Got ITIL V4 certified; what is next


Got ITIL V4 certified; what is next

The world of IT is progressing at a steady pace, in fact, there are many tools and systems that are being introduced right now that can take care of development-related problems, make work processes agile, and help in developing better security-related practices around things. The same goes for the ITIL or information technology infrastructure library is a set of detailed practices that involves the customization of IT and networking systems according to the very requirements of the users.

Many tech companies don't have the right infrastructure or skill that can help them to customize their IT-related processes according to their own liking. Thus the need for an ITIL professional arises who can help them build a separate integration of very program or tool the company is using but allowing more control over things. Other than offering customization related assistance another benefit of going with ITIL is that it helps the organizations to come around the right decisions in relation to the technology that is present today and what can be done to make better use of things like cloud and the power of DevOps.

These calculated decisions are important to keep the organizations on their feet while striving for consistent betterment and having a quality-oriented product development and implementation lifecycle.


ITIL V4 is the 4th integration within the ITIL systems and covers the basic changes and modifications that have been made to the ITIL framework over the years. There are various management-related challenges that the business sector face on a day to day basis so with ITIL V4 they will get to manage things better and come out of the crisis as a productive and focused enterprise.

The ITIL V4 certification validates that the professional has enough knowledge of the organization they are working for and people working within the organization. They can develop a standard framework for the enterprise to work within a customized fashion while keeping productivity and consistency in great work to a normal value. The end logic of working with the ITIL V4 systems is that it offers a faster, more flexible, and adaptive approach to working with things and making the processes for the organization work on an elevated note.

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Benefits of acquiring the ITIL V4 certification

So, if you are making up your mind to acquire the ITIL V4 certification then you must fully know about what you are diving into and how acquiring this certification can finally help you with landing a decent job. But that is for you to decide, anyway following are some of the most tempting benefits of acquiring the ITIL V4 certification;

  • It offers faster and more flexible options as an aid to the global digital transformation
  • Better strategic and fundamental alignment between the IT and the business can be guaranteed
  • Customer support framework of the enterprise can be integrated successfully with the evolving software delivery practices
  • Customer satisfaction and service delivery can be improved
  • Reduction of costs through the improved use of resources can also be brought about
  • Greater visibility of IT costs and assets
  • Better management of the business risk can be done with ITIL certification by your side

What lies next after ITIL V4?

If you thought that your overall journey was somehow done then you are clearly in the wrong as with ITIL there is a whole new story. So, if you are interested in becoming a full-time ITIL professional then it is advised that you go with ITIL lifecycle certifications. These cover a different and more focused and in-depth understanding of the ITIL universe. A brief list of these lifecycle certifications is as follows;

  • ITIL Intermediate Lifecycle: Service Strategy
  • ITIL Intermediate Lifecycle: Service Design
  • ITIL Intermediate Lifecycle: Service Transition
  • ITIL Intermediate Lifecycle: Service Operations
  • ITIL Intermediate Lifecycle: Continual Service Improvement

All of these subsections diverge into specific elements of the ITIL certification that you can become a professional of. Only when you have completed all of these can you only be called as a professional IT practitioner. Some of these lifecycles are focused entirely on the design of the services and the operations that come along with it while some of them focus on the transition of the service and continual improvement that can be brought to the simulation.

All of these are some of the great options for the ITIL V4 professionals to be pursued later in their careers to emerge out as a professional ITIL practitioner. But if you were thinking that you could get into these lifecycles without first having to attend the ITIL foundation certification then you were clearly in the wrong. You would first have to cover the basics if you want to pursue further with the other elements of the certification.

If you want to seriously become a dedicated ITIL practitioner then acquiring the ITIL foundation certification is in best interest with you as only then you will be able to move further with your ITIL based career.

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