Role of MS office certification in your career


Role of MS office certification in your career

Microsoft is not only known for its exclusive cloud-oriented products such as the SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft server but on common ground, it is fairly more popular with its office series. Yes, you heard that right, nothing brought more respect and prosperity to Microsoft other than the Office series such as Office, Excel, PowerPoint, and many others. Each of these Microsoft products has the corresponding certification that is essential to retrieve especially if you want to work as a Microsoft professional and apply to the jobs that surface in that category.

Microsoft office certifications and exams

There are three distinctive types of certifications there are such as MOS or Microsoft office specialist, MOS Expert, and MOS Master. These certifications reflect that the professional has the divine experience and an increasing level of proficiency in using one of the Microsoft Office apps. These can be Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, or PowerPoint.

These certifications are all about using these apps and not installing or implementing them into a work-intensive environment. The current certification exams are based on the 2016 version of the Microsoft Office apps which can also be accessed via the cloud in office 365.

Prerequisites, what do you require to begin?

There are no specific prerequisites that you require in order, to begin with, the MOS certification. But Microsoft does encourage that the professional should first develop some skills in using various Microsoft  Office apps such as Word, Excel, or whatever application they are pursuing as their first MOS certification in the form of the exam.

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MOS (Microsoft office specialist)

MOS certification is available for Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint. These exams would only show that you are a proficient user that have enough know-how of the respective products that they can use them in a work-intensive environment or pursue a job regarding those certifications for that matter. Given the fact that you have chosen a specific MOS certification, to begin with, a particular office app, you will be able to fulfill the following tasks or roles in a brief manner;

  • Create and manage different documents
  • Format the texts, paragraphs and different sections
  • Be able to create tables and lists
  • Create and manage different references
  • Insert and format the graphic elements

These are the brief number of things that are kind of similar to every Microsoft office app that you choose to pursue certification for. But there are different specific elements of choice that you will come to learn regarding different Microsoft office certifications out there.

How it can help you change your career?

Think about this; you are in a cubicle office and an interview is going on and the final chip that you had to keep it going, you have already chipped it in, the interviewer didn't feel amused. Now what? Well, sadly the interview is off now and from the reaction earlier you might not be getting the job. But what if you had something extra to show them off that could keep the interview going for a little bit more and everyone seemed pleased?

Then it would be a completely another story. This is exactly the case with the Microsoft certifications out there. Interviewers not only think that you have potential when you pass them on your MOS certification but suddenly the sense of inexperience that the interviewer has for you also begins to fade away.

Other than that following are some of the major roles that MOS certification can play in the advancement of your career and reasons why you should pursue them;

  1. Earn more

Employers most definitely acknowledge the time and energy spent on acquiring a particular certification and they would be chipping you in for a little more earning that they are willing to offer to your non-certified colleagues. You will not only be able to get bonuses but a higher salary than the other same people working beside you.

  1. Stand out from the crowd

The Microsoft office certifications have a way of making you stand out from your peers and making you bring out the tenacity and skill that you possess. You will not only be able to work more efficiently with Microsoft related products around the office but definitely stand out from the rest of the crowd.

  1. Businesses adore Microsoft office framework

Microsoft isn’t the sole player out there, other competitors such as Google office has also presented their cloud-oriented products into the market. But still, businesses adore Microsoft office 365 for a variety of reasons such as their ability to customize and integrate with other tools and business software systems. So, you would prove to be an asset for the business organization you have applied for the job and they would absolutely be pleased to have you on board with them.

The Microsoft office 365 certification offers consistency in work, integration with other software systems, and a large overall audience that uses and interacts with the product on a day to day basis. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to improve your chances at success or landing a decent job then you must go about this certification right now. 

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