Best SCCM Courses To Learn


Best SCCM Courses To Learn

Offered as an integral part of the Microsoft Systems Center management suite, the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager is an integral console that allows system administrators to run and secure devices and software connected within a singular network. Through this manager, the control of the overall system and software installed within an environment becomes heavily streamlined, thereby enabling admins to exercise greater control over the security end points that form an integral part of the overall system.

For IT managers looking to run tasks such as OS deployment, application deliver, patch delivery, update configuration, report generation, health observation among others, knowledge related to SCCM’s overall capabilities becomes extremely handy. However, due to it being a complex system to run, on job experience and training is sometimes not considered enough. That’s why IT professionals often look towards the best online courses available to get an in-depth training and skill sets development with regards to deploying and running this system.

While there are tens of such online courses being offered by multiple training suites and platforms, not all of them are easy to comprehend and relevant towards suiting modern day needs of IT professionals.

So after analyzing all such courses available and on-boarding experts for professional advice, we have come up with this list of 5 best SCCM courses that you can go for to learn SCCM management and provide your career with a much needed boost through trustworthy skill validation:

1. System Center Configuration Manager for Beginners 

This course is one of the best ones available out there because of two important reasons. Firstly, it isn’t difficult for newbies who have just started out learning their computer administration system and secondly, because it focuses on fostering learning on the most update versions of SCCM.

This course by QuickStart is incredibly aligned to meet modern workplace needs as it just doesn’t cover the coursework, but also delves deeply on how you can run configuration and deployment related tasks on SCCM in actual environments.

The assessments are also thoughtfully put together so that the candidate can not just check how it has progressed with learning gaps but also providing an overview of the contents learn in the course. The learning methodology is also quite interactive with the course offering video tutorials at each stage to ensure that the candidates gets a complete understanding related to all aspects of a certain topics.

And still, if the candidate has any sort of confusion, there is an active discussion forum available where all sorts of queries and questions are ready to be answered by topic experts.

After taking this course, you can be rest assured that you are gaining the most relevant knowledge related to SCCM as the course gets updated on a consistent basis, following real time developments on different versions of SCCM being put out by Microsoft.

2- Administering System Center Configuration Manager (MS-20703-1) 

This course by Quickstart is primed as an IT Ops training course that enables participants to gain extensive knowledge on how the SCCM is to be handled and deployed to manage diverse properties on a singular network.

Once a candidate passes this course, it will gain critical knowledge regarding different factors like report generation, identification of problems and troubleshooting, compliance management and handling and meting out system upgrades.

The course also extensively focuses on operational tasks like managing client health, running updates and keeping an observation on hardware and software directories. These tasks are crucial to ensure proper up-keep and daily maintenance of the SCCM.

Furthermore, taking this course will prepare candidates to make preparation easier for undertaking Microsoft Exam 70-703: Administering Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Cloud Services Integration.

3- Microsoft System Center Training Courses

If you are working in an organization whose virtual environment is complex and requires large scale updates on SCCM as soon as they roll out, then you need to opt for QuickStart courses offered by Microsoft. These courses allow you to become an expert at System center update methodologies, which are crucial if you want to ensure that even after updates, your system runs in an optimal state and continues to deliver the kind of performance required off of it.

The course further focuses on the Microsoft System Deployment Toolkit, which is a set of tools that streamline operations related to installations and management of systems on a particular network. Once this is done, the candidate will be able to run system tasks with incredible ease.

Furthermore, the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager is also a major part of this course as it allows admins to continuously observe users and initiate access denial or acceptance requests by developing congruent mechanisms for it.

Lastly, this course will enable you run off site and on site management with equal ease. Choices for courses are diverse ranging from specialization of particular systems to group courses which cover every learner level from beginner to expert.

Wrapping ThingsUp:

SCCM is one of the most integral Microsoft offered tools as it allows you to become an administrator with extensive rights over the whole system.

But as many professionals have found out, to healthily manage the SCCM, you need to run through courses that cover each topic and aspect related to SCCM in detail, as on-job training leaves many tasks uncovered thereby leaving room for potential vulnerabilities to kick in as the admin doesn’t have knowledge regarding how exactly it can mitigate or block them.

So whether you are working in a large or small organization, you shouldn’t be taking those sort of risks pertaining to the system. Also, these courses help your career development by allowing you to gain a validation of your skills and show any employer that you can handle the SCCM right from the word go and do not need any sort of learning phase to become adept at it.


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