Top 10 Jobs You Can Get With IT Certifications


Top 10 Jobs You Can Get With IT Certifications

For attaining skill for any profession, you need to have relevant education. Today, apart from year-long college programs, there is the ease of getting enrolled in certifications and learning the trick of the trade in less time.

Certifications enable us to not only have the knowledge of a particular subject, but also allow us to crack into the tough job-market with proof of being legitimate. When it comes to IT, people all around the world are taking part in certifications, both online and offline, to become specialist in many fields of IT.

Technology is indeed flourishing and with it has increased the demand of better, more capable, learned, and certified IT professionals. Therefore, if you are planning on getting certified in any of the many IT fields, we have compiled a blog for you stating the top 10 jobs that an IT certified professional can get. 

1. IT Engineer

The role of an IT engineer is to help businesses set-up, create, and troubleshoot software programs and other technology. Due to the increasing demand in installing the latest technologies, companies big and small are always on the lookout for efficient and certified IT engineer to hire. This means that job growth in this field is quite fast. The median annual salary of an IT engineer ranges from $117,840 to $114,000.

2. IT Program Manager

IT Program Managers in high demand in the marketplace due to the increasing use of technology in the workplace. Every workplace requires programs to be run smoothly and efficiently so that daily work-related tasks can be completed.

A program manager not only manages a program, but also ensures that it is being monitored for faults and successful work completion. They are also responsible for managing projects within programs and ensure that communication is smooth.

3. Network Administrator

A network administrator is part of the team of every organization. This is an individual who makes sure that every computer in the workplace is up-to-date and running perfectly. Employees are asked to take help from network administrators in case they incur a problem in their computer or network.

4. Computer Network Architect

A computer network architect is responsible for building communication networks for businesses including Wide Area Networks, intranets, and Local Area Networks. From connection two offices using a single connection to connecting offices around the world, a network architect does it all. That’s why these professionals are in high demand and can get their skills attested via certifications.

5. Computer Technical Support Specialist

There are multiple jobs IT certs can get including a Computer Technical Support Specialist. A computer technical support specialist works for companies and customers to help them fix their software, computer, or other devices including printers, etc. A computer network support specialist is similar but works as an IT support specialist in firms.

6. Computer Systems Analyst

Most companies are well capable of purchasing and installing advanced technology. However, using it to its full potential is what businesses need to learn from a computer systems analyst. A computer systems analyst is a professional who ensures that all the systems and technologies in a company are being used effectively. They are also responsible for incorporating new technology into the already running one so the company can make the most of it. According to, the average salary for a Systems Analyst is $64,925.

7. Database Administrator

A database administrator’s job is to ensure that all the company’s data is in place and well-secured. A DBA is also responsible for managing and maintaining the database environment daily. These professionals make sure that user needs are met and monitored. They also install and check database management systems so users can work efficiently.

8. Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer

Whether you are a deployment and network operations professional or a system administrator, with the correct certification, you can become a DevOps engineer. A Development Operations Engineer is a professional who works with the IT staff and developers to take care of code releases. Scripting and coding are two of the areas in which these individuals are experts. With the help of their knowledge and skills, they can effectively plan deployment and testing of software and technologies.

A DevOps Engineer can earn an average salary of $92,500.

9. Information Security Analyst

An Information Security Analyst plays a crucial role in an organization. These individuals are responsible for protecting the company’s computer system from virus and security threats. They monitor the systems and ensure that there is a strong firewall in place. These professionals have a critical part to play in keeping any organization’s data and systems safe. Data encryption, protection codes, and following security codes are some of the many tasks that these professionals handle on a daily basis.

10. Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud computing has been a blessing for the IT industry. It is due to cloud computing technology that organizations are able to manage huge amounts of data and share resources without spending too much on storage and other technology.

A cloud solutions architect is one such IT professional who takes care of an organization’s cloud computing strategies. This individual ensures that all the features of cloud computing including cloud app design, cloud monitoring, cloud adoption plans, and cloud management are done accurately for business efficiency and success.

There are countless jobs IT certs can get by enrolling into a certification of their choice. You can enroll into one of the following IT certifications to secure a high paying job:

  • AWS certification
  • Azure certification
  • ITIL certification
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA A+
  • Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
  • Linux Essentials Professional Development Certification (PDC)
  • Apple Certified Associate (ACA)

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