Here's Why Office 365 Certifications will Benefit Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in 2019


Here's Why Office 365 Certifications will Benefit Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in 2019

Microsoft Office 365 is a line of professional software services offered as a part of Microsoft office lineup. Office 365 is part of cloud-based software products amongst others such as Exchange Server, Skype for Business Server and SharePoint, amongst others. Office 365 subscription is designed to be used by enterprises and therefore caters to multiple users when subscribed to by an enterprise. The primary services offered by Office 365 suit coupled with the extension of these services to various platforms that greatly enhance the usability of these services have undeniably become a valuable resource for small to medium enterprises.

With the world rapidly becoming more and more technology oriented, the corporate world is following suits. New technologies that show potential applicability in business activities are being researched and implemented, and Microsoft office 365 is an innovative tool that continues to incorporate emerging technologies in its offerings. This article will be discussing how Small and Medium-sized Enterprises can benefit from Microsoft office 365 and why Office 365 training is key for operators of the IT department.

Amalgamation of various key services of business professionals

Business professionals can make use of cloud-based Office 365, which is like an online version of the complete Microsoft Office suit, coupled with other frequently used application used by business professionals, such as business-class email, shared calendars, instant messaging (IM), video conferencing, and file sharing. Together, these services streamline various business activities and simplify communications between users. It removes the unnecessary hassles that decrease the efficiency of the business and takes up a major portion of business records on the online.

Office 365 is in the cloud

Due to it being in the cloud, office 365 greatly improves on accessibility. It can be accessed from anywhere, as long as the enterprise has the subscription and an internet connection. Seeing how convenient it is compared to the old days of managing in-house servers, Office 365 is truly a game changer for SMEs who cannot maintain their own servers and private cloud. With the availability of shared access, various users can access files wherever they want, with the simple click of a button. Office 365 certification training is essential for the IT professionals working in these SMEs as such a complex and extensive service can sometimes be difficult to maintain. Office 365 Training allows professionals to familiarize themselves with the Office 365 environment and quickly resolve any issues that the users may face within the enterprise.

Offers dynamism and scalability

As SMEs have the potential to grow at a high percentage, it is plausible that profitable enterprises may want to scale up their operations with the influx of increased profits. This means scaling up of every aspect of the business, including its IT and cloud service. Traditionally that would mean installing new servers, and software to deal with the increased load, but with Office 365 the enterprise can simply subscribe for a higher tier service with more storage or more advanced services.

Office 365 offers scalability and dynamism all the while being fundamentally the same environment that the base subscription makes for a user-friendly experience. Office 365training can be especially helpful when companies are scaling up their operations and is or significance in enabling the IT professionals working with the firm to keep things running smoothly and sustain the growth of the enterprise. Furthermore, since Office 365 offers such scalability potential and office 365training enables the IT department to operate the platform smoothly, SMEs don’t have to migrate to another platform. Office 365 is like a one-stop-shop for Small and Medium Enterprises and has the ability to grow with the enterprise and keep up with its pace.

Easier IT management

Office 365 offers a single web-based platform that caters to all of the business’s IT needs. This not only streamlines the business activities but also greatly simplifies the IT management for the firm. With Microsoft 365 training, IT department can gain expertise in running a relatively straightforward service that caters to all the different aspects of the enterprise. Moreover, Office 365 gives the ability to all its users to login from anywhere and stream the whole office suit as well as other services from any browser even if they do not have access to their workplace systems.

Low cost & Enhanced Security

With office 365 Small to Medium enterprises can use the best in class service at virtually zero investment cost. This is a huge benefit for SMEs as the cost of setting up a private cloud server and securing it can be substantial. At no upfront licensing fee and predictable monthly costs, Office 365 offers all of the above-mentioned services secured by best in class malware/virus protection and fool proof security systems along with the guarantee of minimal downtime. Enterprises can go about their business without experiencing hiccups in the system or extended periods of downtimes that they may be forced to go through if they choose the traditional route of setting up their own servers, as in-house servers can take extended periods of time to get back up and running if faced with faults. The Office 365 service guarantees a hassle-free platform that takes the burden of IT management off the enterprise’s shoulders to a large extent.

Why all SMEs should consider getting a Microsoft Office 365 subscription

Office 365 is a platform that keeps getting constant updates that either enhance and expand its features or make it more efficient and secure. In a recent article in Forbes, Amit Chaudhry claims “Last week, Microsoft announced it is adding new advanced protection capabilities to Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal. The new protection capabilities include file recovery from ransomware attacks, advanced protection from viruses and tools to keep information secure.” The benefits of Office 365 cannot be emphasized enough, especially for Small and Medium Enterprises. Office 365 services not only reduce the IT management burden on the firm, but also save the company from substantial investment in private cloud servers.

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