Everything you need to know about CompTIA Project+ Certification


Everything you need to know about CompTIA Project+ Certification

Regardless of the field or industry, you are in, project management skills are mandatory and can help you stand out from the rest of the employees. CompTIA’s Project+ validates your competency in the field of project management and is a vendor-neutral credential. Whether you are an IT professional who wish to enhance your technical skills by adding project management to your portfolio or a non-IT professional with a passion to learn project management and start a career, Project+ by CompTIA is certainly the best thing certification available to you. When you add the Project+ batch in your resume, it will show that you’ve proven ability to manage small and medium-sized projects.

Although there are other project management certifications available in the market, CompTIA’s Project+ is designed specifically for business and IT professionals. On the other hand, project management certifications offered by PMI® only target project management professionals. 

The feature that sets Project+ apart from other competitors is that there is no prerequisites for Project+ - although having at least one year of experience in project management in any capacity is desirable. However, don’t perceive Project+ any lighter than its counterparts available in the market, because the passing percentage has been set at 79% on a timed exam of 90 minutes. Again, don’t think that it’s an easy way to add a project management certification in your portfolio, because you’ll need to invest a lot of time and concentration.

Who should get CompTIA Project+ Certification?

CompTIA’s Project+ is a great career move if you are a business professional and your job responsibilities include managing small or medium projects. By getting CompTIA Project+ certification, you will be able to demonstrate to potential employers that you have the required skills and knowledge to manage small and medium-sized projects really well. It will be an accomplishment to put on your resume as the course will equip you with the technical skills and knowledge to manage a project in its entirety from resource planning, budgeting to documentation and communication.

Moreover, having Project+ certification by CompTIA demonstrates that you are able to help and support larger projects. As mentioned above, there are no prerequisites of the exam but having one year’s experience in the field of project management increases your chances of obtaining the certificate in the first go.

What the course is about?

The Project+ Certification by CompTIA shows that you have exhibited excellent skills in managing small and medium-sized projects and it also validates the project management skills you’ve acquired with this course.

Like every certification, Project+ certification enables employers to recognize your professional qualifications and skills as a project manager and your employer may consider you for promotions on the basis of additional certification. Moreover, if you wish to become a project manager then certifications like these can help hiring managers make a decision easily. Since CompTIA’s Project+ is a certification recognized by the leading players of the industry, this will increases your chances of getting hired or promoted as a project manager. The certificate is proof that you are capable, skilled and knowledgeable of managing different projects for your organization.

The program covers the entire project management life cycle and the test-takers will have to show the skills required to manage a project from scratch till the end. CompTIA Project+ exam also covers business management and interpersonal skills – which are also necessary, in addition to project management skills to make any business initiative or project successful.

Additionally, we would recommend everyone who wishes to get any other professionally recognized project management certification should go with Project+ at first since it will provide the required knowledge and skills to clear those certifications. 

What will you learn in CompTIA Project+?

If you successfully pass the CompTIA Project+ exam then you will acquire the skills required to plan and manage IT related projects that can benefit your organization positively. Plus, if you are getting the certificate to further your career, then it will also help you with that. Secondly, you can increase the efficiency and productivity of any work that you are tasked to do. You can also communicate effectively with different teams simultaneously to ensure better management of any project. Thirdly, you can deliver projects within the stipulated timeframe that will produce a positive impact on your organization’s performance and yours. Finally, you can satisfy your clients easily by delivering on their requirements and retain them.

Benefits of CompTIA Project+

Since the course is specifically designed for businesspersons and IT professionals and has no prerequisite, this certification falls under the category of entry-level certificates for project management. This course is best suited for individuals who are already supporting any on-going projects in their organization and aspire to become project managers. By covering the entirety of the project life cycle in one course – from planning to execution and closure – you are sure to acquire the skills needed to boost your organization’s performance and your career. In order to pass the exam, you must answer around 80 questions within 90 minute.

However, to ace the exam you are also advised to study using other means like books on project management as well as QuickStart’s comprehensive training guide to pass CompTIA Project+ exam. Opting for the training module designed by QuickStart, there’s hardly anything that can stand between your way of becoming a successful project manager. CompTIA Project+ enhances:

  • Your ability to lead projects
  • Your skills to make any project a success
  • Your communication ability
  • Your budgeting capability
  • Your resource planning and resource allocation competencies


One can conclude that this entry-level project management certification helps you better manage small and medium-sized projects. It makes your path to achieve other higher level of project management certifications easier. CompTIA Project+ is not a replacement of yearlong project management certifications, but it helps you prepare for them. Moreover, if you are just trying to enter the field of project management and also need to consider the cost factor, then the Project+ certification is your best bet.

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