SharePoint vs. OneDrive


SharePoint vs. OneDrive

Finding a secure option to manage and organize your documents when running a business or handling a project is crucial. For starters, it is slightly confusing because of the number of options we have available today. The real confusion arises when choosing between SharePoint and OneDrive as both platforms are unique in their way. However, there are still some differences that set the two apart and make it easier for you to choose.

The article takes you through the important aspects of both and talks about how both options can work to protect and manage your data over cloud.

SharePoint: Introduction

SharePoint is a platform by Microsoft Office 365 that serves the purpose of managing documents. It is a collaborative tool that enables the teams to work together toward the same goal. Companies use SharePoint to enhance their organization skills within the company and make the business practices much more efficient.

The core function of SharePoint include:

  • Make the document storage system effective
  • Encourage the teams within the organization to work together and get access to relevant information.

Implementing Microsoft SharePoint requires some work from you to make sure it goes successful. The success of the platform majorly depends on how you analyze and determine your business requirements. Such decisions can either make or break its implementation so it needs to be dealt with very carefully.

To ensure successful implementation, it is advisable to hold meetings with a SharePoint consultant and get a well-detailed business analysis done. The consultant must have hands-on experience in administering SharePoint 2016 and other versions. Moreover, to properly understand how it is going to work and how can it become a source of value addition for your business, it is necessary to extract as much knowledge from the consultant as possible. On the other hand, knowing what other businesses are doing also helps in making the decision-making process easier. However, your job is not done by simply implementing the software. You will have to train your employees so that it can be managed regularly without any errors.

OneDrive: Introduction

OneDrive is a cloud platform by Microsoft that offers secure data storage options to its users. Microsoft users can easily access the platform by simply going on its website. The process is simple! Over time, this very platform has gone through many changes to suit the needs of the clients living in a fast-paced environment. The latest version comprises numerous services making it slightly complex for those who are new to it. Complexities, however, are for once to understand and absorb. Once the understanding is developed, and you have explored the basic options, it makes management and visibility a lot easier.

Right now, OneDrive is broken down into two main categories:

  1. OneDrive for Business: Designed to suit the needs and magnitude of businesses
  2. OneDrive for Personal Use: Designed to suit the needs of individuals

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive services targeted towards businesses enable the employees to track projects, share and protect data, collaborate online, and much more. It holds all the services provided by Office 365 together and this is certainly the essence of OneDrive. Since it is connected to several Microsoft services, it goes through frequent updates and changes by Microsoft.

OneDrive for Personal Use

The OneDrive you are exposed to upon opening up Windows 10 is made for your personal use. You can access it as long as you are logged in to your Microsoft account. It is the default option in all Microsoft devices to save your files. It is a very useful and convenient saving-space tool for your storage device. Above all, you do not have to pay any fee to sign up on OneDrive and this is, of course, an added benefit. You get to enjoy several GB without disturbing your budget or savings for the month. However, you will have to pay to get extra GB if the need rises above its default capacity.

SharePoint vs. OneDrive: What makes them different?

Both platforms have certain features making them different from one another. The differences are mainly in terms of:

  • Cost
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration
  • Publishing Documents
  • Security

The table below clearly summarizes the differences for you.





●       It allows signing up for free with your e-mail address

●       It does not have a free consumer version


●       It can only be used for storing files and documents

●       It is a strong project management platform allowing companies to do more than just storing and sharing files.


●       It is not an ideal platform for teams who wish to work together

●       It is designed for offices to manage the entire project.

●       The features include dashboards, tasks, updates, and notifications.

Publishing Data on Website

●       It only allows you to share or email links but the documents cannot be published directly to the website.

●       The documents can be published directly to the company’s website.

●       Companies use internal analytics by SharePoint to create custom apps for team members.


●       OneDrive offers good security measures but not strong enough.

●       SharePoint comes with added security features for the company’s safety.



Choosing the best option for your company depends upon your personal and business requirements. OneDrive is a fairly inexpensive option if your only purpose is to use it as an online folder instead of a collaborative workspace for your team. OneDrive is also a great option for small-scale businesses with simpler requirements.  SharePoint is ideal if you run a company with numerous employees and teams working from different geographical locations or even departments.

Overall, both platforms offer a unique experience and great results. However, none of these platforms will add value to your business if you fail to determine your business needs successfully. Therefore, know your business before choosing any of these platforms.

To become well-versed in SharePoint and OneDrive, you can register yourself for the relevant IT certification. The certification will not only help you gain knowledge but will also help you landing a job that you have always dreamt for.

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