5 Essential Office 365 Skills Everyone Needs


5 Essential Office 365 Skills Everyone Needs

Office 365 is a group of software and services subscriptions. Microsoft created it, and it has many uses in different industries. Besides providing the quintessential benefits of tools like Word, Excel and OneNote, it makes it easier for an organization to manage its records efficiently. All of Office 365's components can be easily managed through an online portal. It allows for manual additions of users, import from CSV files and can even be set up for single sign-on with a local Active Directory using Active Directory Federation Services. With obvious benefits and an increased outreach, it has clearly raised Microsoft’s stock in the eyes of the corporate world.

Microsoft Office 365 has gradually found its way into most offices because of the following benefits it offers:

  • Data security and control
  • Better organization
  • Allows you to work anywhere, anytime
  • No confusing licensing needs
  • Enhanced Mailbox Storage

Essential Microsoft Office 365 Skills That Can Make a Difference

There is no denying the fact that Office 365 is quite vast. Office 365 is an evolved version of the previous iterations and comes with some new functionality added to the software suite. It requires you to invest time and energy to get to an acceptable level. This software suite is widely used because it is easy to learn. However, its scope is quite vast, which makes it quite difficult to master. While you can manage a simple task with Excel, VBA can be used for managing a complex operation. The level of skill and training requires increases as you try to find answers to difficult questions and queries posed by the task at hand. However, there are certain skills that you should master before going out and looking for a job.

 1.      Management of Office 365 users, groups, and licenses: One should have thorough knowledge of Office 365 users, groups and licenses. This will help you in managing Office 365 in a better way.           

 2.      Activate Rights Management (RMS) in the Office 365 admin center: Activation of the Rights Management Service (RMS) is required before one can use the Information Rights Management (IRM) features of Office 365 applications and services. It is a useful and significant skill, as it can protect all file types and integrates them with client applications like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word,  Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and servers such as Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint.

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 3.      Troubleshooting Office 365 Connectivity Issues: An Office 365 administrator should be well-versed with troubleshooting Office 365. It is highly likely that an isolated system will encounter some issues over a period of time. An IT administrator should be able to figure out the source of a problem by eliminating all the possible causes one by one until he is able to diagnose the problem and resolve the issue. An office installation can also be repaired via control panel; however, it is not a great approach for fixing specific problems.

 4.      Basic Excel Functionality: Excel is a powerful tool built into Office 365. To solve problems and manage verbose data, one should be familiar with excel. As a user, you should be able to sort out the data, create tables and use the always reliable if-then-else statement.

 5.      Keyboard Shortcuts: Shortcuts can be vital cog in your repertoire. By allowing you to complete your task quickly, shortcuts help you in increasing your efficiency and output.

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Need for an Office 365 Course

Employers are on the lookout for experienced IT professionals who can plan, configure, and manage an Office 365 environment. It is hard to fathom what the employers are looking for and hence, most interviewees do not get past the final rounds. With a course in
Office 365, you will not only enhance your skill set, you will also be able to crack interviews.

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QuickStart is known for its personalized training and has been shaping careers for more than three decades. It is known for maintaining high levels of professionalism and quality since its inception. After a QuickStart Office 365 training, you will feel much more confident in your knowledge and excel in your career.

Office 365 training at QuickStart is beneficial for IT administrators as well as users who are looking to raise their levels in Microsoft tools like Word and Excel.

With over 250,000 trained trainees, QuickStart has added to the knowledge of individuals and helped them grow in their career.

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