about 20 to 30 hours of work a week and in about six months, most students graduate. Thinkful also provides a career guarantee that the organization will refund the cost of your tuition if you can't find a job after graduation.

Switch-up rating: 4.89

Cost: $16,000 for the full-time course; $9,500 for the six-month flexible course;

Locations: Phoenix, San Diego, Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, Chicago, Raleigh-Durham, Denver, Boston, San Francisco, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Minneapolis, Austin, Washington (D.C.), Philadelphia, Houston, Portland, Dallas, Los Angeles and online.

9. The Dev Masters

The Bootcamp for Dev Masters is geared for professionals who want to learn the most important skills for the job market today. In an area of applied labs," you can work closely with industry experts to obtain hands-on experience. A project-based learning program is provided by The Dev Masters, which involves some knowledge of Python, machine learning techniques, and how to clean and process information. You may also attend the 12-week program for Mastering Applied Data Science or the 5-day program for Professionals in Data Science. Courses at one of the three California campuses in Los Angeles, Orange County, or Santa Monica need to be attended in person.

Switch-up rating: 4.97

Cost: $4,995 for project-based education; $6,995 for the Applied Data Science Mastering Program; $3,500 for the Technical Data Science Program.

Locations: Orange County, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica

10. The level

Stage, provided by Northeastern University, is a two-month program that wants to turn you into an analyst of hirable data. Each day of the course focuses on a different real-world issue that an organization might face, and to solve these problems, students create projects. Students should expect to learn more about SQL, R, Excel, Tableau, and PowerPoint and get away with data preparation, regression analysis, business intelligence, visualization, and storytelling experience. You can choose between an eight-week full-time course that meets 5 days a week, eight hours a day, and a 20-week hybrid curriculum that meets one night a week online and in person.

Switch-up score: 4,522

Cost: $4,495 for the introductory data analytics course; $7,995 for the data analytics program intermediate;

Locations: Seattle, Toronto, Boston, Charlotte, San Francisco, San Jose, and online.

11. The Incubators of Data

The Data Incubator is an eight-week program targeted at more advanced software staff with a master's or Ph.D.; qualified students have access to fellowships. Skilled fellows "have the 90 percent difficult-to-learn abilities already and Data Incubator promises to equip them "with the last 10 percent." The program also provides mentorship to students directly from recruiting firms, including LinkedIn, Microsoft, and The New York Times, all while working to showcase their abilities by building a portfolio.

Switch-up score: 4.73

Cost: Free for Known Fellows

Locations: Boston, San Francisco, New York City, Washington (D.C.) and online

Berkeley UC

12. San Francisco's Belmont Berkeley Online

Through Trio Education Programs, UC Berkeley Extension provides many coding Boot camps. Full-stack web creation, data analytics, UX/UI development, cybersecurity, and digital marketing are courses available at UC Berkeley Extension. Tuition is $11,995 for each program, and courses take place throughout the Bay Area at many places. Bootcamps for Trilogy Education Programs do not disclose work placement figures, but students are given career advisory services.

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