How IT Training Has Evolved Over the Last 30 Years


How IT Training Has Evolved Over the Last 30 Years

The IT industry is ever-evolving, with prevalent technologies receiving rapid updates and new software products getting deployed regularly. To cope with these changes, IT experts need to routinely take new courses and get involved in IT training sessions.

Recently, a significant change has been seen in IT training procedures due to technological development. Around 70% of businesses state that technological growth has outpaced training. To keep up with the fast-paced introduction of new tech features, training has evolved, with various new methods introduced globally.

Here are a few ways how the typical training process has grown over the last 30 years.

Virtual Classes

In the old days, the only way you would possibly learn something new was by taking live classes for hours, daily. As time passed, books and course materials were created for individuals who didn’t have enough time to take classes. Nevertheless, not everyone is capable of learning something without proper guidance from an instructor.

The latest and most commonly used method in the IT world is virtual classes. Instead of taking time out every day to attend classes in person, you can stay home and spend the time frame of your choice in an IT course. In fact, many courses only require a day or two to finish, yet still provide practically invaluable information. Virtual courses come in various forms, including online learning, podcasts, webinars and recorded videos. The best aspect of these innovative methods is that you can study according to your preferred schedule.

Lower Costs

With virtual training methods, several learning and training costs have reduced significantly. Usually, all you need is a camera and an internet connection to upload/download your lectures or training sessions on/from various websites. 

The reduction in expenditure has also reduced the overall cost of each course. This has encouraged many underprivileged potential IT professionals to purchase said courses. Low-priced courses have also increased the number of IT experts and firms in the industry overall.


Virtual classes allow you to manage a more flexible routine. Many individuals are unable to continue studies due to lack of time, tough work routines, and even personal commitments. The choice of when you wish to watch a video is yours. All you have to do is go online and start watching the relevant lectures.

Value of Certifications Has Increased

In the past, IT professionals were recognized by their degree and industry-experience. However, now that companies are aware of the changes, they have started preferring individuals who are savvier and have numerous certifications to prove it.

For this very reason, many IT leaders and companies encourage their employees to take IT training sessions. Most of the time, the management provides the required courses. Experts who are seen getting involved in extra certifications are shown more importance as well.

Integration of Advanced Technology

Virtual reality and AI have brought about a quantum leap in terms of training and learning methods, with said technologies being actively integrated in the training process. A learner can now virtually implement received learning, and a trainer can practically demonstrate talking points, all in real time, due to technological advancements.

In the IT industry, which inherently depends upon tech updates to progress, it was natural that a time would come when you would watch videos, attend webinars and enact achieved learning to acquire useful knowledge related to your industry. Today, innovative IT training not only enhances your staff’s knowledge but also urges them to perform better.

Technology is a continuously advancing phenomenon, with no indications of progress slowing down. Therefore, no matter how well educated you are, you still need to go through various IT courses every once in a while. The good thing is that receiving IT training has become easier than ever. With virtual classes and flexibility, you can focus on both your extra training courses and work. If you think you need an IT certification to boost your profile, feel free to start today with many courses available online.

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