How Much Office 365 Certification Costs


How Much Office 365 Certification Costs

With numerous associations migrating to the cloud, Microsoft 365 has become a well-known productivity suite for organizations. The suite has recognizable Microsoft apps, for example, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Teams, and Outlook close by a scope of big business services offered by Microsoft. With MS Office 365 suite, organizations can empower representatives to access, share and store documents anywhere anytime, with up to 1TB of capacity per client. It's likewise a valuable collaboration tool, taking into account group talks, and online meetings, just as coordinated effort includes, all while guaranteeing information and client data stays secure.

Microsoft 365's prevalence has expanded interest for IT experts who can install, oversee, create, and secure the tool. If you need to get some work done with it, Microsoft offers a scope of certifications that can help approve your abilities. In this blog, we will only talk about the cost of the MS 365 Fundamentals certification.

Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals

This basic certification covers the fundamentals of all Microsoft 365 cloud services and the way they vary from their on-premises versions. The test objectives cover moving to Windows 10 and Microsoft 365, security fundamentals, how to oversee membership administrations and how to pick the right cloud model. The test covers cloud concepts, center Microsoft 365 administrations, support, and maintenance. You'll additionally be approached to clarify how security, protection, trust, and compliance apply to Microsoft 365's services. It's an extraordinary spot to begin in case you're simply plunging your hands into the Microsoft 365 suite, as you will not have to breeze through a test. The course comprises 9 extensive modules that are spread over Microsoft 365 products and services.

Required Test:

Exam MS-900: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals


USD 99 (The cost varies across different regions)


While it is not a mandatory requirement, it is suggested that you acquire this Microsoft 365 Fundamentals certification preceding training for other Microsoft 365 certifications.


Microsoft gives two re-certification choices to the individuals who need to show consistent skill in these zones. You can exhibit that you're remaining up-to-date in the technology by either retaking the renewal exam or a stay-current course within two years of acquiring your certification. When you pass either the course or the exam, the lapse date on your certification will be expanded two years from that date.

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What if I FAIL the test?

Flunking a Microsoft certification test is normal for some individuals. These are difficult tests to pass for the intended interest group. This adds further believability to the certifications once acquired. Try not to fear failing the exam. Indeed, here and there individuals will fail a similar test on different occasions before passing; it occurs.

If or when you do fail a certification test, make certain to take a gander at the score report you get. This score report will give you experiences into how well you scored on every one of the test areas. You will actually want to utilize this data to choose which area(s) to continue to concentrate on so you can pass on the next attempt.

When considering the complete expense of a Microsoft certification, it's critical to know that disappointments will cost as well. At the point when you pay to take a Microsoft certification you are paying to take the test, not simply to pass. In this way, when you fail a Microsoft certification test, you should pay to take the test again the following time. If your certification way required 3 tests to be passed and you flunked in one of them, at that point your all-out expense will wind up being the expense of 4 tests.

Why Become Office 365 Certified

Albeit the Office suite is utilized by most business and government associations, it's probably obvious the larger part of individuals utilize a couple of the apps. What's more, from that point, just a small portion of the features of each application. You may think you know Word, Skype, Excel, or PowerPoint. In any case, you've probably just been starting to expose what's underneath.

In contrast to their more technical certifications, Microsoft has not worked really hard promoting the MOS certs to businesses as a proportion of client proficiency. Thus, you're not going to see numerous positions that determine a Microsoft Office Specialist as a prerequisite.

You're bound to see general necessities, for example, "should be proficient with all Microsoft Office; Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook". Be that as it may, associations will in general be available for training and improvement and will probably pay for MOS certification tests.

So would it be a good idea for you to go to it? All things considered, in case you're in an office job and utilize one of a greater amount of the Office apps, at that point going for a Specialist level cert in Word will probably be a decent move. At any rate, it exhibits to your supervisor your proficiency and excitement to progress. Contingent upon what apps are utilized, you would then be able to go for extra certifications.

Would you be able to assist your supervisor with his PowerPoint slides? Shouldn't something be said about Excel and Access for monetary and data analysis? The certifications you go for will be circumstance explicit — relying upon what your work requires and your career objectives.

Something very similar applies to the Expert level certs. If there's an incentive to you and your work in turning into a MOS Expert, at that point take the plunge. Maybe a MOS Expert in Excel will help you land that desired analyst position in the Finance or Strategic Planning division.

Training and Office Support is one zone where you will discover MOS certifications indicated as a task necessity. In these circumstances, you are either showing students how to utilize one of a greater amount of the Office apps, or you are providing Help Desk backing to end clients.

In these circumstances, Expert or Master level certifications might be a prerequisite for the work. All things being equal, the MOS Master cert with an Access elective would be an ideal blend for both of these work duties.


Study guides or different books on the advancements or zeroed in on the test objectives are typical techniques individuals use to read for certifications. They provide a guided way towards a certification that is confirmed by the writer, yet besides any specialized editors that help audit the books before they are distributed.

The ordinary expense of a technical book can go from $20 to USD 50 relying upon the distributor.

Online Videos/On-demand Courses

There are online, on-demand video courses and tutorials that can be bought. These provide an extraordinary self-guided learning way to follow utilizing sound and video rather than composed books. These sources can be simpler to devour while performing multiple tasks.

There is a wide scope of cost for online course content. There are heaps of free recordings accessible on YouTube channels. On-demand training organizations, as Pluralsights or others, charge a month-to-month membership expense somewhere in the range of $10 to $50 each month relying upon the assistance you're utilizing. There are likewise singular training courses that can be bought directly from online training gurus like Quickstart or others, for anywhere from about $10 to USD 300 per course bought.

Instructor-led Training

Clearly, the costliest study path to take is to go to face-to-face, instructor-led training. This will give you a classroom brimming with candidates to go to close by, and a devoted mentor for the span of the class. This might be the most emotional training strategy if you can commit the time, however, it will cost the most measure of cash.

Instructor-led training from a training provider can cost somewhere in the range of $30,000 to $50,000 or more for a 5-day training class. These are expected to prepare a gathering of approximately 20 candidates all at once with an on-location teacher the candidates can associate with directly all through the class. There are likewise training providers that offer virtual instructor-led training that works comparably, yet at a markdown utilizing an online training organization, for example, GoToTraining or others to permit candidates to go to the class and associate with the teachers.


I trust this additional explanation on the estimating and cost of Office 365 certification causes you to plan your certification way and learning process. I realize the costs may not appear to be exceptionally high to a few, however high to other people. The costs can be high particularly if you live in a lower pay locale of the world. Remember there are free study materials out there, as, just as the product documentation itself. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you can make the interest in yourself, or get your boss to pay for your certification and training, at that point there are loads of alternatives accessible.

If you have any tips or proposals, if it's not too much trouble, leave those in the remarks. I'd love to hear any tips you have to bring to the table for concentrating on Microsoft certifications, and I'm certain every other person couldn't want anything more than to hear them also.

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