DevOps Fundamentals Will Create Massive Business Development Opportunities In 2019


DevOps Fundamentals Will Create Massive Business Development Opportunities In 2019

In a simple definition, DevOps can be defined in two words, flexibility and mobility. In IT business software testing and customer feedback are very important in order to create a product that will have a lasting impact. This is the reason why it is extremely important to keep up with the latest businesses practices so that you can build a product that is capable and adequate to achieve what it was created to achieve. Incorporating DevOps fundamentals will allow you to ensure that your software runs perfectly both from the developer's point of view and also as far as infrastructure is concerned. Adopting DevOps will enable you to adapt to changes on time and effectively. As a result, you will be able to create a great product that will eventually be great for your business. Following are the ways in which DevOps training and certifications such as Kubernetes Fundamentals and Agile test automation, will help your business and will also open gates to more opportunities in the future.

Faster Delivery

Adopting DevOps allows you to create, market, and deliver software faster which means better (Return on Investment) ROI. DevOps is basically developed on the Agile principles. Therefore, the end result is efficient software development which enables frequent and timely delivery.

Better Team Work

DevOps allows and promotes better teamwork between business, development, and operations divisions because it improves the transparency that is the basis of effective business making. It is the need of the day that business tries and eliminate interdepartmental walls and learn to communicate and collaborate about all the business functions and decisions. Adopting DevOps gives way to improving business agility by promoting an environment of communication, teamwork, and integration across the organization. The boundaries that always seemed to be a major part of this business seems to be breaking down, and the teams are now collectively responsible for the timeliness and quality of the delivered product.

Faster Response Time

Automation which is a part of DevOps allows early detection of any problem in the software which allows faster response and correction of the issue. This will help your business in keeping your customers satisfied because they will face less downtime and quicker solution to any software issues. DevOps will allow your business to operate in a much stable, safer, and reliable environment.

Continuous Testing

Automation allows continuous monitoring, testing, deployment, and release of the software. In today's IT environment, it is important that IT teams develop and deliver high quality of software and applications with shorter release times. With DevOps functions like continuous delivery, and continuous release your business can achieve just that.

Improved Quality

Adopting DevOps means that your IT teams will get more time to focus on developing new and improved software because of automation. More time on development will ensure a better quality of the products. All the benefits mentioned above will not only allow you to run a smooth business but will also help you seize a lot of opportunities for enhancing and establishing your business while staying ahead of your competition.

Importance Of Adopting DevOps

After talking about all the benefits, it is important to mention that not adopting DevOps in the present IT industry scenario might turn out to be suicidal. According to a report released in 2014, businesses that were successfully adopting DevOps practices and tools were ahead of their competitors on nearly all the important business metrics. Two of the most important points that were highlighted in the report were:

  • Companies that were working on DevOps principles seemed to have increased their profitability, productivity, and market share twice as much as the companies that weren't.
  • They had a 50 percent higher growth ratio and market capitalization than their counterparts.

You still might want to ask how DevOps training will help your business create better opportunities? It helps you grow your business with the help of three principles, increased stability, improved delivery time, and less burden on software technicians which allows them to spend more time focusing on the quality of the products rather than wasting time in menial problems. The concept of DevOps is basically an evolution of Agile principles. In fact, some might say that DevOps is basically the application of Agile principles on the whole organization and not just software development. Whether you adopt Agile or DevOps, the results are better software with frequent and faster delivery.

Other ways in which DevOps can help your business is that by automating redundant tasks, you will not have to worry about errors. Regular rollovers and backups will help you achieve a more steady, reliant, and robust process. Because of automation, you will be able to save yourself a great deal of money by eliminating the need for manual tasks which will ultimately allow you to save a lot of money in the long run. Chances are that your IT team is already working at full capacity, it is almost impossible to increase their workload without risking the system to break down. You always have the option of hiring new people, but we all know that it will cost you a lot of money to recruit and train new people.

Final Word

Just like people, there is a limit to how much burden you can put on an unstable software before it crumbles under the increases workload and fails. Hence, by adopting automation, you will have a system that works on predefined workflows that are scalable without any difficulty. Instead of hiring and training new recruits you simple have to enhance your IT infrastructure in order to deal with the ever-increasing workload. Enhancing and improving your system capacity is always cheaper and easier because the software is capable of multitasking which allows you to have a much more scalable process.

These are only some of the ways in which DevOps training can help you in growing your business further in 2019. DevOps is a growing field, and once you adopt it, you will have more room to experiment with new products and to serve your customers better. Get in touch with one of our DevOps experts today, to learn more about how DevOps training will benefit your enterprise. 

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