10 Business Benefits of Training Your Teams in Azure Cloud Services


10 Business Benefits of Training Your Teams in Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure is essentially Microsoft’s cloud platform. This product of Microsoft was released back in 2010. It was known as Windows Azure back then and was renamed to Microsoft Azure in the March of 2014. These days we all know Azure as a reliable cloud computing platform that is used for the main purpose of building, deploying and managing cloud services and applications via Microsoft’s data network. It is now influencing organizations across the world to an extent Microsoft couldn’t have predicted.  In this article, we will discuss a few business benefits of Microsoft Azure Certification and its business benefits.

Microsoft Azure Platform

Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing platform is transforming how businesses now use this technology. The primary reasons all of this can be attributed to is that supports a wide variety of operating systems, databases, tools, devices and programming languages.

Before we begin diving into the business benefits Azure delivers, let’s talk about Microsoft as the market leader in the cloud and what the industry and community have to say about it.  

  • Microsoft stands among five Cloud market industry leaders which provide IaaS or Infrastructure as a service, PaaS or Platform-as-a-Service, and SaaS or Software-as-a-Service.
  • Microsoft Azure is named by Gartner as a leader in the cloud IaaS for the 4th consecutive year now.
  • Forbes reports that Microsoft Azure is now being viewed the first platforms customers would purchase. Or constitute a renewal of about 28% of the total against GCP 15%, IBM 10%, and AWS 22%.
  • There are 7 large enterprise cloud vendors that include Amazon, Oracle, Salesforce, IBM, SAP, Microsoft and Google. The earning of each of these giants are available publicly and reveal that Microsoft stands at the top with $18.6 billion, followed closely by Amazon at $17.5 billion and IBM at $17 billion for the year 2017.

This research can readily make anyone think that Microsoft is perhaps the synonym for advancement in cloud technology. Microsoft is further extending its influence in all sectors by providing Azure training to the practical benefits it provides.  On this note regarding Microsoft, let’s move to the topic at hand, Microsoft Azure and the investigation of the business benefits it provides. Since Azure has contributed consistently to the revenue growth of Microsoft and is being regarded as the market leader for IaaS or Infrastructure as service. Azure is a powerful platform and can cater to massive established enterprises as well as scalable to medium-sized companies and their specific needs.

The benefits provided by Azure are business centered and unique, they are as follows:

Apps management

Azure allows organizations to deploy, manage and build IaaS and apps quickly and easily. An organization can create and launch a website as well as create web apps and maintain the cloud infrastructure through customization.


Azure provides a level of flexibility few systems have, it provides you with the option to include any functionality you may require. You have the option to pay as you consume, accommodate the fluctuations in your business and more. Thus, there is no need to worry about cloud infrastructure continuously.


When speaking in terms of scalability, operation, and deployment, Azure is fast. This provides organizations with a competitive advantage as well as giving them a good reason to adopt Azure into their operations. As one of the platforms who’s kept up-to-date with the latest cloud technology advancements, making the infrastructure and advancements much more agile.


If compliance is a major part of the industry you’re doing business in you’re in luck. The data stored on the Microsoft Azure cloud can be altered to meet compliance requirements in every area, especially in your finance and legal department. It is almost entirely built around the privacy and security demands of leading companies enabling them to conduct business any way they see fit in their venture.


It is common knowledge that Azure has several delivery points and data centers. This facilitates optimum user experience, faster delivery of content, storage of data and the ability to share over as many virtual machines that are required for your business needs.


The security level on Microsoft Azure is industry grade that protects your data. All the data centers offer two-step authentication process, biometric hand geometry readers, access proxy card readers, as well as an incident response team. This greatly reduces the risk of hacking to a great extent.

Analytics Support

When it comes to metrics and its analysis, Azure offers a built-in feature that analyzes accumulated data and drives insights. It also helps a great deal in SQL services, Cortana analytics, Streaming, and Machine learning. This allows your business to become smarter and more insightful, ultimately leading you to uncover more opportunities you can exploit.

Unified Delivery Plan

Among its most attractive features, Azure offers a complete end-to-end solution. Your Azure trained team has all the tools they need for unit testing, source control, go live tools, delivery, and integration, all of it available under the umbrella of Azure. This removes all the fear you may have or the possibility of issues related to continuity and integration.

Disaster Recovery

If you’re in a web-based business, staying online at all times builds trust with your customers and users. However, you a variety of contingency options available at your disposal, like global/regional failover options, hot/cold standby modes, rolling reboots, giving you the much-needed strong hold over your business’s network against disasters.

Deployed Anywhere

Above everything else, Azure also supports your business if you operate on a hybrid model that uses Azure cloud network as well as a business on-premises IT infrastructure. It allows business to choose their data storage at will making transitions very easy.

Becoming an expert in Azure cloud computing is an advantageous move for any future cloud professional, as well as enterprise cloud management teams. Contact one of our Azure experts to find out more about how MS Azure can benefit you.

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