How Much PMP Certification Costs


How Much PMP Certification Costs

Do you want to take the PMP® certification test? If yes, you should make the following stride by beginning with the application cycle. Yet, before that, you need to have an unmistakable thought regarding the costs, which are remembered for the way toward getting PMP® certified.

PMP® is considered as perhaps the most important and appealing certifications in the project management world. Having a PMP® certification added to your resume will acquaint you with the universe of more noteworthy freedom and rewarding pay rates. However, PMP® is a harder test contrasted with different certifications and requires more effort to breeze through the test.

Let’s first have a detailed look at PMP certification:

What is PMP?

PMP or Project Management Professional certification is very much regarded as a proficient assignment for project managers around the world. The Project Management Institute (PMI) gives PMP certification to individuals.

PMP means the reported insight, instruction, ability, and competency needed to lead and execute projects. It is quite possibly the loftiest or Gold Standard certifications offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) based in the USA.

Similarly, as CPA approves your expertise in accounting, PMP confirms you of the capacity to oversee projects—and perceives the difficult work you've done as such far. This certification is valid for a very long time. As per the PMI, as of August 2019, there are around 932,720 dynamic PMP-certified people.

The PMI, a non-profit organization, was established in 1969. Its individuals are persistently upheld by schooling, organizing intensive project management principles, and giving a typical stage to impart and trade their perspectives. The main version of the PMI's norm for project management or the PMBOK was delivered in 1996 and has now arrived at the sixth release.

It is appropriate to make reference to that refreshing of the PMBOK guide happens each 4-5 years. The interaction is done by a team of a profoundly capable gathering of experts, alongside the individuals from the ANSI. The PMI gave its first part authentication in the year 1984 in Philadelphia, USA. From that point forward, the local area of certified PMPs has been developing at a consistent speed.

PMP is without a doubt the most desired project manager certification on the planet today. PMI organization has been offering some incentive to around 3 million experts cutting across landmasses, with its accreditations, norms, and aides. Additionally, PMP certification has become an obligatory prerequisite for some positions around the world.

After acquiring a PMP certification, experts can keep it up through a process is known as the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program.

Since we have explored a lot about PMP, let us next explore the PMP certification cost.


There are numerous things to consider when you attempt to discover the expense associated with the PMP® certification process. The PMP® certification costs incorporate the application and test expenses in addition to some other extra expenses related to getting ready for the test.

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Training Costs

Yet, we should back up. Before taking the PMP test, you'll initially need to finish around 35 hours of training. There are a couple of approaches to do this. Some pick a study hall or teacher-driven setting, while others take online courses. There's likewise an assortment of costs here. Classroom training itself immensely shifts, from just $200 to as much as $2,500. Teacher-driven courses range from around one to 2,000. Online courses are the most reasonable, seldom costing more than $500.


Extra Study

The PMBOK is a certain something. You may likewise need to put resources into extra study aids and resources. These books will help you center around what's significant for the PMP test and what you'll have to convey with you into your career. They, as well, include some significant downfalls, going from $40 to 100. Also, there are practice tests accessible that can reinforce your odds of realizing what's in store from your PMP test and how to best pass it. These likewise shift in expense, from about $60-100.

Other than this, consider your study supplies. This could be cheat sheets, guides, highlighters, notes… or a product program that offers overall similar outcomes. These will be among the most reasonable components of your absolute expense, yet they are a segment and one that shouldn't be failed to remember while planning for your PMP certification.



Breezed through the PMP test and got your PMP certification? Amazing! In any case, that is not where the costs end. You likewise must have your certifications recharged every 3 years, and without reestablished credentials, your finished PMP test will not get you exceptionally far. So at regular intervals, you'll need to pay a $150 renewal expense to remain current.

Indeed, a PMI participation can diminish the expense here from $150 every 3 years to $60 at regular intervals. In any case, it's essential to remember that the yearly participation charge for PMI enrollments is $129, while certification restoration is just paid every 3 years.


Professional Development Units

To keep up your certification, you likewise need to go to 60 professional development units (PDU) every 3 years. A PDU adds up to around 60 minutes, regardless of whether at a talk at a PMI meeting, in a classroom, or utilizing an online training program. The more reasonable choices are webcasts, online classes, and such, which can go from about $25 to 100 for each PDU. Everything considered, you could pay about $3,000 each year to keep up your PMP certification.


None of this is to say that a PMP certification isn't justified, despite the potential benefits. While there is some conversation about whether a PMP certification is ideal for everybody, there's no rejecting that it can give you a lift-on market and guarantee that you're paid handsomely. A PMP certification effectively makes you an attractive contender to organizations needing project managers. PMI enrollment, for its expenses, additionally offers priceless assets that set PMPs up for progress. Or, all in all, you should know the full expense of the undertaking for a PMP certification before you push ahead. Thusly, you can spend appropriately and will not be astonished.


Salary Of A PMP® Certified Professional In Different Fields

After thinking about all the costs you require to bear to get PMP® certified, will you not love to think about what lies in front of it? Here are five positions for project management experts in the US with the most generously compensated pay rates.


  1. Pharmaceutical Project Management Professional

A Pharmaceutical Project Manager works with scientists, specialists, and designers to guarantee that the innovative work stays on time and on budget. The person is liable for administering the improvement of a new drug for the treatment of illnesses and other medical conditions. The normal yearly compensation of a Pharmaceutical Project Manager situated in the US is $131,833.


  1. Resources Project Management Professional

A Resources Project Manager pursues making the way toward extricating and developing normal resources by working with ranchers, mining, and oil organizations and taking out waste just as improving correspondence. The person in question investigates the acquisition of characteristic resources for effective conveyance to end purchasers. The normal yearly compensation of the Resources Project Manager situated in the US is around $129,368.


  1. Counseling Project Management Professional

From ecological engineers to team leads, a Consulting Project Manager works at all the levels of the business, and they work on a case-to-case premise. The person works intending to outfit industry expertise and progressed information to the customer to lead their project to progress. A Consulting Project Manager procures a yearly normal compensation of $129,208 in the US.


  1. Aerospace Project Management Professional

The expected set of responsibilities of an Aerospace Project Manager incorporates working with designers and architects to guarantee the conveyance of the new airplane on schedule and on spending plan. Their center territories incorporate quality control and risk management. The normal yearly compensation of the Aerospace Project Manager situated in the US is $121,923.


  1. Engineering Project Management Professional

An Engineering Project Manager speaks with customers to guarantee the nature of the finished result is as requested by the customer. The yearly compensation of the Engineering Project Manager situated in the US is $121,769 per annum.

To Close

As should be obvious, the PMP® certification includes a ton of different costs other than the test cost itself. There is an expense engaged with all the cycles which you require to experience to get PMP® certified. Yet, these expenses can differ from individual to individual and the country you are dwelling in. You should mull over the expense of the time which you will spend when you are taking the PMP certification training. If you go for a self-paced and self-guided online PMP certification course, this way your time management will become more viable, so you will benefit from the preparation and reduce the PMP certification cost. Further, adding a PMP® certification to your collar opens you to all the more likely job openings and more significant compensations.

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