Get ITIL Foundation Certification For These 6 Industry Advantages In 2019


Get ITIL Foundation Certification For These 6 Industry Advantages In 2019

The job market is extremely competitive these days, especially the field of Information Technology. The industry is rampant with advancements and innovations, making it next to impossible for people to be the master of all. The key is to choose something of interest and specialize in it to be considered an authority therein.

Networking and management are thriving specializations. Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Training and Certification courses enable IT professionals to gain the upper hand in the market. Not everybody can clear these courses, but for those who do, life can become a lot easier in terms of job hunt and compensation.

Organizations big and small are all looking for ITIL Certified individuals to run businesses for a simple reason; this course brings best practices from giant IT companies like Google and IBM. These practices are known to be beneficial in promoting business goals. These can be implemented in phases, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity. Moreover, these practices are as applicable to small businesses as they are to large scaled ones. There’s something for everyone.

It has already been established how certification courses can help elevate your resume in the eyes of the recruiter. Whether they’re doing it internally or on behalf of another organization, human resource professionals prefer certification courses in addition to education and experience. It does not only show that the person is knowledgeable of the topic but also emphasizes that the candidate is dedicated about growth and development. All SMEs and large organizations thrive on a mindset that puts improvement and progress above all other objectives.

ITSM Training courses are undoubtedly beneficial for IT professionals who actively look after business protocols. But there’s a lesser-known side to this story. ITIL Certification and other similar training programs are not only for those managing the business IT systems but also for a wide range of other professionals who have a lot to gain from it.

Here’s an insight into how different designations can learn and improve with ITSM Certifications.

The C-Suite

We’ve all heard and dreamt of the C-Suite; their crisp suits and even crisp decisions that make the whole business go around. Primarily, the Chief Information Officer and the Chief Technology Officer have a lot to gain from ITSM Certifications. These make sure the C-Suite is adequately prepared to counter any challenges that come towards them. The ITSM Training and Certifications make the C-Suite appear more credible and authoritative in their IT decisions, facilitating growth where the opportunity lies.

Business Owners and Process Managers

In most of the small companies, there will be fewer people juggling multiple positions to keep the company afloat. For larger companies, the designations and job roles are much more defined and segregated.

For business owners to be able to participate in the company effectively, it is imperative they have a working knowledge of every segment. And when it comes to business process managers, it is obviously essential for them to know all about every business process and how to make these more efficient. ITSM Training and Certifications are one way of ensuring these individuals are sufficiently prepared for everything that can go wrong.

IT Architects, Planners, Security Managers, Consultants, Auditors…

It is quite safe to assume all designations that start with “IT…” have immense utility for ITSM Certifications. So if you’re planning to be any one of these, getting ITSM Training and Certifications will definitely do more good than what it costs.


One good thing about being a part of the corporate world is the need for training and development. It is a constant battle for excellence. Companies encourage this mindset because it brings a new perspective and opens avenues for progress. And if you’re interested in becoming a trainer, certifications like ITIL and others are definitely a must-have. You can’t be eligible to train if you’re not certified. These qualifications go a long way in promoting your career as an IT Trainer.


The field of IT is so vast and so dynamic, it is impossible to hire each specialization and keep them on the company’s payroll. So, for certain projects, companies may prefer to hire consultants instead. They stay on for a limited period, analyzing loopholes and fixing them on the go. Their role might be limited to suggestions too. Whatever the case, ITSM certifications definitely go a long way in augmenting credibility in the eyes of the stakeholders.

Non-Technical Staff

Ironically, the role of Information Technology in businesses is so seamlessly integrated with non-technical processes that it is impossible to separate the two. And while you’re at it, it doesn’t hurt for non-technical resources to gain a little information about IT processes and more. For these individuals, ITSM Certifications are an add-on that makes their CVs more impressive, especially if the business is technology-oriented. It’s not compulsory, but it sure is a good-to-have!

The Bottom Line

Technology has become a vital component of every business. Even the most traditional models have been contaminated by technology, which has resulted in improved productivity, efficiency, greater yield, high profitability, and fair competition.

Over the next couple of decades, the importance of Information Technology will only increase. The job market will become even more hostile, and the race for self-improvement and training would’ve become infinite.

If you’re investing in ITSM Training and Certifications today, rest assured it will be much fruitful for you in the next few years. After all, the rate at which technology is advancing also means the older technologies are becoming obsolete at the same rate. So where would you rather be? Enroll yourself in the ITIL Foundation Certification preparatory course today!

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