Train your Teams on Advanced Microsoft Azure Concepts for Competitive App Dev and Deployment Advantages


Train your Teams on Advanced Microsoft Azure Concepts for Competitive App Dev and Deployment Advantages

The tech community believes that Azure would soon become the unbeatable leader of enterprise cloud solutions. With continuous innovation and improvement, Microsoft has been giving a tough time to its competitor. The Azure advantages for your business are countless, and we have covered them in great details in our previous blogs. However, today we will focus on the app development and development aspects of Azure. Advanced Azure training can help your teams take complete advantage of the app development capabilities and features of Azure.

Azure App Services can make development and deployment easier as well as efficient and effective. It is a benefit that facilities your IT team and ultimately helps your enterprise leverage the cloud technology in the most efficient way possible. However, it takes more than the basic Azure training and certification such as Microsoft Azure Fundamentals and Developing Azure Solutions, to fully grasp every aspect of the Azure app service. Advanced training is required to familiarize your team with the concepts of competitive app development and deployment with Azure.

Let’s start with the amazing Azure app features that empower your teams.

Azure Makes App Deployment Simple and Quick

One of the features that have made Azure a developers’ favorite over the past few years is the ability to integrate with Visual Studio. Of course, it is a feature that comes expected of any Microsoft product or service. The advantage is that for a team using Visual Studio, deployment becomes a matter of clicks. However, it is not limited to Visual Studio. Azure also supports automatic app development through Git, PowerShell, and several other common options. With Azure, your team can automatically deploy the code to multiple servers without wasting a lot of time.

Azure App Service Saves More than Time

Time is money and Azures automatic deployment feature alone sounds lucrative. However, Azure adds to the list of advantages with yet another money-saving option. With Azure, you can combine multiple applications and save even more money because App services do not require each app to have its own server. However, it also gives you the freedom to separate the apps when required by simply putting them on different App service plans. These app service plans work as different groups of servers without the additional cost of having different servers.

Auto-Scaling without Availability Issues

Auto-scaling is yet another Azure advantage for developers. You can use additional servers by automatically or manually auto scale an app. There are certain rules that need to be defined for auto-scaling. Your app service plan determines how the rules can be defined. Auto-scaling comes with the advantage of automatic high availability with 99.95 percent SLA. If your team is trained enough to make use of these features, your enterprise is bound to reap major benefits from Azure.

Built-in Load Balancer for Infrastructure Cost Management

Microsoft Azure App Services come with built-in load balancers that can have a huge impact on the infrastructure cost. Azure’s Pay-as-you-go pricing structure already offers plenty of benefits to medium and small businesses that are looking for cost-effective options. As per the structure, you only have to pay for the services that are currently active. This means that your developers can utilize the option to reduce the overall development cost by investing in services only when needed.

Enhances Platform and Infrastructure Security during Development

Azure App Services comes with security features that are simply unparalleled. With the right knowledge and training, developers can ensure platform and infrastructure security during development and deployment. Azure follows a layered security approach through features such as multi-factored authentication. Not to mention, Azure allows developers to keep your system fully compliant to the most stringent of security standards including PCI and ISO. Advance Azure certification covers this aspect of development and deployment.

Direct Deployment through IDE Integration

If you ask developers about what makes Azure their preferred choice on the cloud, IDE integration is most likely to be the common answer. With Microsoft Azure, it is possible to directly deploy applications from different IDE’s such as Microsoft Visual Studio and Xcode, etc. Once again, it is a major advantage if you are using Visual Studio. Azure SDK simplifies the process to a great extent and also minimizes the chances of error.

Successful Deployment through Effective Testing

Azure app services have an incredible feature that lets developer test apps before deployment. The feature is called deployment slots that allow developers to test the app in a duplicate environment by deploying it to a staging slot. This saves time and doesn’t cost anything at all. This is a major advantage considering the cost of testing on other platforms and services. Not to mention, Azure allows easy VM creation for testing third-party apps.

Azure Relieves Your Team from Maintenance Responsibilities

For anyone who is new to Azure, the absence of server access may come as a surprise, but it is because Azure leaves no need to log in. Azure takes care of all the server maintenance responsibilities including deployment to servers. All your team needs to worry about is the deployment of the app. This feature ensures that the servers stay up and running during the deployment. Once again, this feature will save your team’s time and efforts while improving the overall efficiency of the process.

Azure Means Agility

Agility is the way to go for developers. Azure expedites the development cycle and makes it an iterative process. This means your developers can take full advantage of the responsive feedback. It gives developers more freedom to explore the outcomes and adjust them accordingly.


Microsoft Azure has many business benefits to offer and that is partly because of the development and deployment and advantages it presents to the developers. It allows your team to work more efficiently and implement cloud in a more effective manner. Therefore, advanced Azure certification is imperative to ensure maximum benefits out of your investment in the Azure cloud. It will enable your team to develop, deploy, and maintain Azure applications without exceeding cost or timelines.

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