Five Online IT Training Courses You Should Take to Become an Expert in NetApp Technologies


Five Online IT Training Courses You Should Take to Become an Expert in NetApp Technologies

When it comes to data storage and the related software management, NetApp is perhaps the most customizable, diverse and competent service provider in the current market. Featuring both hybrid cloud and physical data storage and sharing services, NetApp storage systems can integrate with several major cloud service providers, enabling the shifting and storage of huge amounts of data, while providing additionally usable storage per GB.

However, NetApp is somewhat complicated and you do require various certifications and courses to master the art of operating this system. If you are a certified expert in NetApp technologies, you can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars on an annual basis.

We know that IT experts rarely have time to go and take live classes in various institutes. However, now you can sit at home and take a training course. These courses take only a few hours of your time, and deliver completely usable learning.

Here are five online IT training courses you can choose from to become an expert at NetApp technologies.

NETAPP - CDOTDP 9.3 (ONTAP Cluster Administration 9.3 and Data Protection)

This five-day online course will teach you the initials of ONTAP that fit into the Data Fabric strategy and NetApp Cloud. You’ll also be able to learn how to create a cluster and identify supported ONTAP configurations. Additionally, the course teaches how to manage and create FlexVol® volumes and manage backup and restore operations by using OnCommand System Manager.

This IT training course comprises of four basic modules, to be covered in five days. Following are the modules:

  • ONTAP 9
  • Cluster Setup
  • Cluster Management
  • Network Management

By learning how to work with ONTAP features, you’ll be able to utilize the cluster shell and OnCommand System Manager to manage network resources and storage facilities. This course is suitable for system engineers, network engineers, NetApp customers, and channel partners.

NETAPP-ADMIN (Basic NetApp Configuration and Administration)

This basic two-day course is suitable for all IT experts that are striving to learn the fundamental aspects of managing and creating NetApp Data ONTAP. Even NetApp customers and students can take this basic course to enhance their knowledge and skills in NetApp technologies.

You will learn all the elements needed to create and configure a cluster. In addition, you’ll find out about all the methods that are essential towards cluster management. After taking this IT training course, you should be easily able to describe IPspaces, FlexVol and SVM features. This course comprises of the following modules.

  • Getting Started with Data ONTAP
  • Basics of Hardware
  • How to Create and Manage Aggregates
  • Managing NAS Client Access
  • How to Manage SAN Client Connections
  • Manage Volumes
  • Manage Copies of Snapshot
  • Steps to Certification

NETAPP-CMESERIES (Configuring and Monitoring NetApp E-Series and EF-Series Storage Systems)

In this four-day course, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks that an IT expert should know about configuring a new EF-Series or E-Series storage system and understand how to establish connectivity with a SAN. This course is suitable for NetApp customers, partners and IT professionals who are NetApp employees.

This course is beneficial in teaching you to understand customers’ needs regarding storage configurations. You should be easily able to guide them with suggestions to fulfill their requirements. This training session will also cover how you can create space on an EF-Series or E-series storage system. The CMESERIES training sessions comprise the following 12 modules.

  • EF-Series and E-Series Product Lines
  • Hardware Cabling and Installations
  • Storage Management Software
  • Logical Configuration
  • Troubleshooting and Monitoring the Storage System
  • Cache
  • Storage Management Software Features for Disaster Recovery
  • How to Upgrade Storage System Firmware
  • Management Connections
  • Controller Operation and Host Side Troubleshooting
  • Host Side Multipath Failover
  • Operations of Drive-Side

NETAPP-IMPVMVS (Implementing VMware 6.0 on Data ONTAP)

The following course is a three-day training session that makes sure IT experts are aware of how they can use VMware virtual infrastructure on NetApp storage. This process uses clustered Data ONTAP. The first thing this training session covers is the significance of the VMware vSphere 6.0, and how it can be used to integrate clustered Data ONTAP.

In addition, you’ll also learn how to protect, clone, migrate and create a virtual and physical infrastructure.  You’ll also cover the importance of compression and duplication of device storages in a virtual infrastructure. However, it’s better for NetApp, channel partners, employees, and customers to have prior knowledge about vSphere and VMware to ease off the pressure of technical features. The NETAPP-IMPVMVS course has the following modules that the instructor will go through.

  • Brief on vSphere and VMware
  • Intro to Virtual Storage Console Plugin
  • NFS (NAS) Considerations
  • SAN Considerations
  • How to Configure VSC and vCenter
  • How to Configure VVOL Data Stores
  • Advanced Storage Technologies
  • Data Protection Through vSphere
  • Necessary Tools to Manage VMware In Cloud Environment

NETAPP-ADMIN91 (What is New in ONTAP 9.1)

This short, one-day course is perfect for IT experts that wish to learn about all the new features in version 9.1 of the ONTAP 9 Data Management Software. However, you need to know everything about the ONTAP 9, as this only provides details on the latest features. IT experts should always stay up-to-date as new updates are launched often.

With this helpful course, you’ll be able to list all the new features and describe the latest deployment options in ONTAP 9.1. You’ll also learn how to set up encrypted volumes by using NetApp Volume Encryption. This short training session has four of the following modules.

  • Latest Features
  • New AFF and FAS Platforms
  • FlexGroups
  • Key Management and Storage Encryption.

If you wish to excel as an IT professional, and fetch a high salary, these courses are ideal solutions. They will teach additional elements that you may have missed in your initial stage of education. Even though there are many more online IT training courses available, you can start with the five mentioned above, to begin your journey towards becoming an expert in NetApp.

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