What is Different about Cloud Security?


What is Different about Cloud Security?

According to 2019 Data Risk Report, even in this day and age, many companies have not fully protected their data. This is certainly a cause of concern because, in the 21st century, hacking has become a child’s play and being affected by this can make your company suffer hefty losses.

It is obviously hard to believe, but in the first half of 2019, there were as many as 3800 cases of the data breach (Source). By 2017, stats showed that businesses were more affected by information security threats. During that time, nearly 91.3% of the exposed data was associated with the public sector (Source).

Keeping these statistics in mind, information security training has become a need rather than an added expense for the businesses today. In fact, it is also important to realize the significance of cloud security here. Below, we have discussed everything you need to know about the idea of cloud security and how it is different.

What is Cloud Security? 

Also referred to as cloud computing security, cloud security has everything you need for the protection of your data. It is not only crucial for business users but also for personal users. After all, now everything is being done on digital devices, and this calls for serious security measures for the data in order to minimize the risk of leakage, illegal access, and attacks. The cloud basically comes with a set of different policies, procedures, controls, and technologies that work simultaneously for the safety and security of cloud-based systems. Cloud security does not only help protect your data, but it also notifies you in case of unusual activities surrounding your data.

Now there are many cloud computing training and certifications that enable young and dynamic individuals to master the art of information security.

Different Approaches to Cloud Security:

Currently, there are three different types of clouds being used in the IT sector. They go by the name of public, private, and hybrid cloud.

Public Cloud:

The public cloud uses the third party for managing the cloud system. Basically, you use another software for data storage and data security. Businesses can easily register their account on public clouds, and there they have the liberty to choose the services they wish to get. However, you are required to pay a monthly fee when you sign up for security services through a public cloud. Also, it is believed that public clouds are more prone to hacking as they have substantial amounts of sensitive data stored.

Private Cloud:

There are companies who choose to go for developing a private cloud. Even though it costs more, it enables you to have maximum control over your data and its security. Private cloud is more appropriate for big companies with a reasonable income because of the fact it is more expensive.

Hybrid Cloud:

As evident by the name, it is the blend of both types of cloud mentioned above. Companies usually use the private cloud for sensitive information that may include account details or the company’s financial figures. For relatively less sensitive data, companies make use of a public cloud. Compared to the other two types, it is considered to be the best one. It is an excellent way to streamline your data security.

What is Different about Cloud Security in Comparison with Traditional Security?

The level of complexity in the IT sector and advancements in technology has made it necessary to use cloud security rather than the traditional security system. Here are all the reasons why cloud security is preferred over the traditional means of data security.

Reduced Costs:

Unlike traditional security, cloud security does not require the companies to invest in special hardware designed to make data breach impossible. Cloud security is not only cheaper to install but it also minimizes the company’s administrative expenses and this, of course, an added benefit. Moreover, cloud security requires very minimum human intervention making the data security system very less complicated than it actually is.


Cloud security is by far the safest ways of controlling data security threats for your company. Investing in the right cloud makes your data absolutely safe and hard to access for the third parties and hackers. It offers reliability regardless of the device you are using or the location you are in.

Centralized and Streamlined Security:

Another factor that sets apart cloud security from traditional security is the centralization of data protection. The modern age businesses are relying more on devices and digitalization than on human intervention. In order to manage such intricate business structures, cloud security is important. Such structures cannot be handled by traditional methods, especially if a business has trading bases in several parts of the world. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that cloud security helps in streamlining, monitoring, filtering, and analyzing the traffic in a much efficient way.

Availability of Support:

Well-reputed cloud security systems offer excellent support at all times. There is live monitoring available 24/7, and this certainly enhances the quality of the company’s data security. After all, there is nothing better than using a system which has uninterrupted support, especially if your company’s network is large.


However, you cannot just sign up for cloud security and depend solely on that because it is believed that the system is a shared responsibility. Choose the right software, add the right people and above all, you should keep a thorough check on the security to avoid any unfortunate circumstances in future.

In addition to this, having a Cisco certification training or any well-recognized information security training certainly helps coming up with the right data protection strategies for cloud-based businesses. You can find such training courses online as well. Considering the high rate of data breach activities all over the world and the increasing globalization of businesses, it is nearly impossible to get away with such activities without investing in cloud computing training and certification. In fact, due to high cybercrime rates, the demand for individuals with IT security training has witnessed an increase. The industry has quite a good potential for individuals interested in the field.

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