Successfully Transfer Existing On-premises Data onto NetApp Storage Systems with NetApp Training


Successfully Transfer Existing On-premises Data onto NetApp Storage Systems with NetApp Training

Keeping in view the increasing need of premium-quality data storage for your company, you as a stakeholder must make bold decisions to meet those highly-tailored data storage & management requirements. While you may have an abundance of options at hand, but NetApp’s offerings are quite parallel to your high-end needs which makes it a definite choice for transferring your existing on-premises data to cloud storage. If your enterprise follows more of an eco-friendly approach, NetApp’s machines provide you with a greener environment for that approach as well. Despite being highly-effective in that domain, NetApp also lets you store more data in lesser space which simplifies your networking infrastructure further.

By transferring your existing on-premises data onto NetApp storage systems, you get to ensure that you are making the most of now with NetApp’s data compression technology and thin-provisioning function. It becomes possible and quite attainable for your company to store more data in lesser space without making any compromise on the response times.

On the basis of the fact that companies are continuing to using NetApp, it becomes quite imperative for you to establish your systems and process your data in a manner that you get in full control of your database without increasing the cost. NetApp’s collection of data solutions provide you with an extensive range of options for all your data storage and migration needs, namely the following:

NetApp’s AltaVault Appliance

A data storage platform that protects and compresses your data. You can integrate it with your physical and remote server infrastructures with AltaVault. It allows you to gear up your data transit speed by 4 times without compromising on the data functionality. Its deduplication feature lets you compress your crucial data together with securing it with encryption technology. The core purpose of using NetApp’s AltaVault is that you can easily migrate your on-premises data onto NetApp platform, thanks to its data archive and backup functions. You are in full control as to where and how your data will be saved.

NetApp’s Private Storage

Private Storage gives you complete access to your data together with keeping in line the compliance policies of using multiple cloud servers. This eliminates the need of having to store your data on a single cloud platform, while you get to migrate your on-premises data more quickly. Your workloads are adjusted accordingly, while all your data is preserved in Equinix data servers.

NetApp’s Data ONTAP Edge

NetApp’s ONTAP cloud storage offers some great advantages for both mid-sized and small-scale enterprises. That being said, you get to lower down your storage costs, since this platform is executed on your VMware vSphere. The integrated grouped data method is developed to allow your IT team to update your network infrastructure on a regular basis and that too during your working hours. This eliminates server downtimes and excessive interference so that all your data is migrated with lesser distraction.

Further to that, NetApp’s easy-to-manage portal lets your team manage all types of storage mediums like flash storage, disk storage and obviously your cloud storage. The entire process of transferring your existing on-premises data takes only a few minutes instead of hours and days.

The Benefits of Transferring Your On-Premises Data onto NetApp Storage Systems with NetApp Training

Transferring on-premises data onto cloud storage systems is a very hectic task and yet a very time-consuming process that involves complex methods. NetApp makes it easier for you by simplifying the entire data migration process in a secure way. You are able to reap the following benefits if you opt to transfer your existing on-premises data onto NetApp storage systems with the help of NetApp training modules:

Instant Migration with Lower Investment

NetApp’s Cloud Volumes automates the data syncing process and also makes your data more secure. Its SnapMirror feature is a built-in data replication technology that transfers your data and manages your workloads, simultaneously. The entire transition is in full control of your team that is conducting the transition. Your IT team gets to pre-define the sync schedules that make their work more effective with lesser interference. Transferring your on-premises data onto NetApp storage systems also ensure that you reduce your network bandwidth costs during the process of transition.

Moreover, NetApp lets you create data snapshots that do not impact upon the storage capacity. These data snapshots are designed and captured in a few seconds no matter what’s the volume of your data that is being transferred. Despite just copying your entire data onto the system, Snapshots technology only copies the data that was modified by deploying block pointers. And for a continuous transition of data, NetApp snapshots incur very less cost and are yet proven to ensure your system’s protection in a highly effective manner. You can also automate these snapshots to make quick backups, which eliminates the need of having to create a backup on disk storages.

Faster Response Times

With NetApp storage systems, you get to ensure that you never confront frequent downtimes while migrating your on-premises data. Thanks to its Cloud Volumes HA configuration package, your IT team gets to operate more than one storage environments. This makes sure that there is lesser (next to none) downtime during the entire transition process. In the worst-case scenario, even if your primary storage fails to respond, your data is still preserved in the secondary storage environment.

The Need of Training Your Employees for Migrating On-Premises Data

There are certain parameters and thresholds that need to be taken care of while migrating on-premises data to NetApp storage systems. If your IT team fails to comply with these requirements, the consequences would be massive for your enterprise. Thus, it is quite imperative that your IT team goes under the NetApp certification training process in order to migrate your on-premises data onto NetApp storage systems without crossing the security mark. This ensures that your data is in safe hands and that too the migration process would be executed as per the standards.

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