How to Become a Windows Server 2012 Administrator


How to Become a Windows Server 2012 Administrator

Windows Server 2012 is the successor of Windows Server 2008 R2 with improvements includes overall upgrades in cloud computing and storage infrastructure. Windows Server 2012 comes with enhancements like better Hyper-V 3.0 replication, NIC teaming, server manager, server core installation, upgraded Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, and more – this all makes this server operating system by Microsoft much-loved by users as well as administrators.

Basic Qualification

Since almost every company relies on data and its critical analysis, a career in server and network administration in today’s IT industry can be a promising one. To start with, if you are looking forward to pursue a career as a Windows Server 2012 administrator, you must have the basic education to enter the field. As an aspiring server administrator, you need at least a bachelor’s degree related to information science or computer science, or a degree in electrical or computer engineering.

It is, however, important to note that administration jobs are not about degrees. You need to have practical knowledge of the concepts related to your chosen technology (Windows Server). Keep learning and develop skills as technologies, in today’s business landscape, are dynamic and always changing.


In order to equip yourself with the most up-to-date Windows Server skills, MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator) Windows Server 2012 certification training should be your next step. Training for Windows Server certifications will help you get certified and show your potential employers that you are up for taking advantage of virtualization, networking, information protection, and storage capabilities of Windows Server 2012 to deliver cloud services into the company’s infrastructure.

For entry-level professionals, Microsoft MTA: IT Infrastructure course is the best option, with no prerequisites. This beginner grade MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) exam is ideal for preparation for the next level certification, i.e. MCSA – Windows Server. You need to pass one of five certification exams. For those eager to learn and upgrade knowledge about Windows Server should consider the Windows Server Administration Fundamentals certification.

MTA is not a prerequisite for becoming MCSA certified. The MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification requires you to study for and pass multiple exams, so don’t think you are going to knock it out in a month or two. The exams include:

  • Exam 410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012
  • Exam 411: Administering Windows Server 2012
  • Exam 412: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services

The three courses collectively cover implementing, managing, maintaining and provisioning services and infrastructure in a Windows Server 2012 environment. The Windows Server 2012 training focuses on Windows Server administration, core skills and basic understanding of the operating system. You need to pass all these exams to achieve the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 credential. Only after that, you can prove your skills at the pinnacle of Microsoft’s Windows Server certification track – MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification.

As per Microsoft’s certification restructure, earning the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert): Windows Server 2012 credential requires you to pass one additional elective exam among 10 options.

If your company, like most others, works with 2012 edition of Windows Server, clearly MCSA: Windows Sever 2012 training is the best choice for you. Since Microsoft has released its most modern version of Windows Server – Windows Server 2016, if your company moves to Windows Server 2016, you can still easily achieve MCSA certification for Windows Server 2016 by undertaking another exam (exam: 473) that allows you to upgrade your MCSA Windows Server 2012 skills to MCSA Windows server 2016 skills. Windows Server 2008 is partly outdated now and so we will not be discussing that in this blog post.

All the above discussed certifications hold great value from the perspective of any employer as they prove your competency in front of those without certification tags. Surveys suggest, certified Windows Server 2012 administrators earn more than the uncertified professionals and the employers would agree. Now that you have all the knowledge and information to make your right move towards Windows Server 2012 administrator jobs, you need to choose the right spot to get the required skills and training for preparing for these certification exams.

Make the right career move with QuickStart

QuickStart is a leading IT specialist certification training organization and an award-wining Microsoft’s training partner. QuickStart provides a range of Windows Server certification training courses that help professionals transform their career with the skills and knowledge employers look for in system/server administrator positions.

QuickStart provides MCSA certification mapped with Windows Server 2012 training courses. Among them is the first of the three courses for MCSA certification: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 course. This Windows Server 2012 online course provides hands-on instruction and practice installing and configuring Windows Server 2012, including Windows Server 2012 R2.

QuickStart offers a highly personalized learning experience to its students through its range of online courses. This instructor-led Windows Server 2012 course is intended for professionals who want to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to install and perform the initial configuration of a Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2 server in an existing Windows server environment. Those who wish to undertake higher level certification exams must also take this course.

Certified Windows Server 2012 professionals who took training at QuickStart are today working with top technology employers all over the world.

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