What Is A Server Administrator?


What Is A Server Administrator?

With complete control of a server, a server administrator performs the task of overseeing the performance and condition of multiple servers in a business enterprise. The skills necessary to implement a core Windows Server 2012 are sought for by companies, which is the reason why 70-411 administering windows server 2012 certification is coveted by IT aspirants. The annual payout for a Systems Administrator is $65K per year in the United States and it is considered to be a decent salary for any IT worker.

Responsibilities Of A Server Administrator

As a server administrator manages the performance of computer systems in a data center, his role in an organization is of utmost importance. The key responsibilities of a server administrator are:

Knowledge Of All Applications Installed

A server administrator should know about all the applications installed on the server system. Once the applications are installed, a server administrator hands over the reins to developers and programmers.

Installation Of Updates

A server administrator keeps the server updated at all times by timely updating the server with latest patches released by various vendors. Once the installation is done, an administrator also looks for anomalies in the system and tries to fix them one by one, so that the system can work correctly.

Management Of Network Devices And The Entire Network

The responsibility of managing different types of devices like routers and switches within the organization’s network lies with the server administrator. He not only procures and installs the devices, but also ensures that they function properly at all times. A server administrator also configures and maintains load balancer if it is present in a system. He always knows when a load balancer can be the cause of a problem in the network.

Monitoring Of System Errors

A server admin checks the system for all types of system error by keeping a close eye on the system. Any error that can arise from system issues like disk getting full are overseen and fixed by the system administrator.


Fixes Performance Issues

Server administrators look after IO bandwidth, memory and CPU usage, and other important characteristics of a system and check for a bottleneck in the hardware. By fixing the bottlenecks and optimization issues, a server admin ensure proper performance of the system.

Manage Report Server Security

Server admins can view and modify role assignments across the entire system.

Manage Report Server Properties

A server admin can oversee and change properties that apply to the report server and to items that the report server manages. Tasks like renaming Report Manager, enabling My Reports, and setting report history defaults is done by a server administrator.

Server Administrator: Value To An Organization

Server Administrator is a crucial job profile for an organization and companies are looking for intelligent and tenacious individuals who can don this role. A good server administrator can save a company from major hazards by devising the best solutions and employing the best strategies. By clearing an exam 70-411 administering windows server 2012, an individual can gain prestigious certification, which can help them in securing a job as a server administrator.

A server administrator should have the following attributes of being valuable to an organization:

  1. 1. Should have networking skills for communicating effectively with different departments
  2. 2. Should be able to work under pressure and have disaster planning abilities
  3. 3. Should have good reading and writing skills for reporting events
  4. 4. Should have decent interaction skills
  5. 5. Should have updated technical skills that can be used in a contemporary environment

If you have the aforementioned characteristics, you are perfect for the job profile of the server administrator.

Server Administrator: Get Your Dream Job With The Right Start

As we have discussed before, good server administrators are in high demand. In order to get your dream job, you need to stay one step ahead of the competition at all times. You can make the path to success easier for you by taking a course at QuickStart. A pioneer in technical and IT training, QuickStart offers the perfect platform for you to launch your career as a server administrator. A 70-411 administering windows server 2012 certification is ideal for IT aspirants who want to become a server administrator.

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