ITIL Foundation Certification Helps With These 8 IT Service Management Jobs


ITIL Foundation Certification Helps With These 8 IT Service Management Jobs

Over the years, the IT industry has gained a reputation for being the most revolutionary field of service. There has been a lot of improvement in the IT industry as a whole. The IT infrastructure and frameworks are far more complex now than ever before. This means IT professionals need to gain ITSM Training and Certification to be considered an authority on the subject.

Why Is ITIL Certification So Popular?

The ITIL certification has proved to be one of the most distinguished ITIL Training for years. Even till date, it is considered to have unparalleled value in providing a framework for the flawless working of businesses and institutions. This certification tells the IT practitioner what to expect when they’re required to support, organize and arrange IT Service Management processes with the need of the business.

The ITIL Certification is likely to stay valid for decades to come. AXELOS, the body that governs and issues ITIL Certifications, is constantly improvising their certification courses with the aim to provide the latest logical solutions to the industry. This enables professionals to deal with most of the new challenges in the working zone.

In a way, ITIL certification is becoming an emblem of ITSM training. IT professionals who are well-educated, skilled, and highly experienced also have much to gain with this certification. More often than not, certified individuals can enjoy the benefits of working at will with a good salary package compared to others. This certification makes professionals valuable to the industry.

Introducing ITIL Foundation Certification

The basic level of ITIL certification is named the Foundation level. It introduces IT professionals to essential concepts connected with ITIL in practice. It does require the candidate to have basic knowledge about IT functions before the training program. Furthermore, ITIL comprises of a set of books that give widespread knowledge of codes required to give cost-effective solutions in IT services. There’s ample resource to get the IT Practitioner started.

On average, the ITIL Foundation Certified Professionals are known to earn approximately $75,000 per annum. Considering the pay scales within the IT industry and outside it, rest assured the certification pays off well.

ITIL Certifications in IT Service Management Jobs

The ITIL certification is becoming the need of the hour. Many flourishing industries and businesses now require ITIL-certified professionals for their business growth. This inclination can be most prominently seen in the following sectors.


Even companies like Fujitsu, IBM, and Microsoft work with the ITIL framework integrated into their processes. It offers endless benefits in terms of enhanced capabilities and productivity of staff members. An ITIL certification, even at the Foundation level, opens the doors to these companies for IT professionals.


Giant companies like Walmart, Target, and Staples have amalgamated their operations with the ITIL framework too. So if you’re interested in working with retail systems as the IT consultant, the ITIL Certification can give you the much-needed head start.

Financial Services

Large financial institutions or small-scaled banks, which include mentions like Barclays and Citi Bank, are now relying on ITIL practices for day-to-day operations. ITIL professionals have a better understanding of data collection and analysis, utilizing the right tools to expedite the process. With such industry dynamics, there is a huge demand for ITIL certified professionals in the financial services sector.


This industry is ruled by big players like Disney, Sony, and many others. The entertainment industry relies on a seamless relationship between the service provider and its customers. This is where the ITIL framework comes in to save the day. So if you have the ITIL Foundation certification, this is one great place for you to work at. Talk about taking your ITIL practices to the next level.


Universities all across the globe are now using the ITIL framework in their operations. The University of Ohio, University of Toronto, and even Harvard uses the ITIL framework in their systems to effectively manage operations and costs. This has led to an increased demand for IT professionals with ITIL certification in the education sector.


Hospital management requires a lot of effort and vigilant staff. Most importantly, it needs continuous customer support and satisfaction. Seeing how complex the IT systems are in this industry, it is understandable why the segment is actively looking for IT professionals with ITIL certification.


The aviation and automobile industries are no exception to this trend. The likes of Boeing and Toyota are known to have the ITIL framework implemented within their business structures. It takes intensive documentation and data sharing for these enterprises to deliver the end product. So if you’re looking to give your career a boost and possibly work in the industry that kept you fascinated as a child, the ITIL certification will prove to be a step in this direction.


Last but not least, the pharmaceutical industry is readily moving to ITIL frameworks too. They have to maintain the faith of their clients at all costs. For this flawless management of business operations, ITIL is important. This translates into good returns on investment, increased production, and effective management of operating costs. ITIL certified professionals are in high demand in this sector for the sensitive nature of the job.


And if none of this excites you, you can surely try your luck in the local government agencies where being competitive is what keeps you alive. They’re always on the lookout for great potential.

To sum it all, ITIL Certification, even if you’re only completed the Foundation level, can help you up the corporate ladder in ways you could’ve never imagined. It is the today and tomorrow of business IT. Get enrolled in the ITSM Training and Certification of your choice today! For more information, get in touch with our ITSM experts and learn more about your options.

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