The Best Windows Certification Path to Take Your IT Career to The Next Level


The Best Windows Certification Path to Take Your IT Career to The Next Level

It would not be exaggeration to call cloud computing the buzzword of the decade! What started out simply as a method to make IT professionals’ lives easier, is slowly becoming the greatest invention of the modern age. When it comes to storing and processing data, physical processers and storage centers are slowly becoming obsolete in the pretense of cloud storage, with companies adopting the cost-effective and efficient model in droves.

Microsoft has been front and center of the cloud revolution, offering a plethora of cloud-based services and activity platforms. The Microsoft Azure platform is one of the best offerings, currently competing with Amazon Web Services and slowly coming to the fore as the premier cloud service. To take advantage of this and various other cloud-based services on offer by Microsoft, there are a number of certifications and learning paths that you can take.

Another useful certification path on offer through Microsoft, is Windows Server 2016; as part of the MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) program. For years, MCSA has been the go-to for IT professionals looking to take their careers to new heights. The best thing about this particular certification is that it ties in very well with the aforementioned cloud certifications.

Microsoft Certifications at a Glance

Microsoft has been offering certifications for 26 years now, and a wide variety of their certifications have direct applications in the IT industry. Take the previously mentioned Azure platform, which has certifications associated with it, and various applications, both practical and academic.

The learning paths associated with Microsoft certifications are available online, in most cases (for all the newer learning paths), and can be accessed by anyone with a working internet connection and a rudimentary knowledge in the field of IT. For the most part, the certifications are used as a ticket to take one’s IT career to the next level, and to imbue skills that will not only make them a better performer within their sphere, but will improve their resume as well.

The Ideal Windows Certification Path for Modern IT Professionals

The modern IT professional is a competitive and skilled individual, both due to their knowledge of the most recent technologies in IT, and their qualifications, which are most probably fairly recent and encompass learning through advanced technological models. However, despite their repertoire, an IT professional can always benefit from further qualifications.

This is where Windows certifications come in, advancing their careers by providing the most up-to-date knowledge related to the most relevant technologies and processes.

This gives rise to the question of which windows certification is the best for the progressive IT professionals.

Windows Server Administration Fundamentals (for MTA exam prep)

While the Windows Server Administration Fundamentals course may be brief, and basic, it is extremely useful nevertheless. The course path is a vital step in the preparation of the MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) exam. Additionally, the course path delivers working knowledge of the following tasks:

  • Server Installation
  • Server Roles
  • Server Performance Management
  • Active Directory
  • Storage
  • Server Maintenance

The content for this course can also be found in the MOAC (Microsoft Official Academic Course), to be used for this particular exam.

The Windows Server Administration Fundamentals course ties in with the Microsoft Cloud Certifications category, and is integral to it. In case you are preparing for an IT career with the help of Microsoft technologies, this learning path is ideal for you.

Practical benefits of the Windows Server Administration Fundamentals Course

To better understand how the learning path will benefit you career-wise, following is a list of practical benefits you can expect, after embarking on this learning path.

Working knowledge of Microsoft Server installation: This learning path provides functional learning of Windows server installation, configuration, and management. This will allow you to create servers and maintain them throughout.

Ability to Define Server Roles: With the server knowledge you attain through this learning path, you will be able to define individual roles for all the users on the server, which, incidentally, you can create yourself. This knowledge can be applied towards an administrator role in the organization you hope to join.

Alter, Adjust and Increase Server Performance: The learning path makes you a master of the Windows server, allowing you to administer and manage the performance of your local or virtual server. In case you are pursuing Microsoft Cloud certifications as well, you will be able to maintain server in the virtual space, through virtual machines.

Bonus: Microsoft Cloud Certifications

The Microsoft Cloud Certification is the premier learning path for all things cloud (on the practical management and operational side of things). As we discussed at the beginning of the article, cloud learning is extremely beneficial, which makes learning paths such as those associated with Microsoft Azure equally valuable.

For hybrid server construction and multi-cloud adoption learning, Cloud certification delivers in-depth courses, allowing both IT professionals and exam candidates to expand their practical learning.

QuickStart offers comprehensive Microsoft Cloud Certification and Windows Server Certification courses, enabling students and IT professionals to benefit from the uber-valuable knowledge offered by these learning paths. Our cognitive learning platform, combined with the option of self-paced or virtual instructor-led training, will provide all the integral knowledge required to align your IT career with the ideals of the future.

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