Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 7


Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 7

Ladies and gentlemen, Friday has arrived, and with it, it brings the promise of a fun-filled Saturday and a lazy Sunday. This was a crazy week in the tech world as Google launched a series of products that will give Apple and Amazon a run for their money. We will also go full tinfoil mode with the news story about an AI device designed for children, and discuss what Elon Musk is up to these days. Let’s get to it.

Google Releases Pixel 2, And People Are Loving It

Remember when we told you that Google was working on something big, well, Google has released Pixel 2 along with a number of hands-free devices that look slick and have all the latest features. With this release, Google is now directly competing with Apple’s iPhone 8 and Amazon’s Alexa. People are already comparing the phone to the iPhone 8, and it looks like the hype was real. Let’s see how the phone does over the next three months, but from the looks of it, Google should be able to increase its market-share in the smartphone industry significantly. Read More>>

A Scary AI Device Meant for Your Children Will Not Make It To Market…For Now

Mattle was working on a device called Aristotle. It was a smart home hub that was focused on children. You were supposed to buy it when your child was born, and it was supposed to stay in your child’s room until they turned into a teenager, at which point we are assuming the device’s AI would have evolved enough to start a machine uprising.

According to Mattle, the device was supposed to help your child in their young years, turning the light on at night when they got scared and helping them with their homework while learning about your child along the way. In short, it would have provided your child with the love and attention you are supposed to give them. While the company has decided not to release the device due to privacy concerns, they have the device, and if we know anything about AIs, it will eventually find a way to make it to market. This is the beginning of the end everyone. Read More>>

Guy Uses Unapproved Battery With Samsung, And You Can Guess What Happened Next

If you are into schadenfreude, you will love this. A man in Indonesia was using a non-Samsung battery with his Samsung Grand Duos, and the phone exploded in his pocket. The man got away with minor burns, and Samsung got away because they did not approve the battery. Read More>>

Elon Musk Says Tesla Can Rebuild Puerto Rico’s Power Grid With Independent Solar And Battery Systems

Tesla has already made a number of small islands self sufficient in terms of their energy needs, with clean, recyclable energy. Elon Musk was on Twitter, which is where he can be found most of the time, when a user asked if he could help rebuild Puerto Rico’s power grid and turn it into a self-sufficient island in terms of energy.

Elon Musk said it was possible, and Ricardo Rossello, Puerto Rico’s Governor, said he was onboard. Read More>>

Bonus Read: The Association of talent Development published this riveting piece about personalization in elearning.

That’s it for this week’s Friday Buzz Report. This week there was a mass shooting in Las Vegas where a man opened fire during a concert and killed more than 50 people while injuring over 500. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. We hope everyone has a safe, wonderful weekend. Do share this post with your friends if you liked it, and leave your comments below.

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