The Top 10 Information Security Hacks that will be Prevalent Next Year


The Top 10 Information Security Hacks that will be Prevalent Next Year

Count your blessings if you or your company has never been cyber attacked. Lawbreakers are on the rise of cyber-attacks because they are highly motivated and always have the edge. Those attackers take sheer benefit out of security failure of the business, leaving the company dealing with losses up to millions as well as the loss of personal employee information.

Why Cyber Security Has Become Such A Major Concern for Businesses

It is vital to protect your businesses from the risk of data larceny, scams and online susceptibility. On a daily basis, thousands of web pages are being infected and exposed. Over the last few years, millions of records have been breached, and it is not at all easy to find a way out of such incidents. Many cyber hacking organizations are also growing rapidly. These hackers break the defense and compromise all your central information. Shutting you out from the system, controlling the data, shutting down websites, gaining access to the private network and uncovering your passwords - this is what most hackers are interested in.

Information Security Hacks to Protect You In 2019

As 2019 is approaching, businesses are becoming more concerned with their current security measures, especially keeping the growing security threats in mind. We hereby provide suggestions so that commonly made mistakes by the organizations can be avoided.

Identifying Threats

Information/Data is the basic and the most important element to protect when it comes to cyber attack. Therefore, before losing the key information/data, unauthorized access to the computer should be blocked. Hackers are always on the move looking for loopholes, and as soon they get a chance, they steal the crucial information and lock you out of it.

Protecting Crucial Data

Weak information, which is easy to target is the first thing that the hackers attack. The most sensitive information of the business should be the top priority to protect. It is also important to keep an eye on how the crucial information is being accessed by the employees and should be made sure it’s out of reach for unauthorized personnel.

Use Multiple Authentication

Using two-factor verification by the company will minimize the risk of getting hacked. To increase security, all employees should be encouraged to make use of the two-factor authentication, particularly for the sensitive company files. This way, a code is sent to the user’s smartphone in addition to the entered password. The hackers are turned away from attacking when you use this authentication method.

Using Patches

To get into the system, it just takes a tiny loophole for the attacker. It’s important to regularly run scan checks of the security system and keep all the software up to date.

Carrying Out Risk Assessments

A separate department in your company should completely be in-charge of minimizing the threats of data loss. Security risk assessments should be conducted to diminish the risks. One of the key factors that help a company grow is risk management. It helps in keeping the business safe from being exposed to competitors.

Physical Security

Just like you never leave the car keys in the ignition in your absence for the thieves to take it away. Similarly, you should not leave your company ID badge anywhere. Personal and financial files, cell phones, wallet lying around should also be avoided, and the staff should be educated to lock away all the unused items.

Sign-Off Policy

To keep the business secure from online threats, a sturdy sign-off policy should be implemented for all employees. This policy should ensure that all the electronic devices owned by the company must be returned before they leave the property. The communication network of the company along with the email ids should also be encrypted to prevent confidential data leak.

Cybercrime Insurance

Keeping in mind the threats to the businesses, many insurance companies are providing their services to organizations these days. It is a great initiative by these insurance companies, and this protects you against the threats that occur because of the viruses and attacks. By insuring your business, you will be aware of the damages that these attacks can do to your company. You can also have an idea of the risk your company is dealing with.

In-Depth Knowledge About Risk Factors

Providing information security training and data security training to all employees is the key element for the business. Upgraded knowledge and skills help increase employees’ awareness and prepare them with the action plan required to keep the cybersecurity measures strong and reliable.

To carry out an investigation for all the present threats that might harm your industry, information security training is your best bet. A thorough summary of rules should be crafted for all the employees to ensure maximum safety of the business. To keep the business free from all the viruses and terrorization, organized audits should be planned. After the completion of the audits, strategies should be developed and implemented in order to cut down the risks that have been identified.

Backup Copies of Important Business Data

As businesses face several cyber threats in this vast technology era, it is best to keep backups of your important data. In case of a cyber attack, you will not lose the data as it secured in more than one place. You should at least keep 2-3 copies of the sensitive data. Keep one copy offsite to protect it from theft or any natural disaster. Store the information in different formats (i.e., cloud, external hard drive) for maximum security.


The best way to stay ahead of the attackers is to stay up to date in the cyber world. While this piece of writing informs you about the variety of attacks and their prevention, keeping yourself ahead of how your business can be attacked is a priority. Get a consultation from experts and ensure the security of your business. Also get your employees enrolled for the information security training, which will help in increasing their awareness.

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