Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 13


Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 13

Happy Friday Everyone. Was this a long week or what? We have been desperately waiting for this day since Monday, but enough about us, how did your week go? Well, your week is about to become a whole lot better with this week’s tech news round up. In this week’s Friday Buzz Report, we will cover news from Tesla, Apple, Fake News, and Scientists sending friend requests to random aliens. Let’s get to it.

Scientists Are Sending Messages To Aliens

As if we did not have enough on our hands with the inevitable rise of the machines, scientists are quite literally inviting an alien invasion by sending messages out into space, hoping that the aliens will come in peace. Before you write us off as conspiracy theorists and switch to the incognito window you were originally using, let us share the important details. Using Sonar Calling GJ273b radio waves, Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI) International has sent out an encoded message into space. The idea is to try to contact intelligent life beyond earth, more specifically the scientists of an alien race who are on a similar quest. Read the full article here.

The Fight Against Fake News In Full Swing

Bing, Twitter, Facebook, Google and a bunch of other companies will now use ‘trust indicators’ to indicate the practice followed by different news websites. This initiative has been taken to fight fake news, and to make sure people know the authenticity of a news source before they even click on a link. It remains to be seen if this proves beneficial in keeping fake news off mainstream websites. Read the full article here.

Tesla Unveils Aerodynamic Electric Trucks That Will Give Sports Cars A Run For Their Money

Elon Musk, the closest thing we have to Nikola Tesla today, lived up to our expectations when he unveiled the Tesla Semi. Musk has dubbed the Tesla Semi as the world’s fastest production mobile. It can go up to 500 miles on a charge, and can handle heavy duty freight assignments. Read the full article here.

Apple Will Release the HomePod In A few Months

Apple will try to strengthen its hold on the smart-home industry by launching the HomePod. Initially, the company was all set to launch its campaign by December, but they have pushed the release date to early 2018. This device will be in direct competition with Amazon Echo and Google Assistant, and given Apple’s cult-like customer base, it will secure a healthy market share upon its release.’ Read the full article here.

This is it for this week’s Friday Buzz Report. Have a great weekend and see you guys next week.

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