Benefits of Training IT Help Desk Officers


Benefits of Training IT Help Desk Officers

Introduction to IT Help Desk Officers

The world is rapidly moving towards new IT practices and software. With every step it takes towards enhancement, it gets hard for users to understand. Not everyone can read and understand computer language. Hence, IT organizations are now creating IT help desks. The main purpose of these help desks is to provide the users with IT support. The IT help desks are managed by IT help desk officers. These officers offer help and offer support to users regarding hardware or software issues. The officers usually support the users on behalf of IT companies. In most cases, online chat forums or chatbots are the best options to assist the customers.

Roles and Responsibilities of IT Help Desk Officers

Apart from providing technical support regarding hardware components and software, there are many other duties and responsibilities of IT help desk officers.

Primary Responsibilities of IT Help Desk Officer

Below mentioned are the primary responsibilities of IT help desk officers.

  • Offer technical support for incoming inquiries regarding computer components and software malfunction.
  • Answering customer queries over the phone or in person.
  • Search for answers to problems based on available information.
  • Guide customers to resolve matters over the phone easily.
  • Follow the standard procedures of the help desk.
  • Record all help desk interactions.
  • Manage help desk software.
  • Ensuring complete elimination of the issue by continuously interacting with customers.
  • To divert the customers to the right resources.
  • Detecting and deteriorating issues based on their priority level.
  • Monitor all issues, requirements, and working on document resolution.
  • Developing active reports.
  • Identifying and updating upper management regarding recurring issues.
  • Train and educate customers about new systems and updates.
  • Assist update training manuals for new or updated software and hardware components.
  • Training users as needed.
  • Cleaning up the storage of PCs.
  • Install and run the diagnostic programs to solve issues.
  • Solving technical issues with Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), and other systems.
  • Connecting computer peripherals for customers.
  • Taking customer’s responses regarding computer usage.
  • Virtually accessing the system of users to make changes and resolve issues.
  • Running a report analysis to identify problems that are commonly being faced by users.

Benefits of Training IT Help Desk Officers

Over the years, customers have become more powerful than the organization’s executives. Organizations are now planning their strategies based on their customer’s requirements and feedback. Customer’s opinion is now valued more by companies to asses success and failure.

Keeping these issues into consideration, organizations are now trying their best to provide customers with extended support. IT help desk officers are the face of an organization. Companies are now trying to build their reputation by providing high-quality customer service to their users, and that requires training IT help desk officers.

Below listed are some of the benefits of training IT help desk officers.

Customer Satisfaction

Training IT help desk officers will enhance customer satisfaction and help in retaining customers. A trained IT help desk officer will handle the customer professionally and go the extra mile to assist in resolving an issue. Higher customer satisfaction would lead to organizational growth.

Refinement in Product Quality

IT training will not only help with customer satisfaction but provide the desk officer with adequate knowledge regarding hardware and software. Organizations can benefit from customer feedback, work on their weak areas, and try to eliminate the problem in the best possible way. An improved product or service will increase your customers and revenue.

Enhances Productivity

Training an IT help desk officer will reduce costs and save time. The knowledge provided to the help desk officer will help them identify if the issue needs to be taken to higher authorities. Hence, they will be able to redirect it to the right department making the operation run smoothly. It will result in improving productivity and gaining customer satisfaction.


Training an IT help desk officer is much more efficient and cost-effective than hiring a trained and experienced professional. Every company has its own way of running the operations. No doubt, hiring a well-trained help desk officer will make things easier, but an expert will ask for higher pay. In this regard, by training your own help desk officer, it will be easier to get things done your way at minimum cost. Invest once and benefit from it because one trained employee can train other subordinates too. Aim to gain maximum output from one resource, with a cost-effective solution.

Train Your IT Help Desk Officers with QuickStart

The unlimited benefits of trained IT help desk officers have motivated organizations to train their help desk officers and gain full advantage from them. The long-term benefits of training IT help desk officers have led many software houses to conduct online courses for IT help desk officers. QuickStart also offers online training to IT help desk officers. The two best training certification exams offered by QuickStart are CompTIA certification courses and ITIL certification online. Through these training programs, IT help desk officers can polish their current skills and develop new skills. There are various courses under the two categories.

Below listed are the names of the training provided by ITIL and CompTIA at QuickStart for help desk officers.

CompTIA A+ at QuickStart

The CompTIA A+ is an entry-level certification. This certification is best for candidates who are starting as an IT help desk officer for software and hardware support. The CompTIA A+ certification intends to provide adequate knowledge regarding technical support, installing, running, monitoring, and resolving issues of electronic devices and operating systems. It provides a basic level of information on networking. For more information, contact our experts at QuickStart.

ITIL Foundation at QuickStart

ITIL Foundation is an entry-level certification. The purpose of this course is to provide knowledge regarding basic concepts, terminologies, roles, and processes involved in the ITIL service. Although the exam is based on a service desk component precisely, the complete certification of ITIL foundation offers benefits to the help desk officers. To learn more about our certifications, chat with our professionals at QuickStart. 

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