Microsoft 70-744 Securing Windows Server 2016 Study Guide


Microsoft 70-744 Securing Windows Server 2016 Study Guide

The number one problem faced by organizations today is security breaches that compromise the network and pose a threat to the data and other important stuff on the network. Therefore, when hiring IT professionals, companies make it a priority to hire efficient, experienced, and certified network security engineers so they can cope with security threats as they occur.

The reason that network security professionals are essential for every company is that they help minimize the damage caused by security breaches and breakdowns. If the network is compromised or there is a malware, these engineers can put their skills and knowledge to use to dismiss the crisis.

Microsoft 70-744 Securing Windows Server Certification

With the ever-growing need for talented network security professionals in organizations, it has become important that engineers get themselves enrolled in appropriate courses, take the exam, and get the certificate that will land them the most competitive job in the field of IT.

The 70-744 Securing Windows Server Certification is a gateway to learning about securing the IT infrastructure in organizations. This course is all about preparing IT engineers to be accustomed to network threats and breaches, and to learn about fixing such problems to minimize the risk associated with them. The course intends to make the candidates believe that they are in a critical situation where they have to work on a network security breach. Through this scenario, the course teaches candidates to learn to solve the issue by taking into consideration different tips, commands, and action plan.

The main aim is for candidates to learn to protect administrative rights and credentials so that the system administrator can put their skills to test so they can avoid any security threat like this in the future.

Learn ways to defend the network from Spyware, Malware, and other Security Threats!

The security of any network can be easily put to test with just a single attack. There are numerous viruses and malware that can put the entire company’s data at risk. It is the responsibility of a security professional to look after any such threat and work towards destroying it without causing trouble to the system.

Another important aspect of the Microsoft 70-744 Securing Windows Server 2016 course is to enable students to learn about the Advanced Threat Analysis feature in Windows Server 2016. Moreover, the course offers in-depth knowledge and training on securing virtualization platform and new deployment options.

If you want to secure the job of a network security professional in a reputable organization, it is important to get yourself enrolled in this course. This course will prepare you for the Microsoft 70-744 exam.

Whether you have experience working as a network security engineer or simply aspire to become one, this course is ideal for you. With the training and knowledge received from this course, you will be able to pass the exam and get the certification that you require to secure a job in the industry. The course also contains information on tools and techniques used to secure the Windows Server 2016 environments. Once you have completed this course, you can go on to take the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure exams.

The pre-requisite to taking the MCSE exam is to take the MCSA exam and also complete the following series:

Become MCSA Certified!

In order to become an attractive candidate for any IT job role, it is essential to take the right exams and have the appropriate certifications. One such certification that allows IT professionals to go big in the field is the MCSA certification.

The MCSA certification opens door to many opportunities for engineers including most technical positions and network administrative system jobs. Engineers who have this certification can help organizations lower their costs while enabling them to boost their growing potential. The MCSA certification opens a plethora of new and promising jobs for engineers in the field of IT.

You can easily enroll yourself into a brief course lasting a few weeks. By taking a few hour classes within three weeks, you will be able to pass the MCSA certification exam.

Handsome Payroll!

Clearing the Microsoft 70-744 exam and becoming MCSA certified means that you can now apply for any IT role. Having the MCSA certification means that you will be earning above average. Microsoft Cloud Computing skills and knowledge is what organizations need today to compete with the growing technological advanced marketplace. An MCSA certified engineer is capable of looking after Cloud computing needs of organizations, which is why they earn far better.

The more qualified you are, the more pay you will be getting. The Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a study in 2018 to find out the average pay of a computer and network system administrator and the result was $82,340 per year.

Who should apply for the course?

The Microsoft 70-744 Securing Windows Server 2016 course is designed for IT professionals wanting to learn more and do better in the field. This course is ideal for you if you meet the following criteria:

  • IT professionals who are working as system or network administrators
  • IT professionals responsible for looking after network security in firms
  • Engineers working with Windows Server domain-based environments
  • Engineers working with managed access to the Internet
  • IT professionals working with Cloud services

Skill Enhancement

The 70-744 study guide prepares engineers to polish certain skills and learn a few new ones to apply to better jobs so they can excel in their career. Some of the areas covered in the study guide include the following:

  • Manage privileged identities
  • Implement workload specific security
  • Implement server hardening solutions
  • Secure network and virtualization infrastructure
  • Implement threat detection solutions

Getting enrolled in the 70-744 course and taking the MCSA exam will ensure a solid job for you in a reputable organization. Having passed the test and learning from the course will make you a skilled and attractive MCSA expert that organizations will be interested in hiring.

You can enroll in an online class for the Microsoft 70-744 securing windows server 2016 study guide.

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