Should You Opt For A Career As A Server Administrator?


Should You Opt For A Career As A Server Administrator?

A server administrator is primarily tasked with planning and maintaining a complete network of computers. His role is extremely valuable to an organization as everything he does has a direct impact on the overall operation of an enterprise. People who have a curious mind, decent troubleshooting skills, and want to make it big in their careers, can opt for a career as a server administrator. While trying to procure a job in a prestigious organization as a server administrator, you can boost your chances by doing a Microsoft windows server certification.

Benefits Of A Career As A Server Administrator

Some of the perks of being a server administrator are listed below:

1. Ever Increasing Demand in the Market for an Accomplished Server Administrator

Annual wage for a network/server administrator is projected at around $75, 000. This is a package well above the median when put into perspective and compared with the wages of other IT workers. According to U.S. Department of Labor, it is predicted that there will be 96,600 new network administration posts between 2010 and 2020. For people trying to break into the IT or any other industry, a server administrator profile is simply too good to be ignored.

2. Learning On The Job

There is no career out there which is as fulfilling as the profile of the server administrator. Once you are able to break into the industry by doing courses like Microsoft Windows Server Certifications Course, you will get new opportunities to learn and enhance your knowledge. As no two corporate organizations are similar you will learn about new things and add to your credentials. After a few years working as a server administrator with multiple companies, you will be rewarded with immense knowledge and your talent for server related tasks would considerably increase.

3. Possibility Of Branching Out Your Career

Server administrator profile comes with amazing opportunities for the future. After working on this profile for a few years and broadening your skill set, you can branch out your career and choose to be a system analyst or a field technical expert, as per your desires. The fact that there are many businesses in the market that are looking for solutions to their server management problems gives you an opportunity to work in a freelance capacity for multiple organization and at a prolific remuneration.

4. You Can Choose Any Industry Of Your Liking

A lot of career profiles restrict you to a small set of industries. By becoming a system administrator and gaining some experience you can broaden your horizon and move to different industries. Once you are recognized as a trustworthy administrator, you will be able to make it big in any industry of your liking.

5. Intellectual Satisfaction

While working as a server administrator, you will be exposed to difficult problems that will require good reasoning abilities for their solution. By solving these problems, you will not only be doing your job, but also satiating your inner intellect. It is one of the best profiles for people who like the thrill of a challenge.

Responsibilities of a Server Administrator

Below is a list of important attributes and responsibilities of a server administrator:

  1. 1. Monitoring of the system in order to recover errors
  2. 2. Fixes performance issues when the system slows down
  3. 3. Management and reporting of server security
  4. 4. A decent understanding of all applications installed on the systems
  5. 5. Timely installation of updates and patches along with an upgrade of the systems
  6. 6. Management of network devices as well as the network as a whole

A server administrator has to be extremely careful that all his tasks are performed properly and to the hilt. Any malpractice can be detrimental to the health of the organization and can lead to an increase in idle time, which can sabotage the profits of an enterprise.

Start your Career as a Server Administrator by Learning from the Best

By enrolling in a Microsoft windows server certification course you can enhance your chances of securing a decent job in reputed multinational companies. QuickStart offers IT technical training which lays the foundation for the development of your career as a server administrator. With its years of experience and a knowledgeable staff, it offers you the perfect platform to launch your career.

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