What IT Managers Need to Know About SQL Server 2016


What IT Managers Need to Know About SQL Server 2016

Developed by Microsoft, SQL Server is a relational database management system that performs the primary function of storing and retrieving data as requested by software applications. It is a robust and reliable database solution, used widely all across the globe.  With new and improved functionalities, an updated version of SQL server is released by Microsoft from time to time. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is the latest installment in the series. In the latest edition of SQL server, a user can build intelligent applications by using a hybrid database platform that has built in features like in-memory performance, advanced security and in-database analytics.

New Additions to SQL Server 2016

It is important for IT managers and programmers who have already worked with SQL Server 2014 to have a look at the improved features list of Microsoft’s SQL 2016. Changes in SQL server can be clearly understood by having a look at the improvements made in the different segments of SQL 2016:

1. SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services

With better analysis services, Microsoft SQL Server 2016 increases database consistency and adds to the performance

a)      SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services offers better performance, authoring, database management, and processing.

b)      Newly added Database Consistency Checker (DBCC) runs internally to detect potential data corruption issues.

c)      SQL Server R Services integrate the R programming language

d)      Direct Query supports more data sources, including Azure SQL, Oracle and Teradata.

2. SQL Server 2016 Database Engine

Database engine has been improved quite a lot with the addition and modification of features.

a)      New Query Store stores query texts, execution plans, and performance metrics within the database, allowing easy monitoring and troubleshooting of performance issues.

b)      With SQL 2016, a user can now configure multiple tempDB database files during SQL Server installation and setup.

c)      Addition of dashboard for showing which queries consumed the most time, memory or CPU resources.

d)      New built-in JSON support in SQL Server supports JSON imports, exports, parsing and storing.

e)      New PolyBase query engine integrates SQL Server with external data in Hadoop or Azure Blob storage. You can import and export data as well as executing queries.

3. SQL Server 2016 Integration Services

Integration services are improved for better security and maintaining the integrity of the data.

a)      Always Encrypted support

b)      Support for Always On Availability Groups

c)      Incremental package deployment

d)      Custom logging level added

e)      Column names for errors in the data flow

4. SQL Server 2016 Master Data Services

Microsoft has made certain changes in MDS services for improving Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

a)      Custom indexes for improving query performance

b)      Derived hierarchy improvements, including support for recursive and many-to-many hierarchies

c)      Domain-based attribute filtering

d)      Entity syncing for sharing entity data between models

e)      Freshly added permission levels for improved security

5. SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services

Totally revamped reporting services offered by Microsoft are much better than the previous iterations.

a)      Redesigned report rendering engine that supports HTML5

b)      New web Report Portal with KPI feature

c)      New Mobile Report Publisher

d)      New treemap and sunburst chart types

Challenges for Database Professionals and Aspirants

Whether you are already a database professional well-versed in SQL servers or a newbie looking to make it big in the IT industry, you will face many challenges while climbing the ladder of success. The IT industry is always changing with new upgrades and frequent updates changing the landscape completely. High competition and an ever changing demand make it difficult for an aspirant to figure out the right path. Finding an institution that you can trust for taking you to your destination is also not that easy. Before taking a course, one should check the credentials of an institute and look at its track record. This is necessary as your career depends on it.

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