Benefits of Document Management in Exchange Server 2016


Benefits of Document Management in Exchange Server 2016

Document Management (in the computer world) is the utilization of a computer system and software for storing, managing and tracking electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner. There are different ways of storing documents and every method has its pros and cons.

Exchange Servers along with Microsoft Outlook have provided an excellent way of organizing and storing crucial documents. With Exchange Server 2016, the task of managing documents has become simpler and better than ever before. Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 includes a number of enhancements and improvements. It is designed for the people who work with it on a daily basis.

1.      Reduced Costs for Document Management

Frequent database searches for documents and emails place a high load on your WAN, resulting in higher costs. For reduction of WAN costs and demands, Exchange 2016 uses passive copy for all searches. The passive copy index is updated regularly ensuring up-to-date content at all times.

2.      File Collaboration Makes Document Management less Resource Intensive

Exchange Server 2016 is created with a keen eye on the user behavior and how to optimize it.  In an office, people correspond with each other frequently on topics that they are working on together. Long e-mail chains created through to and fro email correspondences result in excessive use of resources. With improved file collaboration, Exchange Server 2016 reduces the need of server space and office bandwidth. This is achieved by introduction of new file collaboration capabilities that can be used for adding documents as links rather than the full file.

3.      Improved Site Resiliency for Better Security of Documents

 With the capacity to add Mailbox servers to a Database High Availability Group that has high availability protection, database failovers are expected to drop considerably. When you combine it with improved site resiliency of Exchange 2016, it equates to faster recovery time from server failures.

4.      Automated Repair for Preventing from Document Corruption

Server maintenance and repairs requires a lot of efforts. Exchange 2016 makes maintenance easy by automated repair. A lot of common issues are resolved through automated repair which lowers the burden on a system administrator. This allows him the luxury of time which he can use for other document management related tasks.

5.      The Hybrid Configuration Wizard for Document Related Troubleshooting

Hybrid Configuration Wizard has been moved and is now available as a cloud based application. This allows it to be updated quickly and support changes to the Office 365 services. HCW also includes improved troubleshooting and diagnostic capabilities to help you resolve issues. With this new functionality, you can easily resolve issues related to document management.

6.      Public Folders and Compliance Search

The Public Folders are now integrated into the eDiscovery and Hold workflows. Now you can search and place a hold on all Public Folder contents. This makes for much better Document management than in previous version. Compliance Search is a new eDiscovery tool in Exchange Server 2016 that allows any number of mailboxes to be included in a single search and an unlimited number of concurrent searches.

Challenges for People Seeking/Pursuing Career in Exchange Sever 2016

Messaging administrators, messaging architects, and consultants who work in a Windows environment work extensively on Exchange 2016. They need to be abreast of all the changes and modifications in the system so that they can perform their jobs in a better way. Aspirants who wish to make a career in this field also need to be aware of the revolutionary changes that have come in with the Exchange 2016. As employers are on the lookout for people who are already well versed with Microsoft Exchange Server 2016, the challenge becomes even harder for newcomers.

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