Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 11


Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 11

Hey everyone, it is Friday. The weekend is just a few hours away and we can almost taste it. Before we start partying the weekend away, let’s catch up with this week’s tech news. In this week’s Friday Buzz Report, we are going to cover AIs, Google Drive, Tesla, and an exciting new development with QuickStart. Let’s get to it.

The Google Cloud Lockout

On Tuesday, a number of users throughout the world were locked out of documents they stored on Google Drive. They were notified that the files were in violation of Google’s terms of use. While the lockout was short-lived and Google explained it as an error in a new code they pushed to protect users from malware, it was a reminder that free cloud services come at the cost of privacy. When you upload a file on Google drive, you are giving Google not only the rights to view it, but to change it and share it publicly. Read the full article here.

Image Recognition AI’s Can Be Tricked

If you have been following the Friday Buzz Report for the past few weeks, you know that we are keeping a close eye on AI technologies around the world. A couple of weeks ago, we discussed how an AI taught itself to master the most complicated strategy game the human civilization has come up with. However, all is not lost. It seems that tech experts in the post-apocalyptic, machine-dominated world that we are heading towards, will be able to trick AIs by using adversarial images. Adversarial images are images that appear ordinary to the human eye, but contain invisible patterns that trick the AI into thinking they are something else. Check out this turtle that you can identify as a turtle, but to Google’s AI it is a rifle.

Tesla Reports A Q3 Revenue of $3 Million, Suffers A Net Loss of More than $600 Million

Tesla missed its production target by 80% in Q3 2017, and that has resulted in big losses for the company. The company aimed to produce 1500 Model 3s but ended up producing 260. Elon Musk has reportedly been living in the factory at Nevada, leading from the front, trying to pull the company out of crisis. Read the full story here.

QuickStart has teamed up with ABTU and UoP To Offer College Credits On Technology Courses

If you are planning to pursue an online degree with ABTU or University of Phoenix, you can now get college credits for a number of courses and/or certifications you did with QuickStart. Read the full press release here.

This is it for his week’s Friday Buzz Report. Hope you guys have a great week.

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