Increase your Information Security ROI through Information Security Training


Increase your Information Security ROI through Information Security Training

Spending an adequate amount on information security and data security systems is a must for every company that has any amount of data flowing through its servers. This is due to the prevalence of malicious activity and various internal data breaches and losses that have threatened the business goals and ideals of many an organization in the past, and even quite recently.  The ransomware attacks of this year and the last, as well as the increasingly sophisticated breaching systems and software, have made it possible for even a moderate level hacker to gain access to enterprise data worth millions. Besides that, there is the threat of data being lost or leak from the inside, either intentionally or otherwise. The former is a very common occurrence and the letter is an obvious danger to enterprise security.

This begs the question of how much should an enterprise spend on information security systems and how can said company maximize the return on the data security investment. Today, the value of data is such that the enterprise culture has become explicitly data-driven. now, with more data comes the responsibility of securing said data, which, in turn, brings about the need for intelligent information security training.

It is an understood notion that in this day and age if a system is to function well and provide a good return on investment, it has to be intelligent. This does not simply mean that it has to be powered by artificial intelligence, rather it means that the purpose behind its conception should be to precisely and in a sophisticated manner, eliminate a targeted threat to enterprise information.

Also, as with technological innovation of any sort, it has to be user-friendly enough to function well in the hands of officials and professionals not explicitly dealing with information security. the versatility of the information security tool does not take into account, however, the need for more powerful data security tools and more importantly an in-depth understanding of modern cyber security threats.

This presents a very troublesome problem. how much does a company need to invest in order to get the best in data security and will that investment be worth the sensitive information that it is being used to protect. The answer to this is, once again, training teams on information security concepts in order to maximize the return on each investment that the company makes in terms of protecting its data.

In addition to training employees on InfoSec principles, the company can also provide data security certification such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) or a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM). Data security certification such as CISSP  will be an investment in itself, due to the potential of turning information security teams into fully fledged cyber security-focused groups. In addition to that, the more qualified the information security team is, better they’ll be able to handle and circumvent the increasingly tougher cyber security challenges in the near future.

The result of all of this training and development will be visible in the form of quantifiable returns on investments and ROI metrics. Things such as fewer calls to the IT helpdesk, as well as less spent in purchasing and subscribing to cyber security software, are all indicators that the information security training is working in the favor of the enterprise. Metrics such as these can be used to further quantify the impact that training and development are having, while also predicting how valuable the training will be in the future and which concepts will need to be focused on to further fortify the layers of data and sensitive information.

Putting the total investment against the single loss expectancy as well as the annual rate of occurrence can be used to determine how impactful the security investment is proving to be. these are always to measure in terms of numbers, the training impact. Without a doubt, enterprises will find that the better trained their teams are the more the numbers will be in their favor.

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