7 Advantages of Azure Web Apps Towards Enterprise App Development


7 Advantages of Azure Web Apps Towards Enterprise App Development

Cloud computing is the delivery of a variety of computing services on a third-party platform. The services include software, databases, server storage, networking, analytics and storage over the cloud. Microsoft is a reliable cloud provider in the industry that offers these computing services and charges you based on your specific requirements and consumption.

From international corporations to small startups, government agencies to non-profit enterprises—every type of organization is adopting cloud technology for the many benefits it has to offer. This is particularly true when it comes to creating new services and apps, hosting websites and blogs, data recovery and backup, storing data and delivery software on demand. If this is what your business lacks, you can utilize all of these services with Microsoft Azure.

Azure web apps have various benefits when it comes to developing enterprise apps rapidly. It offers services like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). These services are integrated on the Azure platform to offer you great cloud services, features, and bundled suites including tools, programming languages and structures to help you get started with your cloud computing journey.

Jumpstart Your App Development with Azure Web Apps Services

Azure web app services ease down the complicated procedure of deploying and managing applications for developers. By reducing the complexity associated with dealing with services, the entire procedure is simplified. The efficiency of the Azure app service contributes towards a more successful enterprise app development. It also helps deploy and establish mission-critical web applications that offer great business scalability.

This is what Azure web apps have to offer at a glance:

  • Built-in load balancing and autoscale
  • Supports Linux and Windows platform
  • Better availability in terms of auto-patching
  • Supports Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco and WordPress
  • Regular deployment with DevOps, GitHub, Team Foundation Server, and Git.

MMicrosoft Azure is the ideal platform that not only guarantees a smooth process but also helps you start and finish faster. Choose your preferred database and connect it into an ecosystem of OSS packages, connectors, APIs, and services using Azure Marketplace. You’ll also experience an increase in developer productivity, which further translates into enterprise app development success.

Azure App Service and Enterprise App Development Benefits

The web app service of Azure is one of its most popular and reliable products that offer a range of services and tools required to create scalable and reliable mission-critical mobile apps, web apps, logic apps and API apps. One of the best benefits that modern IT businesses can gain is on-premise and other cloud system integration services. By using the Azure platform, developers can leverage a number of great benefits. From creating to testing, deploying and experimenting, the Azure web apps allow building enterprise-ready apps faster and in a more efficient way.

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The following are some of the most important benefits that Azure App Service has to offer.

High Level of Security

The web application development services by Azure deliver enterprise-level SLA as per the PCI security standards. Using the Azure platform for these services, you can be completely sure that your app development process is secure and the implementation is carried out with high-security standards.

Global Scale with High Availability

Businesses can host apps both automatically and manually anywhere on Microsoft's global data center infrastructure. With Azure web app server, you can be sure of high availability with SLA uptime up to 99.5%.

Versatile Framework

The Azure platform not only offers a versatile framework that supports various infrastructures but is also multilingual. The unique services support languages like Python, PHP, Java Node.js and ASP.NET. Executable or scripts on Web App Service can also be operated on VMs.

Visual Studio Integration

Again, Microsoft Azure features like Visual Studio Integration streamlines the organization's work of establishing, creating, testing, deploying and debugging with the list of efficient tools available.

Application Templates

Azure has an impressively long list of application templates that instantly boost the developer's creativity and productivity. These templates can be accessed in the Azure Marketplace and can be used as a wizard for utilizing popular open-source software.

Actionable Info and Quick Analytics

Azure is also known for offering actionable insights to the end-user that helps with making quick analytics and business decisions. You can expect detailed access to the information related to performance and health of application to work towards enterprise app development and to make better business decisions for overall growth and improvement. With Azure, you can also check the CPU and memory utilization responses in detail to identify errors and other glitches.

SaaS App Integration

Azure also enables the business to create a secure integration of web app development with other SaaS apps, such as Concur, Dropbox, Office 365 and Salesforce. With the help of Azure web app service, it is easy to integrate these apps. The ability to combine multiple apps is one of the best features that allows an organization to save money. By using Azure Worker Roles, you can combine the different servers that each app was using individually before. By combining the apps together using the app services, you can save a lot of money. In case you wish to separate them for ease and to avoid confusion, you can place them on different app service plans, as it works like operating a set of applications on a group of servers.


Azure web apps offer automated deployment and provisioning services along with production deployment and staging slots and a rich SDK. Organizations that are already utilizing web apps on Azure today, including various organizations in different industries like logistics, energy and utilities, government, manufacturing, etc. To be able to utilize Azure web app at its best, it is important to consider Azure training and Azure certifications. This ensures that you possess all the skills that help you utilize the available tools and resources at the Azure platform towards enterprise app development. If you have any questions regarding Azure certification and training, then feel free to seek the advice of our Azure experts.

To learn more about Azure training and other web app services of the platform, get in touch with experts today and find out your available options.  

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