All you need to know about Linux Networking and Administration Certification


All you need to know about Linux Networking and Administration Certification

Developed almost 20 years ago, Linux still is one powerful driving force in the IT industry. Though the usage of Linux differs as per a survey, it makes up to 3 percent of overall desktop operation in the market. On the contrary, it is so strong on the web server side that it builds to more than 50 percent of market share. The definition of the network in the world of IT is when two or more computer devices are connected to one another. These devices could be exchanging information and other resources. To form a computer network, a number of devices are involved. Similarly, various devices need to connect together to create a Linux Network.

IT professionals understand how integral it is for experts to have Linux certifications. In the IT industry, this is what will help practitioners grow. Whether you are looking for better pay or position attaining a Linux Networking certificate will benefit you. IT professionals spend a huge amount of their time in learning about server computing, whether its installation or configuration or its maintenance or virtualization. This indicates that many IT professionals are working on Linux operating systems alongside working on other systems. There are a good amount of Linux certifications present for professionals which give them an interesting mix of agnostic credentials.

Those who wish to learn can utilize well-elaborated ladders to certification of Linux Networking. Through surveys, it was discovered the Linux Certification which employers look for when they hire and what kind of demand Linux certifications have in the market out there.

GIACUnix Security Administrator

GIAC stands for the Global Information Assurance Certification, and it is a part of the highly credited SANS which is considered to be a regarded source of not only instruction but also research in the field of information security. SANS has inbuilt features such as informing of security alerts, provides high alert news and serves to certain kinds of government researches and security task forces.

CompTIA Linux+

When it comes to employing IT professionals, employers look up for candidates that have upgraded their skills through this certification. Linux + serves as a benchmark for employment in the IT world. So those individuals looking forward to entering the IT world need this on their resumes.

The certification examines usage that is essential as well as the managerial tasks that are a common part offered by all Linux distributors. To achieve this certificate, you need to pass through these two tests which are CompTIA Linux Certification 103 and CompTIA Linux Certification 104.

The content of CompTIA Linux Certification 104 and that of Linux Administrator Certification is quite similar. Experts need to enroll in a professional institute for the purpose of IT Ops Training so they can place themselves in the list of those who are eligible for entering the field of Linux.

The Benefits Of CompTIA Linux+ Certification


Certifications such as CompTIA Linux+ will make you be recognized as a brand in the world of IT where managers and HR personnel go through thorough evaluations of resumes to shortlist candidates. As mentioned above, the certification has set a benchmark. Therefore selection committees are aware that when an IT Ops Training ends with a +, it is bound to add that extra value and skill to a professional that they will benefit from if the individual becomes a part of their organization.

Setting a Foundation

Setting a foundation is so important when it comes to building something. Similarly, it is important that professionals that a foundation if they want to build a career. Certifications that edify beginners about administration tasks are what organizations look for in their potential employees. These are skills that organizations expect their future professionals to be demonstrating. Not only do they provide you knowledge, but they also increase your chances of getting hired.

Rhce- Red Hat Certified Engineer

In the world where Linux certifications are a benchmark, there exists another important certification called the Red Hat Certified Engineer. Red Hat Certifications have the image and branding that makes it stand out amongst other Linux Certifications. So, if a certification can stand out due to the program that it entails, then definitely, it can make you stand out too in a huge crowd of potential candidates once you attain it.

Among all red hat certifications, the one that helps you attain a more senior level with knowledge and skills have more popularity to their name. So, if you have to decide what to enroll in you can opt for the more senior ones and get the chance to be hired by the top organizations. That’s not all if you already have that certification you can opt for many roles in the Linux world. Some of the roles that you may choose from are, Linux Administrator, It Analyst, Senior Unix Administrator and so much more.

Is It Tough To Attain This Certification?

Upon asking the professionals that have reached the top in many IT giants, this is one certification they say you should not miss out on when searching for a career in the Linux world. So, big things don’t come to us so easily, do they? We have to work a bit hard for them. To reach here, you need to first fill in for the pre-requisite of this certification which is the Red Hat System Administrator Credential (RHCSA). This is followed by a three-and-a-half-hour test that you will need to pass.


In case you are looking for better career opportunities and a chance to increase your skills and knowledge, we recommend that you choose wisely for Linux certifications in 2019

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