10 Data Management Pitfalls That Can Be Avoided with NetApp Training


10 Data Management Pitfalls That Can Be Avoided with NetApp Training

There are tons of convincing reasons to transfer applications and assignments to the cloud. From a higher level of flexibility to ease of use, there are great benefits that businesses can gain by moving to the cloud infrastructure. However, doing so is never risk-free. The crashing of systems and software downtime is always proved to be a significant cost for the businesses. Companies operating on a large scale can face losses up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Unplanned transferring of data in a rush can go wrong easily, resulting in a huge mess. To avoid being in such a situation, you must be well aware of the pitfalls. Below are some helpful tips for the business.

Strong Team Communication

An assignment is likely to fail if there is no proper communication between the teams. Through NetApp training, it is easier to increase the awareness of the employees on how to duplicate or transfer data from one end to the other. With an authorized system having a local back up privileges, you are given the right to send and obtain data. System-to-system encrypted data is transferred. For communication purposes, all that is required is, NetApp on both ends.

Failure to Setup A Data-Protection Strategy

In case of a mishap, you must be sure that there are ways to recover the important information. It is essential that your business' vital information is always safe. Keep in mind the recovery failures, the risk of fraud, unintentional erasure. A data protection plan is necessary in case the business faces such a tragedy. Do a test run beforehand just to be sure it works.

Failure to Setup Data-Security Plans

It is a general practice for the information to be combined and gathered on different communal devices with a number of entities. Cloud vendors are always promising to keep your data protected and independent, but you must also keep a check on a regular basis. NetApp certification training will help your employees understand the basic strategies to keep the data safe and protected from theft and other risks. The business demands strong data protection along with the authorizing control strategy to block unwanted access for the data to be stored securely.

Appropriate Training

One of the major parts is to have complete knowledge about the ins and outs of the system. It is imperative to know the functioning capabilities and proceedings of the business. If you are determined enough, it will offer you further help in meeting the assignment deadlines. A skilled member of staff who can complete work on time and with maximum competence is the managements biggest achievement. It is important to enroll your employees in the NetApp training, which will help them achieve this efficiency.

Data Availability Failure

Human beings commit mistakes, hardware malfunction, power outages - facts that are inevitable. It's good to plan ahead if you suspect something bad coming your way. Make duplicate copies of your crucial information and set up ways to quickly switch over to them in case of a disaster. Search for cloud storage services, which offer you reliability and great services. When necessary, establish foolproof options with a secondary storage backup to be completely certain that your most trusted applications do not experience any breakdown.

Accessing Data Easily

The business needs at least one storage room where all the filing structure is easily reachable, only to the employees who are authorized on the running project. For accessing the files online, the issue must be resolved by having a proper system. Through cloud storage, files can be accessed on multiple working sites, and it's your choice to pick the right entities for authorization.

Unavailability of Disaster Recovery Action Plan

To compromise the business data, a simple wrong move from the developer dropping code in public and forgetting to eliminate the access keys for the cloud is enough. High chances are that all your information and backups stored on the cloud are breached. It is vital to always keep a copy of your important data offsite in case of a cyber-attack. Cutting down cost on your data management is temporary, but in the long run, it will be harmful to the business. Thus, the right strategy can save you from the risk which eventually you might face in the future.

Work with Great Flexibility

In this modern technological era, many large organizations are operating in different countries and working with multiple teams of employees from around the world. Despite the territorial boundaries, the employees are still able to work on a mutual project and can easily access and share information within the group. Sharing and participating in completing the assignment, the NetApp platform provides these groups with a common stage to work on. Authorized team members can also access all the project related data through the cloud.

Correct Distribution of Work

As far as the contribution and meeting the target of the assignment is concerned, the whole of the project team needs to be more aligned. NetApp offers training and certification for the distribution of information inside the organization for prompt delivery. Keeping in mind the level of output and ease, each member of the project team is assigned a chore. The project is completed on time when your team is following the given instructions, and every member is playing their crucial role and is on the same page as others.

Work Breakdown Technique

Outcomes are always encouraging when the workload is assigned and divided. NetApp training is a useful tool, which helps the user in understanding the distorted arrangement.  It also helps the team heads in determining the level of the job to be assigned to the employee as per his or her capabilities. Breaking down the job makes it easier in configuring which employee is best at a specific task. The task becomes easier to manage when the appropriate individual is chosen for it.


The unstable relation between management and the employees is the prime negative aspect in the completion of the assignment. The management is sheer responsible for the connection they build between them and the staff. The environment in which the employee works and alliance of some individuals affect the assignment. Offering training and educating the employees is the best way to deal with this situation.

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