ITIL Certification Path


ITIL Certification Path

Information Technology Infrastructure Library, better known as ITIL now, is an ideal platform for IT professionals to upgrade their IT skills and improve their performance in the workplace. The highly sought-after certification programs of ITIL cover various areas of the ITIL framework by offering a certification path in modules. This consists of certification programs in series, with each program providing in-depth training in several key areas of ITIL.

The series of certificate programs are flexible allowing candidates to gain expertise in their areas of interest at their convenience.

Presently, ITIL v3 is transforming into ITIL 4 structure. The Foundation program of ITIL v3 can proceed to ITIL 4 to update their IT skills. The remaining programs of ITIL v3 get candidates to further their training through the ITIL v3 structure to enhance their IT skills. Candidates get a chance to choose from the following five certification programs:

  1. Foundation Certification
  2. Practitioner Certification
  3. Intermediate Certification
  4. Expert Certification
  5. Master Certification

ITIL Foundation Certification

This certification gives candidates an introduction to the basic concepts of ITIL. This certification provides candidates with a clear conceptual understanding of how ITIL works and how it can help trainees improve the management of IT services of an organization. It can be beneficial for any professional whose organization has started to use ITIL for their IT products and services.

You can opt to enroll in classroom training sessions or self-study for this course as well. You can also enroll as a distance learner and receive online training and appear for the exams. No prerequisites are required to take the foundation exam.

ITIL Practitioner Certification

Upon clearing the ITIL foundational level exam, you can opt for this course to further your training. The ITIL Practitioner certification is designed to help you play a significant role to help your company achieve its organizational goals.

It helps the IT professionals get familiarized with the ITIL language and apply it successfully. You can take up this training course at any level of the certification path after completing the Foundation level as its course contents comprise of an entirely different body of IT skills and knowledge.

ITIL Practitioner will provide you guidance in 3 major areas which are:

  • Communication Skills
  • Organizational Improvement Management
  • Metrics and measurement

By utilizing the strategy of Continual Service Improvement, ITIL Practitioner provides training focusing on bringing improvements in IT services.

You may choose to attend classes for the ITIL certification training or go for self-studying as per your convenience. In addition, you also have the option to receive training as a distance learner if you cannot travel to attend classes.

As a prerequisite, you need to have cleared the ITIL v3 Foundation or ITIL 4 Foundation examination.

ITIL Intermediate Certification

The ITIL Intermediate program is directed towards the management and improvement of  IT services. This program is divided into modules, which you can orchestrate as per your requirements. This program is beneficial for those IT professionals who wish to shift to the ITIL 4 format, as it also provides them with a solid foundation which will enhance their learning and practical performance.

ITIL Intermediate focuses on combining key topics of ITIL v3 and ITIL 4 and familiarizes them with recent practices and upgrading in their field. This helps trainees effectively apply their IT skills and knowledge to improve service management.

If in accordance with the credit system of ITIL v3,  candidates attain 17 credits, they will be eligible for the ITIL Managing Professional, a module that allows students to transfer to the newer format without having to clear the examination of MALC.

ITIL Intermediate comprises of two streams; Service Capability and Service Lifecycle. You can study modules from either one or combine them as well in order to strengthen your knowledge.

As a prerequisite, you need to clear the exam of ITIL v3 or ITIL 4 Foundation. Also, basic knowledge and prior experience of 2 years of working in a professional environment is a must.

You need to attend training classes for clearing the exam and the option of self-study is not available.

ITIL Expert Certification

This ITIL online training focuses on providing sound training in the complete ITIL framework. In order to obtain the ITIL Expert certification, you need to demonstrate exceptional skills and impeccable knowledge of ITIL Best Practices. This certification will globally validate your skills in Service Management and increase your chances of professional growth.

Upon earning this certification from the ITIL v3 format can enroll in the ITIL Managing Professional program to qualify as a reliable and skilled ITIL Managing Professional.

Upon obtaining an ITIL MP qualification, you can easily progress towards the post of ITIL Strategic Leader.

As a prerequisite, you must either have obtained the ITIL v3/ITIL 4 Foundation certification. Or, you need at least 17 credits through the Foundation plus Intermediate courses. Another option is to utilize any credits earned through other previous certifications and qualifications. The ITIL Credit System can be viewed for detailed information. To add more to these 17 credits to have 22 credits in all, which is the least number of credits required, you need to pass your Managing Across the Lifecycle program.

Out of the several combinations of modules available for candidates to earn the initial 17 credits, experts recommend that taking up the Service Strategy plus Continual Service Improvement Intermediate certification programs helps candidates with their MALC course.

MALC Module

This MALC program is a prerequisite for obtaining the Expert level certification.

ITIL Master Certification

This certification provides you with sound training in the skills necessary to utilize the techniques and practices of ITIL in your organization.

Neither is there any fixed or predetermined training program for this certification nor is there any particular syllabus recommended for this course. It is so because you will select your own area of interest according to your workplace experience.

According to the nature of the area of interest chosen by the candidate and theories applicable, the course contents will take shape.

You are required to take up practical assignments and show proficiency in the basics of ITIL practices. As a prerequisite, you need to have obtained your ITIL Expert certification and possess at least 5 years of work experience at any high-level posts. Moreover, you need to demonstrate prior experience of the practical application of ITIL.

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