5 Business Benefits of Hadoop


5 Business Benefits of Hadoop

Based on Java, Hadoop is an open source programming framework. It can be used for storing and processing large amount of data sets in a distributed computing environment. Part of the Apache project, it is sponsored by Apache Software Foundation and has become a major tool frequently used in the IT world. The increase in the requirement of computing resources has made Hadoop a viable and extensively used programming framework. Modern day organizations can learn Hadoop and leverage their knowhow of managing processing power of their businesses.

Hadoop Projections

Hadoop market was valued at 6 billion U.S. dollars worldwide in 2015 and it is expected to grow to 50 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2020. It is the right time for big businesses to pull up their socks and start giving a high priority to Hadoop.

Advantages of Using Hadoop

The many benefits of using Hadoop for your organization are:

1. Economical and Scalable

Compared to other conventional solutions, Hadoop is relatively cost-effective because of its seamless scaling capabilities. Hadoop is quite scalable as it distributes very large data sets amongst inexpensive servers. It relies on parallel operations which makes it quite cost-effective. Most rudimentary solutions are cost prohibitive when it comes to scaling. It is almost impossible to scale with some solutions without investing copious amount of cash. To save money, generally, you have to down-sample the data and find out the crucial data from the complete dataset. With these older solutions, you only get to keep the important data and all the raw data is deleted. While this approach has its benefits in shorter term, you are left in a lurch when you have to use the raw data for achieving different goals. With Hadoop, you are able to scale well and there is no need for deleting raw data.

2. Versatile

By allowing businesses to access new data sources, it lets them use a variety of data sets. The use of different data sets enables organizations to receive maximum benefits from widely spread out data repositories. A real-world example of this flexibility is Hadoop accessing Facebook, twitter and other data warehouses for accumulating large amount of valuable information. When used correctly, this information can be of great value to an organization and help it reach its full potential.

3. Speed of Processing

Hadoop maps’ data on a cluster in a server. As the tools that are used by Hadoop’s storing system are on the same servers where the data is present, it allows for fast processing and quick retrieval of information. Even unstructured data can be processed in minutes while using Hadoop. The high speed of processing is a valuable asset of Hadoop which makes it a better option than other available choices.

4. Future Proof

Hadoop is quite fault-tolerant. When it sends data to a particular node in a cluster, it allows for the sent data to be replicated to other nodes in the cluster. So, when the data sends to the node, somehow gets lost, or destroyed, there is a copy available on the other node that can be used.

5. Complete Security and Authentication

By restricting access to only the trustworthy employees of your organization, Hadoop ensures comprehensive security of the system. It boasts of HBase security, along with HDFS and MapReduce. These security parameters work like a shield against threats from outsides and stop any unwanted access attempt. Organizations that use Hadoop are always safer during their operations when compared with enterprises that use rudimentary methods for their security.

Hadoop Database Training and Java Credentials

People who wish to excel in Hadoop platform should have some sort of Java experience in their repertoire. For organizations that work with Hadoop, it is necessary that they look at a prospective employee’s Java credentials and Hadoop Database Training in conjugation, while assessing him for selection.

Best Platform for Training Employees in Hadoop

If you already have a workforce that is accomplished in Java, you can train them at a training institute and make the learn Hadoop instead of hiring from outside your organization. QuickStart, with an experience of nearly three decades, has some fine corporate offers and is one of the best IT training institutes in the world. By choosing QuickStart you can leverage your employee’s learning to new heights.

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