Increase Returns on IT Tools and Systems Investment with IT Ops Training


Increase Returns on IT Tools and Systems Investment with IT Ops Training

Service firms are experiencing a major demographic change. And there's nothing wrong about turning to the younger generation, who are known for progressive thought process and expectations from innovative tools that enable them to become better and more efficient day-by-day. If you look closely, there's actually no point in proceeding with a process that doesn't even evolve or grow with your workflow and processes. It's strange how many firms still stick to using legacy technology, which may appear quite promising, but cannot really change or upgrade to match the way businesses are changing these days.

If we take the example of a CRM system, there is no way businesses can ignore implementing it as a part of their mandate. In most cases, CRM is what the employees depend on for their paycheck. Similarly, when it comes to the other processes of a business, there's no way a business that wants to guarantee success should set back to old, traditional systems and software.

IT Return on Investment – The Basics

If we look at the definition, it is the ratio between the investment (cost) made towards an IT project and net profit earned in return from it. To give out a clear representation what how much profit the company made from the IT investment, the figure is usually expressed in a percentage. This number could be of great value to determine where you stand and if incurring that cost was a wise decision. It is a measure of efficiency, that tells the upper management how effectively they made money for every dollar they input. The ROI varies based on what you think should be beneficial returns. For instance, tracking ROI for a sales and marketing campaign cannot be the same as calculating it for new software or manufacturing machine.

Every business wants to increase ROI it makes on IT tools and systems. And keeping how business processes are changing, it is important to upgrade, innovate, and maintain IT tools and systems to increase returns. One ideal way to achieve that is to consider IT Ops training. In fact, this online IT technical training can also be categorized as an IT investment, which further ensures an increase in ROI for an organization.

Getting Max Value Out of IT Investment

With the growing competition and consumer demand, firms are trying to keep up with the pace by building smarter development teams, implementing effective marketing, and using the latest technology to improve business efficiencies. If you are missing out on any of these, there's a risk of lagging behind. It is not really a battle between the legacy tech and the latest tech. It is actually about understanding the relevancy of tech with your evolving procedures. If you do not make the best out of the great new technology available out there, someone else would. And thus, it is essential to identify and invest in IT tools and services that best suit your business needs. With IT Ops training, your IT team will be in a better position to make sound advice on investing in the right programs to garner a maximum return on investments.

Is IT Investment Really Worth It

Incurring that cost to stay ahead in the game is essential. But what's more important is to make sure you increase your return on investment by making the right choice. To assess the benefits of implementing new technology, it is important to track and measure results. And the best way to do that is to calculate the ROI and compare your results to fill the gaps. This process is divided into three categories:


When assessing the total cost, it is important that you factorize all elements that help you implement the new tech. For instance, if you are investing in new software, measure the cost from licensing to implementation, in-house operations, and the annual support fees. You may also include the staff training cost here to have a prudent approach towards your calculations.


The profit or benefit that the IT investment generates will help you decide if you make the right investment decision. The key is to make sure your evaluation of the benefits are both monetary and tangible.

Start with creating an overview of every step and function. Don't forget to count in the benefits you gain from the automation of manual task and the improved overall processes.


The comparison is the most important step to determine your ROI and identify factors that could be improved to increase that ROI in the future. Of course, if you fail to train your team to handle the new technology can have an impact on the overall result. And if you decide to fix that problem in the future by ensuring the best and most up-to-date skills of your employees by training them, you can definitely secure a higher ROI. It is important to back your ROI calculation with real data and analysis to convince the authorities on the results. Use effective communication methods to make better suggestions for your top management for the future investments.

You may even consider implementing a new IT analytics software to make this task easier for you. Not only you can improve your ROI calculation through the software, but it is another successful tool you can invest in that offers futuristic results.

ROI calculation is essential to understand to gain a clear vision of your project's benefits and goals. Evaluating the IT ROI will help you manage and sell your project better from a financial point of view. Whether you are planning to train your project management team or IT professionals, the skills they learn are definitely going to help an organization increase ROI on IT tools and systems. And regardless of the stage you currently are in your journey, setting up the right strategy is what takes you closer to your goal.

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