NetApp Training and Certification Is Necessary for Advanced Enterprise Data Protection


NetApp Training and Certification Is Necessary for Advanced Enterprise Data Protection

Data has become one of the most valuable assets for modern day organizations. As we move towards digitalization, data security becomes a major concern. Data security involves data protection as well as data backup. Together, they ensure that your data is safe from all the threats and risks; in case of a security breach, it ensures that it is recoverable. And the risks are only increasing as the datasphere expands.

Fortunately, tech giants like NetApp are taking huge steps toward better data protection. When you choose them as your partner, you can rest assured that your data will enjoy maximum protection. NetApp, being the leading name in data-related services, has up their game with Snapshot. However, it takes professional NetApp training and certification such as ONTAP San Implementation and ONTAP Cluster administration, to prepare your team to answer your data protection challenges with SnapShot. Before we move on to how SnapShot is changing the data security scenario for businesses like yours, let take a look at some of the key data protection challenges your team need to prepare for.

Prepare Your Team for Major Data Protection Challenges

One of the major challenges arises for the bolted approach on traditional data streams. When data streams through an application server to the backup server, it is indexed, compressed and stored on another device such as a disk, a drive or cloud. The problem with the bolted approach is that it leads to a bottleneck at the app server or the virtual host. This creates the need to expand the size of the application server. For instance, in the case of a virtual environment, your team will have to allocate resources that aren’t fully utilized. Overall, this scenario leads to performance issues in the protection environment.

NetApp has a solution for this situation. Instead of this bolted approach, it takes a built-in approach. It utilizes array-based data protection that simplifies the workflow. The protection is a part of the whole infrastructure rather than an add-on. With this integrated protection, it is easy to increase not just the capacity but also the performance of the protection and back up the system.

Now let’s take a detailed look into NetApp’s revolutionary approach to data protection.

Key Elements of Advanced Data Protection with NetApp

It doesn’t matter whether you are on Azure, AWS or any other cloud platform, NetApp’s Cloud Volumes ONTAP is a game changer. When moving a huge volume of data from on-premises to the cloud, or from one cloud to another, there is a dire need to ensure secure migration and data synchronization. Migration exposes the data no numerous threats. It makes the data more vulnerable to attacks and failures of other forms. The risks aren’t limited to data loss. You can also face a compliance issue.

With NetApp training and certification, you can train your team to prevent such scenarios.  While service providers like Amazon or Microsoft have their own services, NetApp can add a whole new layer of security. Your team can make use of Cloud Volumes ONTAP encryption to strengthen your data security and improve protection. Cloud Sync is another NetApp feature that lets your team secure data during the synchronization phase. Not only does it securely manage data sync schedules, but it also ensures complete recovery in case of failure.

NetApp Unified and Streamlines Hybrid Architecture

NetApp has established itself as a Silicon Valley giant in a very short period of time. Its ubiquity, versatility, or universality is the reason behind its quick shot to fame. ONTAP works with Azure as well as AWS. By unifying the hybrid architectures, it improves the overall data protection. Its capabilities include data provisioning, data duplication, and data tiering. Together, these capabilities lead to lower storage consumption not just in the cloud but also on-premises.

The SnapMirror technology, part of the SnapShot, allows for effective synchronization of on-premises data and multi-cloud public storage. This enables your team to benefit from NetApp’s brilliant technology that is much faster than other cloud-native options. The speed comes from the fact that snapshots are basically instant copies of the data, which enable easy recovery from any point in time. SnapShot saves every change to the primary data so that it can be rolled back as required.

NetApp’s Data Protection Capabilities Improve Disaster Recovery

SnapShot’s SnapMirror is data replication feature that plays a vital role in disaster recovery and data protection in the cloud. Most cloud providers offer native disaster recovery service, which often turns out to be expensive. So, NetApp basically lowers the overall cost of protecting your data and database. Using NetApp’s cloud Volumes ONTAP, your team can tier the DR copies on less costly storage such as Amazon S3. It also allows for the creation of back up on Amazon EBS.

Fulfill Compliance Requirements with NetApp

Another worth mentioning aspect of NetApp is the WORM data storage that is known for its ability to prevent data manipulation. For many businesses, it is crucial for ensuring compliance with HIPPA, GDPR, and other mandatory regulations. It also prevents data integrity issues as it can protect data against operational impact in case of a malicious attack.

Is NetApp Really as Advanced as they Say?

A comparison report by the Evaluator Group compares NetApp’s integrated data protection with the traditional bolted-on backup. The report reveals some drastic differences that point towards NetApp’s advantages in this arena. According to its findings, NetApp can bring about a saving of u to 70 percent within three years. What’s better is that the savings may actually increase up to 75 percent in six years.

To sum it up, NetApp lets your team change the data protection game across the enterprise. They can integrate protection into the infrastructure. Therefore, it pays to invest in NetApp training and certification for your IT resources. For more information on our NetApp courses, get in touch with us today, Have any further questions regarding NetApp training and certification then ask our experts and get them answered right away.

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