What Is The Use Of IIS Server In ASP.Net?


What Is The Use Of IIS Server In ASP.Net?

Internet Information Services is a general-purpose web server from Microsoft. It runs on a Windows system and provides the user with the requested set of webpages or files. IIS protocols form the basics of internet information services. The computer systems administrators in the US earn an average annual salary in excess of US$ 79,000. High remunerations have propelled the popularity of system and network administration as a lucrative career for aspiring system administrators.

The function of a web server is to approve requests from various client computers to return the required response.  It enables web servers to deliver the transfer information across an array of Local Area Networks (LANs) including corporate intranets. It has the ability to share information with the user in numerous forms such as text documents, HTML webpages, and images.

How Does It Work?

It works using a wide range of protocols and languages. To create text buttons and image placements, HTML is used extensively. The HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) acts as the basic protocol in order to transfer information from the web server to the user. On the other hand, the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to transfer files.

Further, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol, developed by Netscape in order to transfer documents through the internet, has a cryptographic system that puts to use a couple of keys to undertake data encryption.

There are two types of keys:

  • A public key which is available to everyone
  • A private key that is available only to the recipient of the message

IIS not only includes all the essential features for the website to be hosted, it also supports extensions that add extra functionalities to the server. For instance, the WinCache allows the PHP script to run much faster by caching the processes of the PHP. The URL Rewrite Model enables webmasters to publish pages having friendly URLs. These pages make it easier for the user to type and remember these friendly URLs.

IIS is a go-to option for commercial websites as it offers several advanced features that are backed by Microsoft. However, a commercial license is required for using it. Its price can witness a rise depending on the number of users. Therefore, the open-source and free-for-all Apache HTTP Server remains the most widely-used web server software.

The Applications Of IIS

  • The IIS Manager is used for configuring the features of the IIS
  • The File Transfer Protocol allows the user to upload and download files
  • Webpage isolation is used to prevent one website from interfering with other websites on the user’s server
  • It is also used to configure web applications that are developed using a wide range of programming languages PHP, Python, and ASP.NET
  • The Windows PowerShell can be used for undertaking a majority of administrative tasks for your web server

The Advantages Of IIS Are As Follows

  • The cost of the deployment / user gets reduced with the use of IIS. The final users (end users) of an IIS application can run it via a browser. A user doesn’t require to install a specialized software on his computer in order to run the application
  • IIS applications work with a multitude of browsers and Operating Systems (OS). It gives the user an opportunity to reach a wide audience
  • The framework of active server pages gives the user an object model which enables the user to manipulate forming the core of the IIS. Furthermore, it allows the user to undertake data retrieval from a browser
  • Once a web class has been created, it can easily be accessed in a separate web class
  • Unlike scripting, your code isn’t embedded in the HTML document. The process of developing and designing the application or website’s User Interface can be separated from writing and debugging its code
  • The state  between a client and the server can be managed using a database or an object 

The Course Has A Set Of Pre-Requisites

  • The candidate needs to have prior experience with networking technologies
  • The candidate also needs to have a considerable amount of experience in Windows Server administration, troubleshooting as well as maintenance
  • Experience with Windows Client administration, troubleshooting, and maintenance would be an added plus

A large number of aspiring as well as experienced computer administrators and professionals are riding the wave of IIS server administration. Learning the basics of internet information services is vital for a career as an administrator. For enhancing your prospects, you too can hop on the bandwagon and learn the basics of internet information systems with QuickStart.

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