Benefits of Azure Technology Training for the Future Cloud Professional


Benefits of Azure Technology Training for the Future Cloud Professional

Cloud computing represents and facilitates access to a pool of data and computing resources, allowing information to exchange hands effortlessly. With the implementation of cloud technology on the rise, organizations and users can now process and store their data in third party data servers. This happens to be a very cost-effective option for companies who cannot invest massive amounts of money on internal IT infrastructure. With the massive global shift towards cloud technology, demand for cloud specialists in this area is substantially high. The vast variety of options for cloud and generous salaries has made it a profession much sought after for IT professionals.

Perhaps the quickest and most effective way to advance one’s career is by adapting and learning new skills that are currently high in demand. Today, those skills are aligning towards cloud technology, specifically speaking, Azure training. Five top skills advertised on job boards for IT are Azure Cloud, Security, Integration, Agile, and MCSE. The cloud sector is huge, as is the number of opportunities it has to offer and as demand is forecasted to increase over the next decade, let’s explore Azure and learn how you and professionals can best benefit from it.

Why Azure?

One thing that can greatly increase your chances of getting selected for a position in cloud computing is an Azure certification. The job opportunities for Azure have multiplied drastically over the past year, and here are the stats to help you make up your mind.

  • Reports by Microsoft suggest that over 1,000 new users sign-up to Azure, daily. Simply put, that is 365,000 new organizations who’re adopting Azure annually.
  • Azure is being used by 57% of all Fortune 500 organizations.
  • With Azure’s help, Microsoft’s cloud revenue has risen by 104%, with a yearly run rate revenue of $6.3 billion.
  • Azure has been given an official accreditation by the government of the UK.
  • Azure Government offering is also backed by the US government.

Now that you understand the scope and range of Azure, keep in mind that the more you understand and apply your cloud computing skills, the more likely you are to get new opportunities. This includes new career paths, new jobs and more. IDC claims that by the year 2021 the IT positions would be comprised of cloud related jobs by 38%, so the time invest in Azure training is now. Once you have done so, the certification is the industry’s recognized way to ascertain your Azure expertise, after which even more opportunities will open up for you no matter what stage your career is in.  

You could even further expand career opportunities in the cloud industry by combining you existing skills with recognized Microsoft MCP certification. Take advantage of the increasingly expanding collection of cloud services and prove to your employers that you’ve become an adept Azure specialist. Making a statement that you’ve covered your skill gaps and can contribute to the organization in a way that lowers cost, improves, security, privacy and scalability. By building your cloud portfolio you become increasingly visible in the job market, involved in technology evaluation and valuable to your organization. These are certifications that will ultimately advance your career.

What are the types of Azure Skill Career paths?

Within the cloud computing industry, Microsoft Azure has a few fundamentally different courses to offer. Obtaining one of these certifications will enhance your abilities thus allowing you to increase your value for your current or future employers. You value can further increase with Microsoft partners because these certifications are requisite to ensure competency in new cloud platforms.

These are the three Microsoft Azure Specialist certification available:

  • Developing Azure Solutions Planning to expand your development skills? Include Microsoft Azure in your CV, this is the certification you need. Gaining this certification proves you are a specialist and have the skills required to construct Azure Virtual Machines, host and create Azure websites as well as design cloud applications.
  • Implementing Azure Infrastructure – Gaining this certification proves you a specialist that can migrate on premise framework to Microsoft Azure. You will be able to demonstrate your ability to integrate on premises Azure AD with Windows AD, implement and plan data services based on SQL as well as deploy websites in Azure. If you wish to tap into EOS WS2003 opportunity, this is the right certification for you.
  • Architecting Azure Solutions – If your primary interest lies in validating your Azure solutions design skill, this is the certification you should go for. Obtaining this certification will give you the skills needed to design azure framework, networking and overall infrastructure, design websites as well as advanced applications.

Begin expanding your professional scope today and start developing your Azure skills ahead of End of Service for Windows Server 2003 deadline. Before you realize you’ll be earning $60k salary you deserve.

Azure Advanced skills training

Just as with most professions, you can either decide to stay at the level you are currently working or continue learning a much more advanced curriculum from industry experts with the official one provided by Microsoft. For more information, contact one of our Azure experts.

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