SharePoint Features You Need to Know


SharePoint Features You Need to Know

Microsoft’s SharePoint is one of the most widely used document management applications in the business environment. The package offers a range of features that allow users to organize their files, share them when required and locate them for various projects.

The company has ensured that SharePoint is updated from time to time with new features to enhance its productivity and utility to project managers and team members. In this article, some of the important user experience features, updates and site improvements are discussed that can enhance project outcomes for the organization.

Integration of OneDrive

Even though OneDrive is a popular feature and is used by many organizations around the world, many of its features are relatively unexplored, mainly because these were not allowed in the hybrid SharePoint environment previously. In SharePoint, the use of OneDrive Sync Client enables the user to manage team sites and manage files as required.

Push notifications can be set up for better and smoother synchronisation with other users. While cloud users were regular users of such features, SharePoint now offers access to these features through its own platform on the premises.

As more businesses adopt SharePoint because of its hybrid features, there is a need for greater SharePoint 2016 administration training within the company. This will ensure that the teams are better able to leverage all the functionality that SharePoint offers while resolving any issues and problems in time.

The Hybrid Search

A lot of users had been anticipating a single stop search feature in SharePoint. Fortunately, in the latest SharePoint edition, users can generate search results from the SharePoint index as well as from Office 365. This means enhanced search results for the same query. Get a relevant Office 365 certification training to be well-versed in understanding and managing it.

It is apparent that Office 365 needs to be activated to use this feature; otherwise, users will only get local search results. The hybrid search feature makes it possible for more enhanced search options in the future, such as Delve and many other innovations.

Enhanced Infrastructure

SharePoint offers superior infrastructure support to users in order to help them search, share, filter and integrate their files for various functions. Users can use links directly to administer their files without having to locate the actual files on the system.

When sending an email, SMTP protocol can be used even in the Office 365 environment. Moreover, with the help of Workflow Manager you get enhanced features for coordinating project activities. There is greater coordination with PowerApps to minimize restrictions and enable closer integration for the user.


This is an enhanced feature that allows users to install only the required role on the SharePoint server. Not only does this give the user greater control over their choice of function but also gives them better performance due to a predefined focus. The MinRoles feature also helps to ensure that each server used on the network complies with their assigned role. However, users can still modify the settings of the server to comply with a newly assigned role, when necessary.

Increased Limits for File Uploading

SharePoint has traditionally been used for storing small to medium-sized files; in fact, even Microsoft has strongly recommended that users avoid saving heavy files on the system. While users previously tended to avoid breaching the 2GB boundary for their files, with the latest edition they can save files as large as 10GB. The system still does not support file storage beyond this limit. When users try to save larger files, the system loses connectivity to the network or the user receives a time out signal.

While cloud users would have a fairly good idea of how to benefit from larger file sharing, some degree of formal SharePoint 2016 administration training is recommended for administering SharePoint 2016. Those working in a hybrid environment for the first time could benefit from more robust administrative support instead of learning from costly mistakes.

Reliable Linking

A common but annoying problem that users have had to face when working with SharePoint is that the link for any file becomes disrupted if the recipient modifies or changes the name of the file, or its location. Under the new SharePoint edition, the durable linking feature enables the link to retain its integrity no matter to what extent the file is modified or changed. The user experience continues to remain the same. However, to use this feature, having access to an Office Web Apps Server is mandatory.

New Access Facilities

The SharePoint Server offers enhanced access options with the help of Access Services. With these features, the user gets access to a range of apps for the Office suite as well as various upgrades to the Office apps. There are more view options for dialogue boxes for the applications.

Additionally, users can switch off the option to add links to a document by choosing the option on the bottom of ‘Related Item Control.’ Users can also add new items to the Control if they require, provided that they have not already saved the original parent record.

Project Server

SharePoint offers features to improve the efficiency of project managers. It is possible now for project managers to demand additional resources required for various projects. They can also monitor the resources and their use in various project activities. Moreover, the timelines feature has been enhanced to allow managers to see multiple timelines simultaneously. Previous complexities in project administration have been reduced thanks to streamlined storage protocols and better backup operations. Enhanced connectivity to the cloud is made possible with the Project Online feature.

In recent years, the focus of Microsoft has been to design SharePoint for greater integration so that it can be useful for people operating in a hybrid or purely cloud-based environment. Even though a lot of users continue to operate in an on-premises environment, many have begun to switch to a hybrid environment for coordination with dispersed project teams. For such users, SharePoint offers exciting features and new ways to manage files securely and efficiently. Project management and search features are also geared towards better operation in a hybrid environment.

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