The Review for NetApp ONTAP 9.7


The Review for NetApp ONTAP 9.7

NetApp recently introduced the latest version of its widely used data management software, ONTAP. The latest version is 9.7 that has major improvements that put the focus on allowing businesses to implement a powerful, smart, and secure storage infrastructure. The software enables the use of storage systems while focusing on data management.

The latest ONTAP version was announced in October 2019, and quickly available for download in November 2019 for users. The ONTAP 9.7 has a user-friendly interface that doesn’t need a professional or dedicated IT expert to handle and configure the system. For example, even a managerial position professional can manage the data from a single dashboard to address common issues so that they don’t turn into problems.

The ONTAP 9.7 by NetApp allows organizations to save large amount of data to multiple clouds simultaneously. It can simplify a complicated process of constantly changing cloud providers.

Features of the NetApp ONTAP 9.7

Every company and business owner wants the best for their business. Securing data efficiently is a common goal. Among some salient features of the ONTAP 9.7, here are major features that the ONTAP 9.7 possesses:

Data Security

ONTAP 9.7 offers a huge portfolio that provides security options to protect your company and data from theft, attacks, unauthorized access. The ONTAP 9.7 allows you to protect data with data-at-rest encryption for new data after the encryption key manager configures the information cluster.

Allows Continuity to Businesses

Large businesses require constant access to the data for which the metro cluster is the best option. The metro cluster allows the users to synch by utilizing their current framework.

Protects Data in NVMe Environments

The worst disadvantage of NVMe is that it uses snap synchronous mirror imitation resulting in insignificant data security. However, 9.7 offers maximum data protection in NVMe environments.

Simplifies Business Operations

The ONTAP System Manager showcases a unique feature that displays important information about storage, hardware condition, networking, and performance. All this information is stored within the system for up to one year. Companies only need one screen to view provisioning LUNs and NAS volumes. The simple UI is easy to understand for employees working at any level. It allows your team to manage a large amount of data using multiple clouds from a shared dashboard that sends notifications to address any concerns. It boosts team productivity efficiently.

Developing a Hybrid Cloud

Another great advantage of the new version is that it allows businesses to move raw data to the cloud leaving unlimited storage capacity for hot data. The FabricPool feature enables NetApp customers to transfer over 100PB to the public clouds and to the private cloud developed using the NetApp StorageGrid system. The new feature holds the ability to replicate the data to various cloud concurrently. It provides you ease to store data at several cloud suppliers and make it flexible with the simple process to change cloud providers.

NetApp Training at QuickStart

As the industries are revolutionizing using modern technologies and software applications, businesses are striving to stay in the market by improving their performance. The new and complex platforms aren’t easy for businesses to adopt straight away. NetApp is also one of the most used data management software which provides its certifications online to the IT experts. The total number of training and certifications provided at QuickStart is 25. Below are the top 6 NetApp ONTAP trainings and certifications. 

ONTAP Cluster Administration 9.6

The ONTAP cluster administration is designed to give knowledge regarding managerial tasks such as using the cluster shell and on command system manager. The program is used to develop effective administration skills and storing of network resources.  The duration of the course at QuickStart is three days. The average salary of a NetApp software engineer is $99,827 per annum.

ONTAP Administration 9.0

The ONTAP Administration 9.0 certification provides new features for data management software. The course is a prerequisite of Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 administration Duration for the training is one day at QuickStart, and an average salary of NetApp Storage Administrator is $128,000 per year.

ONTAP 9.4 Fabric Pool Enhancements

The ONTAP 9.4 Fabric Pool Enhancements course provides a brief overview of the current update and alterations of NetApp's ONTAP 9.4. The course specifically describes the fabric pool enhancements made in the software. The duration required for it is 1 hour. The course tends to benefit NetApp Storage Administrators. The only requirement for this course is familiarity with the basic concept of NetApp.

ONTAP Cluster Administration and Data Protection Bundle

The ONTAP Cluster Administration and Data Protection Bundle are divided into two sections. The course is of intermediate level, which requires five days duration for completion. The first section aims to explain a detailed synopsis of the ONTAP 9.6 cluster administration in three days’ time period. As for the second section, it intends to cover the main concepts of ONTAP 9.6 Data Protection, ONTAP Data Protection Features developed for the Data Protection and Administration in 2 days.

ONTAP Data Protection Administration 9.6

The ONTAP Data Protection Administration 9.6 is designed to explain the essential concepts and methods to protect the data in the NetApp ONTAP Systems.  The course teaches the IT experts various data fortification solutions that are aligned with ONTAP software, including SnapMirror, SyncMirror, SnapVault Solutions, and SVM disaster recovery. Moreover, the training also includes a comprehensive detail of ONTAP MetroCluster Configuration, and cloud-based data protection, using the NetApp Data Availability Services, and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP. The salary of a NetApp Software Engineer, on average, is $99,827 annually.

Netapp ONTAP Administration: What is New in 9.6

The NetApp ONTAP Administration 9.6 is a beginner course that is one hour long. The course is most suitable for network engineers, channel partners, system engineers, and NetApp customers and requires no prerequisites. It offers a complete understanding of the new features offered by NetApp 9.6 and how it works in organizations. Once the course is finished, the candidate will have the knowledge to configure new cloud tiers and tiering policies for their respective firms.

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