Develop Advanced AWS Architecture in your Enterprise with AWS Training


Develop Advanced AWS Architecture in your Enterprise with AWS Training

Amazon Web Services, launched in 2006, has since then taken the cloud computing market by storm. The reason for the massive success of cloud computing lies in its ability to reduce costs for the businesses on a great scale through its variable costing model. Users then go on to achieve economies of scale in their variable cost, along with benefiting from the rapid and agile services, with new resources literally just a click away. The reason however why Amazon has the biggest share of the pie as of yet lies in a number of factors. Amazon Web Services ensures operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimization for enterprises, which are considered to be the key outcomes of a well-developed AWS Architecture. Due to this Amazon Web Services as of 2017 had active users exceeding 1 million, ranging in about 190 countries globally.  A cloud developer needs to go through extensive AWS training in order to achieve the desired proficiency, especially relating to AWS architecture. Due to this, QuickStart offers AWS training and AWS Certification, which will not only make the developers equipped with all the essential skills but will also help them use those skills to develop advanced Amazon Web Services models and architecture.

Start with the basics

Developing advanced AWS architecture starts with knowing the basics, such as getting well acquainted with designing architectures based on an enterprise’s type of applications, size and also what industry it belongs too. The AWS training then helps students recognize the importance of an architecture’s reliability, scalability, and availability. After utilizing the various Amazon Web Services to achieve this, the architectures are also made more resilient and flexible to withstand changes.

AWS advance architecture 101

Now that the basics of AWS architecture are developed through AWS training, students move on to the advanced level of architecting. Developers are required to know how to build architectures in a way that incorporates the data services, security and governance on Amazon Web Services, because of which the AWS training and AWS certification not only equips them with that critical skill but also introduces them to AWS services like AWS storage gateway and AWS Direct Connect in order to support hybrid architecture.

Further requirements of an advanced architecture are boosting and optimizing solutions performance, identifying the optimal deployment mechanism and securing the data from DDoS attacks. If all of this is getting a bit too technical, so there is no need to panic as after you are done with the AWS training, you will be recognizing these terminologies from the back of your mind and designing advanced architecture solutions in no time. Linking it to another aspect of advanced architecture, developers need to design the protection of the data in such a way that is secure not only when it is at a rest but also when the data is in flight. This is why developers also learn the most technical encryption methodologies to armor up the data. Additionally, it is the tasks of the developers to design and set up large datastores compatible with a large amount of data intake, which occurs regularly on Amazon Web Services cloud. Speaking about large data intake, developers are also required firstly, to understand comprehensively how the numerous architectural designs work and then apply them for scaling a large website.

Highly rewarding yet highly demanding work

You probably already know this but AWS Solutions Architects are highly compensated and rewarded for their expertise. This is primarily due to the high requirements and high expectations of them. If you are a developer who is looking to step up his/her game to reap the enormous benefits, then do not worry as the AWS Training and AWS Certification will help you in achieving just that. Coming back to the expectations and requirements of Amazon Web Services advanced architects, it consists of applying the AWS Well-Architected Framework, along with managing not one, but multiple accounts for the organization. Furthermore, developers are required to integrate on-premises data centers with Amazon Web Services cloud and also get a comprehensive understanding of the billing outcomes of joining multi-region VPCs.

There is more to the story

If you thought that this was all, then think again as the AWS training will also teach developers how to troubleshoot and clear frequent configuration and design problems and make sure that they do not occur again. Moreover, it is crucial to know how to differentiate between different architectures like architectures for data processing, analytics, video transcoding, and mobile back-ends, as each architecture has its own signature features and so one must know what to use and when to use architecture. Equally important is the task of creating event-driven scaling and also automating the process of deploying cloud resources in order to save crucial time and effort. Furthermore, through the AWS training and AWS certification, developers get a hand-on in decoupling infrastructures and reducing the interdependencies. Likewise, the process of the creation of cloud migration roadmap is understood by developers and then they apply the theoretical side on a practical scale by creating the roadmaps and then making appropriate plans. Amazon Web Services also comes with a variety of networking options which are one of Amazon Web Services core services, due to which special attention is paid to the elements of cloud networking and computing. Finally, developers learn how to utilize the database options of Amazon Web Service in order to collect and analyze a great amount of data.

So, this detailed and technical walkthrough was written in a manner to give you an idea of how advanced architectures are designed and created through AWS, and how you too, being a cloud developer can acquire and master all the mentioned skills, requirements and expectations by taking an extensive AWS training and courses which also help you in your preparation for an official certification exam. This training is conducted by a specialist and experienced instructors who have had more than their fair share of experience in dealing with cloud systems and especially AWS, so without any further delay, get yourself registered with QuickStart too. Have any more questions or concerns, get in touch with one of our AWS experts to know more about our training programs and modules.

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