ITIL foundation jobs and payscale


ITIL foundation jobs and payscale

The most distinguished framework for managing IT delivery service globally is the ITIL, also known as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL defines what you may call a lifecycle that describes the processes and activities IT services undergo during the design, development, delivery and support phases. IT services play a vital role in adding business value for a company's end-users, customers and internal or external stakeholders. Most common IT services offered are, centralized corporate email, and corporate websites based on back-end IT processes. Companies want to ensure smooth flow of processes so that the services that they offer incorporate best practices, resulting in satisfaction for customers. 

Adopting ITIL framework can be extremely beneficial for companies through reduced cost of service development and deployment, increased productivity from internal staff, especially the IT personnel, better management metrics, heightened customer satisfaction and increased flexibility in adopting the continuously changing trends in business service and requirement.

Structure of ITIL

The basic purpose of ITIL was to formulate a set of standard and best IT practices. Through continuous expansion, ITIL has emerged as a comprehensive framework, available to manage day to day IT services in companies and organizations of all sizes and across all sectors of the market. Nowadays companies heavily rely upon complex computing resources to operate their businesses and generate their revenues, and IT has become a mission-critical service delivery mechanism for fulfilling these purposes. ITIL is a similar, structured framework that enables companies to define and implement a documented, repeatable process that aids in being aware of the large and small details of the IT operations currently going on and that will be offered in the future as a part of after service.

The ITIL service lifecycle is based upon 5 areas of practice with supporting principles and processes for each phase:

  • Service Strategy: Service strategy principles cater to business processes, policies, corporate culture, and decision making, and business development and improvement. The phase aims to define services as strategic assets and further maintaining and implementing strategies.
  • Service Design: This phase assesses the business management processes to decide whether to develop new service offerings or to improve the existing ones.
  • Service Transition: This phase assures the smooth transition from development to production operations and is also responsible for quality control and testing.
  • Service Operation: This phase explains how to manage services while they are in production usage. Service operation processes are addressed, such as event management, incident response, application lifecycle, and helpdesk support.
  • Continuous Service Improvement: Based on operational feedback, this phase defines the new requirements for previous phases. It helps to verify that policies and procedures are followed and service level agreements are met.

ITIL Foundation Certification and Training

Most newcomers start their journey of learning ITIL and becoming certified in the field with the ITIL Foundation certification. ITIL Foundation certification covers the basics of ITIL. The foundation certification requires no previous supporting certifications or prerequisites to be completed and even beginners can take the exam after practicing thoroughly through the ITIL Foundation training. Choosing to study through ITIL Foundation training is a feasible option to prepare your self for the examination. The format for this foundation exam is based on 40 multiple choice questions that should be answered in 60 minutes. To pass the exam, you are required to achieve a grade of 65% i.e. having 26 incorrect answers only.

If you plan on pursuing the ITIL Foundation certification, you should look into ITIL Foundation certification training that is available very easily. Formal ITIL certification training is provided by self-paced online courses. The certified companies that offer ITIL Foundation training make sure that anyone keen to learn ITIL shall not remain deprived of learning opportunities.

ITIL Foundation Jobs

IT specialists with ITIL certifications have always been accepted and valued by corporations who work through set ITIL framework and principles for their IT management. The idea of only large organizations implementing ITIL has changed and now smaller companies are also thriving towards advancement and are eager to hire professionals with the ITIL Foundation certifications. One reason for this is that no organization wishes for its IT operations to fail or fall apart. ITIL Foundation courses make sure to draw organizations out of such a calamity.

ITIL skill is important for almost every individual working within the field of IT management.  In order to make a healthy career in IT service management, it is advised that you take the ITIL Foundation certification exam to further polish your skills. Once you pass the exam, along with little experience in the IT field, you will be able to bag jobs such as:

  • IT Service Delivery Analyst
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Support
  • Helpdesk Engineer
  • Process Coordinator
  • Incident Coordinator
  • Change Coordinator
  • Configuration Analyst
  • Service Transition Analyst
  • Desktop Support Technologist
  • Service Design Specialist
  • Quality Manager

ITIL Foundation Pay Scale

ITIL is sure to improve your employment and earning prospects. The certification enables individuals to understand how to increase business productivity. Job roles after being ITIL Foundation certified can pay much better compared to non-certified co-workers. The average salaries earned by different ITIL Foundation certified personnel can be anywhere in between $52,853 for beginners to $126,399 for senior and more experienced managers.  On average the figures earned by various ITIL Foundation certified IT managers in different roles can be as follows:

  • Service Deliver Managers can earn up to $75,359 per year.
  • IT Analysts can earn up to $72,795 per year.
  • Change Managers can earn up to $90,333 per year.
  • Incident Manager can earn up to $92,202 per year.
  • Service Manager can earn up to $63,236 per year.

ITIL Foundation for a Pacing Career!

If you have chosen to make your career in the field of IT management, then it is most suited that you further gain expertise in the subject through opting for certifications. These certifications such as the ITIL Foundation can provide you with extensive knowledge of various IT processes and also prove to be beneficial for your career growth and earnings prospects. ITIL Foundation certifications can be prepare for through the ITIL Foundation training and taking the exam will only add more value to your already thorough skillset.

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