Security in Office 365: 8 Things You Need to Know


Security in Office 365: 8 Things You Need to Know

Microsoft Office 365 has taken the world of cyber technology with a storm. Today, every individual wish to achieve Office 365 training in order to improve their job prospects, due to a maximum number of flourishing businesses and industries managing their data on the Cloud services and hiring employees with Office 365 training. However, the increasing number of people doing business on Cloud has opened opportunities for cyber criminals and hackers to illegally access data and benefit from it. Anyone who has gone through Office 365 training is fairly aware of the strict measures that have been taken to safeguard sensitive data and minimize the security breaches as much as possible. However, no amount of protection can ever be enough to stop them from evolving their security measures, as according to Security Boulevard, Microsoft has again enhanced its protection against threats.

Here are the security features of Office 365 that you should know about:

It provides protection on multiple levels

If you are used to accessing data by simply entering a pin code or password, this will blow your mind. The Microsoft 365 security has a feature, namely the Multi-Factor authentication, which secures your data by using a combination of security checks. Say you want to access a file, not only would you have to enter a password, but also go through a biometric verification (example a fingerprint or retina scan).

The feature might also require one to confirm their identity by a call or text message, as per the security settings. The Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication is free of cost.

It detects suspicious activity

the Microsoft 365 Office enterprise comes with an add-on feature: The Azure Identity Protection. Using this feature might cost you some extra money, but not only is it worth every penny it cost, but the benefits it brings to the table are also far more valuable than its price. The Azure Identity Protection can detect unusual activity like signing in from a different device, at an unusual time etc.

It lets you track your employees’ activities

Mobile Device Management – MDM, another gamechanger introduced by Microsoft, allows you to manage the devices connected to your cloud services. If you are an employer looking to improve the productivity of your employees, this feature is for you. By tracking the devices and applications that your employees can use, you drive them to spend their time being more productivity and only performing activities that align with the company’s security policies. This can be used as a built-in feature, as well as an add-on (if you need more advanced security) which you can buy through Intune.

It lets you control your employees’ access to date

If you are running the business, the importance of ensuring that the sensitive information is accessible by as fewer people as possible is not lost on you. The Rights Management Service allows you to decide the data you want your employees to be able to access. This means, if you have any encrypted or sensitive data, you can modulate which worker can access which files, in order to ensure safety.

You can ALTER what your employees are allowed access

This might seem similar to the previous feature, however, it could not be more unique. The Microsoft 365 Security not only allows you to manage which employee can access which data but can also ‘alter’ your employees’ rights to access. As per the requirement of different projects, an employee’s need to access password protected information can vary from time to time. If they are normally not allowed to access certain data, you might have to access them yourself and provide it to them. However, if you find it difficult to personally provide the data every time your subordinate needs it, you can use the Privileged Identity Management. This allows you to temporarily share your administrative rights with an employee. This right can be taken back whenever the purpose is fulfilled. The Privilege Identity Management too is an add-on feature.

It protects you from ransomware

Whether you are managing a big or a small-scale business, ransomware is probably one of your worst nightmares. For those who are blissfully unaware, ransomware is a type of virus that could either block your access to your own data, unless you pay ransom to the hacker, or could even publish it on the internet. In order to protect your enterprise from this, you should use the Advanced Threat Protection.

As the virus is getting harder to detect day by day, you could have individuals who are skilled in Office 365 training working for you but still be unable to prevent its entry in your network. This is an add-on feature, but it is better for you to buy this by paying a small amount of money, rather than suffering a huge loss due to a security breach.

It can prevent the transfer of information outside the organization

Data Loss Prevention – DLP can prevent data loss. The feature disables anyone to share data, files, documents etc. from within the organization with the outside world, through an email or any other form of communication. The DLP settings can be customized by the administrators, which means that you could relax (or tighten) the rules that could allow one to share information with specified individuals and to certain locations.

It allows damage control

Any individual who has gone through the Office 365 certification training can vouch that Microsoft has exhausted its resources to try and protect cyber breaches as much as possible! However, if due to any reason, you suffer the unfortunate circumstances of getting your data (shared via email) in the hands of a wrong person, you can still prevent them from using it by having your data encrypted. If your information is encrypted, it can only be decoded by someone you had trusted enough to have an encryption key. Thus, a random cybercriminal will not be able to make much use of your data, unless they can decode it.

While Office 365 provides multiple measures for businesses to handle data safely, it is always better to hire individuals with Microsoft 365 training as employees to make most of these features.

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