Azure Training Enables Enterprise Cloud Maintenance Teams Solve these 5 Cloud Computing Issues


Azure Training Enables Enterprise Cloud Maintenance Teams Solve these 5 Cloud Computing Issues

No matter how much experience you gain through your cloud maintenance career, the complications of maintaining efficient cloud enterprise systems are ever increasing. Cloud computing issues can turn out to be a menace for maintenance teams and it is essential for the cloud team of any enterprise to refresh their training and take every opportunity to learn the upcoming trends and updates in the cloud maintenance context. Considering the expansive growth of the Cloud services, apparent from Microsoft’s recent $9.6 billion revenue in a quarter, it is clear to say that clouds are here to stay and so there is no better time to train and equip a better understanding of the numerous cloud-computing issues. In order to ensure there is an availability of high standard training for cloud maintenance teams, QuickStart offers affordable yet amazing training opportunities for maintenance engineers to brush up on their skills and learn a few new tricks to combat cloud-computing issues.

Designing Data platform solutions

Enterprise cloud maintainers often find it difficult to design efficient platforms for data through which they can optimize their process of streaming data of a large scale along with establishing storage avenues for longer-term data and comparing the number of database options available through Azure. A self-paced Azure training ensures that these cloud maintainers would end up achieving all the necessary skills to master Azure computing issues relating to discovering performance standards for Azure Storage, establish a functioning pricing option for Azure Storage, along with identifying the various storage elements of Azure consisting of blobs and selecting the best options. So, if you belong to an enterprise maintenance team and have had your fair share of experience with operating systems and cloud infrastructures than these Azure certification equivalent courses are for you.

 Developing Azure Cognitive Services

Another cloud computing issue among cloud maintainers is the inability to incorporate Azure’s cognitive services, which consists of QnA Maker, Computer Vision, and natural language processing in the cloud solution and infrastructure. The Azure training is built specifically for the aspiring cloud maintainers to clear their Azure certification exams, as students go through extensive exercises consisting of utilizing speech services and natural language in the application and deploying and creating dictionaries for FAQ generation. Not only this, but the Azure training also covers elements of utilizing Bot framework and Azure portal, in addition to getting hands-on experience with Azure Time Series Insights and Stream Analytics. Finally, students learn to implement and installing these Time Series Insights into IoT solutions and registering the device and application to IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service.

Implementing Advanced Virtual Networking

Having a comprehensive grip on networking and connectivity cloud computing issues is a sign of a skilled cloud maintainer. Now if you are looking to develop and harness this skill and maximize your potential, then these Azure trainings will also assist you in executing cross-premises and hybrid site connectivity, apart from learning how to capitalize on the efficient resource known as Azure ExpressRoute which will ensure that you can extend on-premises networks into the Microsoft Cloud through an established private connection. Extensive exposure to a number of networking traffic distribution mechanisms consisting of Azure traffic manager, Azure Application Gateway and Azure Load Balance will also be given to the students. Furthermore, a frequent cloud computing issue which resolves around troubleshooting Azure Networks will also be dealt with as these Azure training which goes on to assist in acquiring an Azure certification will get you equipped with Network Watcher to not only monitor but also troubleshoot and examine various virtual networks. Students will also be taught the essential skill of fixing and debugging constantly occurring errors experienced in Azure Application Gateway and Azure Load Balancer. 

Implementing Azure Cosmos DB Solutions

Azure Cosmos DB is often considered a gift from God as this revolutionized the database service. Cosmos DB not only assists in scaling data and storage in a blink of an eye but it also enables users to expand the data and storage to any Azure’s geographical regions. Considering the vast applicability and also utilization of Azure Cosmos, it is crucial for cloud maintainers to achieve professional competency in implementing Cosmos DB and dealing with its issues. Students of these Azure training will be able to have a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of Cosmos DB, it's designed documents and utilizing SQL API in developing apps which use these documents. Not only this, students will be able to monitor performance, produce triggers and user-defined functions and know extensively how to utilize Azure Databricks and Azure Search along with Power BI to examine big data. Finally, all the cloud maintainers have a great idea of how important graph databases are, and that is why students will also be then equipped with designing and creating efficient and effective Graph database models. So If you also consider yourself as someone who wants to jump into the growing field of Big data analysis then this course is tailor-made for you.

Applying workloads and security

A critical feature of Azure is the installation of features like Azure Functions, Event Grid and Service bus which act as a great source of serverless computing. A further important element is definitely beefing up the security protocols in Azure to ensure that the data and applications are secured and protected. This is achieved by implementing a multi-factor authentication system. If you have been wondering how to boost up your security and deploy workloads than these Azure training will go on to helping you in mastering these skills. Students will study Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management to oversee, examine and control the accessibility of Azure resources within their enterprise. 

Getting a hold over these 5 cloud computing issues can result in achieving efficiency and productivity beyond imagined before, in addition to reducing the frequency of cloud issues and problems in the enterprise, so make sure to check out these Azure training opportunities offered online. Get in touch with one of our Azure experts to know more about our training programs and modules.

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